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Every woman wants to look attractive, but in the modern life rhythm is hard to find on my own a lot of time. Especially in the morning when rushing to work. Today we are going to talk about hairstyles. About how for a few minutes to create beautiful and stylish styling.

Do hair style for short hair

Many people think that to come up with a hairstyle in haste only to medium or long strands. This is a misconception. Women who decide to such haircuts are courage and strength of character, so don't stop, you need to continue to impress everyone with your creativity.

To make a stylish easy hairstyle for short hair, you must have:

  1. Tools to add volume (gels, foams).
  2. Cream or wax to Express particular strands.
  3. Polish.
  4. Ironing or Curling.
  5. Various hair accessories (headband, Bobby pins, hair clips).

Now let's consider several variants of light and beautiful hair styles for short hair.

Fleece back

A Very simple hairstyle. You should wash your hair, on wet hair apply gel or foam for volume, dry strands Hairdryer, sucesive them back. If you want to lift the hair, comb a bit of the upper strands with a comb with small teeth. Back to pin up invisible. All be fixed with varnish. The main thing is not to overdo it with him and gel to get the effect of wet and matted unkempt feathers.

comb-over back


Thanks to the simple technique of braiding, you can create a beautiful romantic hairstyle that is perfect for a date, and even going to work. So, we parted on any side or in the middle. Take two small clumps and them among themselves, continually adding additional hair to the bottom strand. Rear harnesses, braided on both sides of the head, can be clipped in different ways: cross the invisible, rubber band, anyway.


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Don't abandon curls

Curly tresses also refer to light hair. If hair length allows you to wind the curlers - well, let's use them. You can curl strands with a Curling iron with a small diameter up to 2.5 cm, the smaller the strand the smaller the curls will turn out. The pad makes a large wave.

There are still some secrets:

  1. It is Better to curl the main part of the strands, leaving a small tip 1.5-2 cm Because the curls visually shorten the length of the hair, as well will remain the usual form.
  2. To get light curls, hold Curling 5 seconds, while the dense wave will require 5–10 seconds.

The Main thing that hair were clean, otherwise hairstyle will not work. We considered the options of styling for short haircuts. Find out what you can do easy hairstyles for medium hair.


Elegant tail

Very simple and easy hairstyle and it looks stylish. So how to make it?

  1. You Need to hair comb.
  2. To Make the fleece.
  3. Tie the tail and pull up, so we give even more volume.
  4. Take a strand and wrapped it's tail to hide the elastic.

Done quickly. It remains only to fix the result.


Simple, unpretentious, yet very stylish hairstyle. It is universal because the bow will decorate the office, and romantic, and even evening. The process of creating hairstyles - below.

  1. Combed clean hair and fix with rubber bands to the tail. A place of our own choosing, be it on the crown, nape, or bottom.
  2. If the hair is sparse and thin, will give the volume at the top, going to do a bunch of sloppy, with the release of additional strands on the sides, and bottom. relax after the tension of the bun.
  3. The ends of the hair hiding under the beam.

Here is another easy hairstyle. For office style do all the same, only the hair sucesivas in the tail smoothly. If density allows, you can braid her hair and coil it into a bun, securing with hairpins. For evening Luke doing a sloppy bun, which you can insert a dressy comb or weave a twig of flowers.

Beam with elastic-donut

Surround bundle

Need a rubber donut. To do this hairstyle easily. Tie the tail, putting it accessory. Evenly distribute the hair over the donut around a radius, combed them. Top hold the other hair band in hair color. The curls that remained as the rays of the sun, you can hide it. For example, stab the inside of the beam to the studs. And of the two halves of the remaining free hair to plait your braids and wrap them the base of the beam.


As without this hairstyle. It is also versatile, is extremely simple. All you need to carefully comb hair and gather into a high ponytail. For a smooth effect, you can use the gel. To hide the elastic, take an extra strand of hair and wrap the tail. Fasten the ponytail with a hairpin and hair covered with varnish.


This easy hair style in five minutes.

  1. Carefully combed clean hair.
  2. Select a small section from the face around the ear and weave a braid on the other side as well.
  3. Now we throw the spit to the opposite side, the tips of the fixing pins.He drew up a frame of the remaining loose hair.

The styling time required is very small, and the result is stylish and fashionable. What else can you do easy hairstyle in 5 minutes?

High bouffant


  1. On the back of the head to take away the middle part of the hair and make it into a bundle to fix.
  2. Now take a strand from the crown, slightly necessive and put it on the bun. On top of some combs, that was not the males.
  3. Laterally also choose strands and close the space on both sides.

All fix with Bobby pins and fasten varnish. To make this easy hairstyle romantic date, you can leave the two front strands.

Easy hairstyle for long hair

Now consider variants of hairstyles for long hair

There is a flight of imagination is boundless. Make a tail harness, using the elastic in the hair:

  • Combed hair and tie a high ponytail;
  • Elastic band to hide additional lock;
  • Next, divide the hair into equal halves, of which the weave is tight plaits in one direction;
  • Then both harness twisting between them and fasten with a rubber band.

Easy hair style is ready. So, consider other options.

Cosa of nodules

Very interesting and easy hair style for long hair. What we do:

  • Take the average strands from the face and tie them node;
  • Stepping down, add both sides of the hair a little bit, then doing the same procedure.
  • So move to the bottom, there should be about 3-5 knots.

You Can leave the remaining hair tail and hide it under a braid, fixing studs.

Hair bundle


There are many variations. The most simple:

  • Combed hair, divide into two halves;
  • Tying in the tails, sloppy;
  • Twist in the beams.

Simple and beautiful. Easy hairstyles to do with their hands is easy. The main thing is not to panic, and to practice in the evening.

Hair curls

The Waves

Hairdressers suggest at night to put her hair in soft curlers, not to hurt the head, and in the morning remove and carefully separate the strands and make a beautiful styling. For example, take strands from both sides of the face and stab in the back of his head invisible, to make surround a bun or ponytail. As an option - just pick up hair interesting rim.

In Order to look stylish, not necessarily to blindly follow fashion trends. The important thing is to be neat, to keep hair clean, look after them, to wash, to use balms, restorative masks, to visit the hairdresser once a month to trim the ends. Then any hairstyle, even the simplest, will look fresh and neat along with stylish.

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