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Beautiful velvety lashes with a graceful curve — it is an undoubted dignity of women, which emphasizes the eyes and creates a subtle and natural way. But unfortunately, not every girl can boast of such a treasure. And more and more women, aspiring to perfection, go to beauty salons. Curling eyelashes will help to correct the defect and achieve the desired result. To tighten up the cilia can be using cosmetic products, and it is possible to consult a beautician who will hold the Perm.

Eyelash Perm at home

Somehow to correct position you can own. For example, to make the cilia bend makes the special, I always use mascara. Please note that you acquire the product. Typically, the carcasses are effectively well-known manufacturers. But the effect of this twisting short and depends on the ability to use a mascara.

There are also special tweezers for eyelashes, which are in the Arsenal of almost every fashionista. With the help of this device it is possible to give your lashes a Flirty bend are necessary. But here, the effect will not be long. In addition, when the inept and often use tweezers eyelashes can break and fall out.

All these means are good, if long eyelashes. But how to twist short and hard hairs? Today, a growing number of adherents perms.

Eyelash Perm: how does it happen?

This service provides almost every beauty salon. It is believed that it is absolutely painless and harmless. The effect of this tightening lasts up to two months.

So, Curling eyelashes by using chemical reagents takes approximately 40-50 minutes. For the procedure, the wizard uses a tool for strengthening hairs, adhesive rollers, acting as a curler and clip.


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For starters, eyelashes are treated with a special solution to strengthen, and then wound on the small rollers. The shorter the hair, the thinner these same rollers. Curlers should remain on the eyelashes for half an hour. The wizard then processes the hair retaining means, which secures the bending. Next, you gently wash off the solution and remove cushions.

As a rule, chem. Curling eyelashes brightens your hair, so a week after the procedure, they can be painted in a dark color. Repeated twisting can be carried out not earlier than in 2-3 months.

There is a perception that chemicals can completely ruin the lashes. And many clients fear that the eyelash Perm can be harmful to the eyes. But if the procedure is performed a specialist, then the risk is reduced to zero. But to engage in such twisting of the house, without having the necessary experience, is strictly prohibited.

Chemical Curling eyelashes.

Like any other procedure using chemically active agents, the Curling of eyelashes has a number of contraindications. For example, the procedure is not for women who are prone to allergies. Very careful you should be girls with overly dry and sensitive skin around the eyes, as after treatment of the eyelashes is possible redness and edema on the eyelids.

Curling eyelashes is not carried out during menstruation, as it is unlikely to have the desired effect. Within 3-4 days before the procedure it is recommended to abandon the sauna, Solarium or pool.

Eyelash Perm: customer feedback

In fact, the feedback on the wave is quite contradictory. The fact that the effect of the procedure depends largely on the skill of the beautician and the quality of the used means. So before you sign up for Curling, inquire about the reputation of your chosen beauty salon.

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