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Every woman wants to have well-groomed, glowing with health and beauty hair. What ways and tricks to do this, nor is the beautiful half of humanity. Daily shampooing and constant hair styling – a luxury not available to everyone. Therefore, in the sphere of hairdresser's services there are always new options to always rejoice in the reflection in the mirror. To give a constant volume to hair? Easy! This can help new in the field of care and services, barbers – pleasing hair.

pleasing hair

What is fleshing?

Plicing is a brand new procedure and a great alternative to the famous boost up. The service includes the use of new technologies that can help with permanent hair Curling at the roots to achieve volume to the roots.

Pleasing hair allows you to create an instant effect of fuller hair that holds well in any weather. With him you are not afraid of strong wind, rain, and snow. The hair begins less dirty and you can for a few days quite happily forget about daily shampooing in the morning.

Pleasing hair. Technology training curls to the routine

For best effect and strengthen the hair before the procedure it is recommended the use of therapeutic shampoos, balms and masks. It is useful to use oil and professional tools. They will help to strengthen your hair before applying aggressive zalivochnogo complex.

hair after placinga

How is pleasing for hair

The service does not take much time. You'll need no more than one and a half hours. The procedure can be divided into several stages:

  1. The Preparatory phase. For degreasing and deep cleansing hair wash professional shampoo. This is required for better exposure of the cosmetic complex. Then the hair is dried with a Hairdryer.
  2. The Main stage. To obtain the desired effect, the master divides the hair into several partings. Each plot tease comb at the roots. Bouffant done on a certain length: for short hair – 5 inches long-7 inches.
  3. The Application of a special composition. After the completion of the superimposed hair professional makeup. This is done in several stages. Processed on your head put on a plastic cap, which amplifies the effect of the composition. The tool is applied solely to the roots of the hair, not throughout their length. This allows to achieve a smooth transition from volume to straight narrowing lines. Tool leave for 15-30 minutes, then semivodny complex is washed off with warm water.
  4. Post-installation steps. At this stage you will be able to assess the professionalism of your chosen master. He must carefully hair comb and disassemble the fleece, avoiding rough impact on them. Otherwise, it may lead to breaking of the hair, but hair will be messy. Then, using a hair dryer is styling.

how to make pleasing hair

Care after placinga

After the wizard is finished you go home with a nicely laid hair. However, the bouffant hair remains partially, and to touch and to wash it to consolidate the results can not be another two or three days. After a set time you can safely wash your hair and get beautiful and bold basal volume of hair. Fleshing implies a further home care. You will have to use only shampoos that do not contain in the composition of the SLS. It is recommended to periodically apply balms and masks, softening the hair.


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pleasing for hair

If you are planning a subsequent hair coloring, you'll have to wait a bit. Colouring and other professional uhodom procedures can be started only after at least a week.

Features used by professional

Professional tools used for carrying out flishing, harmless to humans. Its molecules penetrate the hair scales and fill the hair, leaving it strengthened and protected from external natural impacts. At the request of the producers, the curls become more compliant and thicker and stop falling out.

In all of professional products contains eau de Parfum, which creates a pleasant aroma around you during the procedure and for several days thereafter.

pleasing for hair before and after photos

According to the manufacturers zalivochnogo complex, it is absolutely harmless to humans because it does not contain ammonia, formaldehyde, sulfates or other harmful components.

The consistency of the composition can be of two types: liquid or gel form. Each master chooses with what consistency he is more comfortable. Thus, the gel compositions are more economical and easier to apply on hair.

The effect of the procedure

Pleasing to hair creates root volume that lasts two to three months. The duration of effect will depend on the condition of your hair, their length and thickness, and, of course, skills and professionalism of the master.

The Advantages of placinga

Before going to the salon, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Thus, among the advantages are:

  • Get long-awaited volume.
  • Duration of the effect. The volume will stay 2 to 3 months.
  • The safety of the procedure, which is achieved using ecocredit. Thus, the manufacturer of cosmetics Organicnatural says that it is safe even for pregnant and nursing moms.
  • The output in any weather. The hair will not be afraid neither rain, nor snow, nor wind.
  • Minimum subsequent hair care. They do not have to put even daily shampooing is a thing of the past.
  • Reduces the time of home installation, and the effect of such withdrawal will last much longer.
  • Uniformity of volume. On the hair will have no bumps, bends and ripple.
  • Hair fiber is sealed, which helps to solve the problem of fine and rare curls.
  • The result of the procedure decreases gradually.
  • Hair after placinga be obedient.
  • The Capability of repeated use of services. Due to the natural composition of the procedure can be repeated again and again.
  • Through the use of perfume in the composition the hair keep pleasant fragrance for several days.
  • The Possibility of combination of placinga with other body treatments such as keratin straightening, coloring. Before performing further transformations will have to wait at least a week.

Disadvantages procedures

As in any ointment, tar are here. Among the shortcomings can be identified:

  1. Difficulty to find a good and experienced craftsmen. Due to the recent emergence of placinga on the market, not all hairdressers have time to learn the skills of providing the service.
  2. When using poor-quality cosmetics, the effect may be not as you expect, the condition of the hair may deteriorate.
  3. The cost of the procedure is quite high. It can vary from 2.5 to 5 thousand rubles.
  4. If you still get the bad master, then repeat the procedure to correct the effect, you have to wait 2 to 3 months until the composition is completely washed out of the hair.

pleasing hair technology


Pleasing hair – the procedure has a number of contraindications:

  • Too dry and brittle hair.
  • Professional hair straightening.
  • Highlights committed more than half of the hair and discoloration.
  • Hormone therapy and antibiotics.
  • Infectious disease occur in the acute form.
  • Curly or very long hair. Effect on such hair will be minimal and its duration is considerably less.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Unlike other similar procedures

The professional services market already have such procedures, creating a basal volume. What are the features and differences of placinga from them?

  • The service uses completely different means, and having ecocostas.
  • The Procedure takes less time (1.5-2 hours).
  • The Wizard does not use any additional devices, except plastic caps.
  • Hair grow evenly and don't have creases and corrugation, as, for example, if you boost up.

Reviews of customers who have tried the procedure

Pleasing for hair gets different. Most clients are glad this volume, and to seal hair. Holders of oily hair pleased with their drying and less opportunity to wash my hair. However, not every woman can take two or three days with applied professional makeup without shampooing. Some ladies tell about the unpleasant smell during the service. Owners of long and straight hair. note that volume lasts much less than stated by the manufacturer, and the master of time. As claimed by the master, despite the naturalness, the owners of bleached curls better to refrain from procedures to...

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