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Interestingly, here is what you will respond if you politely ask them to name a famous men's haircuts with shaved temples? Most likely, looked around and spotted a couple of brutal individuals, you have no hesitation fire hard – Boxing. Having in mind the intention to pick a fight with an opponent, but simply remembering the name of the most common hairstyles.

men's haircuts with shaved templeHowever, in the proposed list should get not only this classic, worthy of a respected guy men's haircut. Shaved whiskey (photo by lucky celebrities from the world of sport and cinema once again prove “”) is typical of many trendy hairstyles. And the reason lies in the sudden fascination with the style of the 20-ies. Images of elegant guys in the suits, hats and "Thompson" in hand, casually smoke cigars – new models of elegant aggression. It does not matter that these American gangsters were very far from their onscreen counterparts.

Are You interested in the difference between these “new” men's haircuts with shaved temple from the usual Boxing? And you look closer. In these styles there is a clear boundary between the top which left long strands, and an area with hair, practically reduced to zero.

men's haircuts with shaved templesHair at the top, as a rule, comb back, slightly raising at the roots. To hair not trouble, it additionally strengthens the locking means. Simply put, gel and wax in your hands.

Want to argue that the above haircut is not a gangster tribute to the 20th, it is rather the legacy of the dandy. Some very advanced in fashion trends can still remember the infamous hipsters. Are right both those, and others. Mens haircuts with shaved head in one form or another pop up more than once, becoming “court” in different subcultures.


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Incidentally, the same Mohawk, which is slightly poumerit your punk rebellious character, have become almost respectable. At least the media face a joy rushed to expose the whiskey to put hair.

men's haircut shaved whiskey photoChoose your favorite men's haircuts with shaved temple, discuss with the master the technique “combat”. Seriously, depending on the thickness of your chosen hair removal method strands. With thin hair it is better to use scissors which is very short cut vegetation laterally. In other cases they use the machine.

The boundary between the length of hair must be selected individually. Nice male haircuts with a shaved head must be performed exclusively by skilled craftsmen capable of even before the business will take the scissors to represent the result. Head shape is all different and not the fact that you will not look ridiculous, left with a long forelock.

And if you decided just not to shave whiskey, but also to decorate their drawing, without the solid hands of a specialist can not do.

Stylist will not only give your hair the desired form, it will tell you how to then repeat the same procedure at home. This hairstyle is not – washed and forgotten. You need to put a bit of effort and styling products to look at “great”.

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