Is it possible to sunbathe in the Solarium without lingerie: practical advice, features and reviews


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Artificial tanning – this is a great opportunity to dark skin tone in a short time. The procedure is particularly relevant for people with a busy daily schedule.

The Demand for procedures

When eternal employment is difficult to choose even a day to spend it on the beach. So many people who can't afford to soak up real sunlight, I prefer to go for such a procedure. However, many visitors of this institution, and especially girls, are concerned about the question: is it possible to sunbathe in the Solarium without lingerie?

Interesting question

The Majority of females wish to have an even tan without the light strips from the garment. So the question always remains relevant. So is it possible to sunbathe in the Solarium without lingerie? Harm or benefit of this procedure is not fully understood. But some of the conclusions experts have made.

can I tan in Solarium without lingerieIn fact, to forbid to sunbathe without underwear the staff Solarium nobody can. This choice depends entirely on the visitor. However, before exposing intimate areas of the body the artificial tan, you should know the possible consequences.

First, the girls decided to sunbathe without a bra, it should be understood that in the chest is a large number of nerve endings and blood vessels. Scientists have proven that artificial sunlight can penetrate much deeper than the sun. So tanning in the Nude is likely to harm the health of girls.
in Addition to this, tanning can cause the appearance of malignant tumors. Therefore, doctors advise women to cover the breast at least a towel.


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What about men?

Is it Possible for men to sunbathe without underwear? Young people should not go naked in the Solarium, because the UV rays can cause cancer of the genital organs.
If you are concerned about whether men sunbathe without underwear, and you are planning to visit naked procedure, you should know that it can have a negative impact on your health and health. In particular, these rules should be respected people, whose age exceeds 30 years.


Whatever decision was made, whether tanning in underwear or without it, it is necessary to know how and how much you can sunbathe. Following a few guidelines, you will be able to protect the body:is it possible for men to sunbathe without underwear

  1. Don't go to the tanning salon immediately after taking a shower or bath. With the skin removed natural protection and it can just burn. It is recommended to carry out all treatments in a day or at least several hours before tanning.
  2. The Use of any perfume or toilet water is not welcome. Artificial tanning can cause irritation or even allergic reaction by reacting with substances present in the perfume. The same thing can happen when people use all sorts of deodorants, creams, oils, gels and other cosmetics.
  3. Lenses should stop, because it can cause the appearance of the face and pigment spots. It's all in the hormones and dyes that are members of the funds. They can cause a reaction of the skin, faced with artificial light.can I tan in Solarium without lingerie
  4. Directly in front of the Solarium need to treat all the skin with a special sunscreen The key is to use cosmetics for tanning, not for sunlight. As the latter can cause unpredictable results. The tan can go smoothly, and then the body covered with indistinct spots of a different color. Funds for tanning, on the contrary, will contribute to a more even tone and protect skin from aging.
  5. Be Sure to protect your hair from drying and breakage. On the head need to wear a special cap, which can be found in the Solarium.
  6. Lips and eyes also must be protected from artificial rays. Lips need to spread hygienic lipstick, but the eye wear special glasses. Do not think that closed eyelids can protect the retina from light penetration. The skin of eyelids is too thin. Therefore, the rays penetrate into the eye without much difficulty. The neglect of protective glasses is able to provoke a deterioration of vision. If a person wears a lenses, remove them before the and how much you can sunbathe
  7. We have already sorted out whether to use a Solarium without lingerie. Is the choice of everyone. If the girl sunbathes without underwear, it is necessary to cover at least the nipples. To do this in any sunroom can buy stikine (small stickers designed just for this purpose).
  8. In the tanning bed you cannot stay long time. Duration of treatment – an individual matter. But you should start approximately three minutes, gradually increasing to 10.
  9. After the session to replenish moisture in the skin. This can be done with the shower and the moisturizer which is applied on the body and face.
  10. Specialists recommend to take a short rest after visiting the Solarium.
  11. Before the procedure be sure to consult with a dermatologist. This doctor can accurately determine the skin type and assign a perfectcourse Solarium. Otherwise, the skin can easily burn and become dry.

If you follow all these simple recommendations, the Solarium will only bring joy. However, no negative consequences will occur.

Can you tan in Solarium without lingerie? Opinions girls

Opinions about the lack of underwear during the tanning diverge in two directions. Some say that without underwear tan is much more attractive. Very often visitors do not think about what underwear they came last time. From here on the body streaks of different sizes and different colors. However, even this part of the female said that to sunbathe completely naked it should only be in vertical tanning. Of course, all solariums are thoroughly processed, however, lie naked body in a public cabin not very hygienic.

What are opinions about whether tanning in the Solarium without lingerie? Another part of girls is strictly against visiting it without panties and bras. In extreme cases, they say, is to buy a special underwear sun that will contribute to that effect from the sun turned out as best as possible. The main thing to remember is that the Solarium should only underwear made of natural fabrics.

can I tan in Solarium without lingerie harm or favourSo it is said that many people, so many opinions. Someone thinks the sun without underwear is acceptable, and someone categorically against such experiments on his own body. So the choice entirely depends on the personal beliefs of each person.


Now you know the answer to the question of whether tanning in the Solarium without lingerie. In our article we gave tips about the procedure.

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