Bags and dark circles under the eyes how to remove it? Tools, tips, advice


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Early risers, a full day of work, prolonged sitting at the computer or documents... then all signs of fatigue soon manifested on the face, especially around the eyes. Sometimes the cause of dark circles can be disorders of the internal organs.

bags and dark circles under the eyes how to remove

If the results of the examination of the body has dispelled all the doubts about the disease, then this problem is solved by simple and accessible methods that will help to reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes. How to remove such a common signs of fatigue?

Tea compress

Brewing your morning tea, you can leave him a small amount for the procedure. You need to give the infusion to cool, soak the cotton pad and apply on the dark area under the eyes. Thanks to tea leaves, the skin is toned and becomes more healthy. Such a compress for eyes are also green tea, herbal tea or cucumber juice. The procedure only takes 15 minutes. After the compress is recommended to move in a circular motion around the eyes with a piece of ice. It can be frozen purified water or herbal decoction. After the morning procedures, you can begin applying make-up.

compress for eyes

Herbal poultice

The Evening is particularly noticeable bags and dark circles under the eyes. How to clean them, and also to relieve the stresses of the day? The easiest way – to make chilled rings of cucumber, lie down and relax as much as possible. The juice will gently lighten dark spots under the eyes, and the cold will relieve swelling and tension. Before going to sleep you can prepare a decoction of sage – Cup of boiling water on 2 teaspoons of herb, infuse for half an hour and cast half. The remaining part of the warm up, the second – to cool. Moisten two cotton pad in each liquid and alternately applying well warm and cold compress for the eyes. At the end of the procedure, apply a moisturizing gel or cream.


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Industrial tools. How to choose

On the shelves you can find a large amount of money, promising to get rid of signs of fatigue around the eyes. Of course, it is better to use natural infusions and masks, cooked at home. But sometimes this is not possible. For example, in road or trip. In such a case it is better to stock up on the finished cosmetic product from the store or pharmacy. What you need to pay attention to when choosing?

Proceeds from the bags under his eyes must be natural. Well, if it will contain infusion or peppermint extract. She has a wonderful cooling effect, help to relieve muscle tension and soothe the skin.

remedies bags under eyes

The Most popular fluids and gels based on caffeine. This component works instantly, tones up and removes puffiness. In commercially available cosmetic tonics and emulsions, which is composed of cucumber juice. With their help you can quickly reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes. How to remove thus the swelling? Very simple. A small amount should be cooled to a comfortable temperature, soak the cotton swab and apply on the problem area. Hold about a quarter of an hour. This procedure helps to reduce swelling due to the impact of cool cucumber juice in the composition refreshes and gently whiten dark areas of skin, and moisturizing ingredients saturate with moisture.

Ice Cubes

From the popular media often use ice cubes with cranberries. This little berry – record the content of vitamins, most of them the tongue and antioxidants. They are the main means to combat the first signs of decay and aging of the skin, which are more susceptible to the delicate area around the eyes. Frozen berries or their juice-a great natural remedies for bags under the eyes.

At home is easy and simple to prepare a variety of masks that will help to reduce the appearance of bruises and swelling. All the necessary components you can always find in the kitchen.

bags under the eyes treatment

Face Mask of potatoes

For Example, a great cream dark circles is obtained from raw grated potatoes. The required number – 1 teaspoon to add as much finely chopped cabbage. To give the desired consistency it is better to add the beauty of clay. The resulting mixture should be applied on the problem area and keep for 5-7 minutes. Mask rinse with cool water. Complete the procedure by wiping the skin with ice.

Mask of parsley

Another simple and effective product that can remove swelling under the eyes is fresh parsley. It must be crushed, and even better, grind in a mortar. Will need about 2 teaspoons of pulp. Then you need the greens to collect (along with the separated juice) and spread evenly on two small sections of the gauze. Fold the soaked cloth a few times and put on swollen area. Hold for 10-15 minutes, then wipe the skin with ice and put the cream.dark spots under eyes

Another good face mask

The Mask of honey, pumpkin and cucumber will help to eliminate bags and dark circles under the eyes. How to remove them with the help of these simple products? You need the vegetables to RUB tosmooth. Honey has to be heated on a water bath until warm and liquid. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied to the bags under the eyes. This procedure is best done just before bedtime. Exposure time – 15 minutes.

Help to exercises

Cause of bags under the eyes is often sagging muscles as a result of age-related changes or features of expressions. In this case, it is recommended to do gymnastics for the face, which is a great alternative to plastic surgery. Some useful exercises:

  1. Fingertips should fix external and internal corner of the eye, slight pressure, make the eye up. The correct movement can be determined by the appearance of a pleasant tension zone under the lower eyelid.
  2. Fingers are put under the lash line on the bottom and feel the facial bone. Easily press the skin, make the eye up until the tension.

The Complex need to perform daily from 3-5 times and reaching up to 10. At the end of gymnastics with light tapping movements of the fingers to make the massage problem areas. Immediately becomes noticeable as improves blood circulation to trained muscle. It's the perfect time to apply skin care products, because they are absorbed instantly.dark spots under eyes

Useful tips

Ladies, having regular swelling after sleeping, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • The amount of liquid, starting from the afternoon on, you should gradually reduce;
  • Limit of pickles and marinades, as they trap moisture in the body;
  • Reduce the amount of sugar in the diet, it can be the cause of the thirst;
  • Masks for skin around the eyes can cause not more than 2 times a week;
  • Compresses are permissible to do on a daily basis or as needed;
  • Cosmetics for the eye area necessarily should be individualized, it should have a light texture as the skin on these areas extremely thin and delicate;
  • After consultation with the doctor, you can try a special lymphatic drainage facial massage, performed only by professional cosmetologists;
  • Temperature in the room during sleep should be as comfortable as possible;
  • The room must be frequently ventilated;
  • You should take the habit of regular training, during which excess water is released in the form of sweat. cream dark circles


Sometimes, even the observance of all cosmetic recommendations to combat this problem does not help and still remain clear and visible bags under the eyes. Treatment in this case may appoint a doctor.

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