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Unfortunately, fat rough skin, clogged pores and acne — not uncommon. And although these problems often occur in adolescence, when the body is a mass of hormonal changes, they often appear in adulthood. To combat these defects, and was established medicinal line of cosmetics Bioderma Sebium.

bioderma sebium

For starters, it is worth noting that today the cosmetics company «Bioderma” is one of the best manufacturers of medical products for skin care. Many dermatologists prescribe these drugs to eliminate those or other skin problems. These products are used in more than 65 countries.

A Series of Bioderma Sebium includes several vehicles, which ensures your skin optimal care. Of course, specialists recommend the application of several developments.

Bioderma Sebium. Face cream

It is perfect for owners of oily and combination skin. In its composition it has a vegetable base, as well as sulfides of copper, zinc and active fluids, which are great impact on the skin tissue, gently cleansing and reducing the amount of fat.

Gumming gel Bioderma Sebium

bioderma sebium reviews

This tool is designed for deep cleansing, suitable for oily skin with enlarged pores and blackheads. As for composition, there are salicylic acid and fluidity, plastic microspheres (as abrasive particles) and glycolic acid. This tool gently removes dirt and comedones, skin with black dots. In addition, the active components normalize the work of sebaceous glands and accelerate the processes of cellular regeneration.

Cream Bioderma Sebium

After deep cleansing skin must not be treated with cream. It contains salicylic acid and zinc, which are best suited for oily and combination skin with enlarged pores and acne. The cream has antiseptic properties, it quickly relieves inflammation, eliminates redness and protects from pustular processes.

Matte emulsion Bioderma Sebium

bioderma sebium hydra

This is a cosmetic product designed specifically for applying makeup, after all, for oily skin it is quite difficult to choose the right concealer. It quickly adapts to your natural skin tone, evening out the color. In addition, due to the matting, it eliminates Shine and absorbs excess amount of sebum.

Bioderma sebium hydra

Even oily skin needs constant hydration. With this purpose was created cream that contains vitamin E and seaweed extract. It not only gently moisturizes the tissue, but also reduces inflammation and protects from harmful environmental factors.

Bioderma sebium customer testimonials

Generally, patients using this series, be satisfied with the result. Regular use of cosmetic development for all skin types do have a positive impact on the state of the tissues, helps to get rid of acne and persistent inflammation. The only disadvantage is the price — such products are not affordable to everyone.


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