How to make black mask from black dots?


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Many people are faced with the problem of blackheads. This applies not only to young people but also women, middle-aged men. Skin becomes untidy, which appear complex. The reason for this phenomenon is a violation of the sebaceous glands. Can solve a problem in a special mask that must be performed regularly. It is desirable to make them with natural ingredients, because they allow you to recover faster. The facial skin becomes smooth and fresh look, so the face will be attractive.

Why there are black dots

This unpleasant phenomenon is associated with:

  • Intense production of sebum, which causes clogging of the pores;
  • The appearance of the keratinized layers of the skin that leads to clogging of the cells;
  • Natural and production factors (dust, dirt, chemicals);
  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Poor diet;
  • Using inappropriate cosmetics.

Areas of blockage are shown in the form of black dots, which has another name-blackheads. The best solution is to visit a cosmetic salon. But these procedures are expensive, and in addition they need to perform regularly.

How to make black mask

The Back skin attractive as possible with the help of home methods. For this purpose, masks, peels, lotions, scrubs. Results from procedures is not worse than the salon, only the process can last a little longer. How to make a black mask? Can help simple step by step instructions.

If unpleasant phenomenon is due to internal causes are the result of home treatments will not be long. The blemishes may reappear. In this case, you need professional help and constant care.

The causes

The skin had a healthy appearance, you need to take care of it. An important condition is to clean. You should regularly treat the skin with home and professional tools. Regularly it is necessary to use a cleansing mask and exfoliation. There are many other cosmetics, that's great to help get rid of imperfections on the face. Many people wonder how to make a mask. From black coal to work effective means to combat defects.

How to make a black mask from the black

Often the cause of blackheads is the wrong food. You must avoid eating fatty foods, sweets, coffee. You need to give up alcohol, Smoking. In the diet it is advisable to include fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, dairy products. Healthy spinach, broccoli and flax seeds, reducing the activity of the intestine. Such a diet will not only help to eliminate skin blemishes, but also to strengthen the body.

If the phenomenon is associated with hormonal failure, then you need to consult with a specialist. After the examination, the doctor will prescribe effective medication if the defect appeared due to a specific disease. Only then can you use external funds. How to make a black mask in the home if treatment is completed? The procedure can be carried out regularly that will have a positive impact on skin condition.

You Need to use cosmetics that suits the skin, age. You should not buy low-quality tools. It is advisable to focus on the popular manufacturers of care products. Shops selling professional kits that include cosmetics for daily use.

Using activated charcoal

Many women struggle with black dots are expensive means. But there are more affordable methods that you can prepare the cosmetics on your own. Excellent operate mask with activated charcoal:

  • Clean the face of pollution;
  • Oily skin acquires its normal condition;
  • Eliminates harmful substances accumulated on the face.

How to make black mask

Mask with charcoal operate effectively. In this case will be known to the cosmetic composition that is excluded when using shop tools. After regular treatments, the skin will become smooth and attractive appearance.

Gelatine and activated charcoal

More and more women are interested in how to make a black mask and points. After treatment, the skin appears the film, which has a healing effect. Regular use allows you to quickly remedy the defect. So pleased with the result, consider the following rules:

  • The components must be fresh;
  • Before the procedure it is necessary to test the skin for Allergy;
  • First, by steaming the face;
  • After applying the mask, you must be in a calmcondition;
  • Wash off the mask should be warm water;
  • After the procedure, apply the cream;
  • Use is necessary every 10 days for 1.5 months.

How to make homemade black mask

How to make a black mask from black dots? For this, you need to prepare 1 tablet of coal, as well as gelatin and water in a ratio of 1:2. Components need to be mixed thoroughly and then ground to put in the microwave. If you heat the tool on fire, it will take 5 minutes. After cooling, the mask can be applied on the face. This recipe is not suitable for those cases, if rosacea and blood vessels are close to the skin.

Without gelatin

Effective mask without using gelatin. You need to prepare 1 tablet of coal that should be crushed and then add 200 ml of water.

Ready means we must pour into molds for ice and place them in the freezer. In the evenings, it is necessary to treat the face of the finished product. In 20 minutes you can rinse the skin and treated with cream.

Activated charcoal and honey

How to make homemade black mask, even if it includes honey? Preparing this remedy is simple, but perfectly cleanses the skin, eliminates wrinkles. You need to prepare charcoal (3 tablets), water (50 ml), honey (1 tbsp), vitamin a (3 drops).

How to make a black mask in the home

Preparing cosmetics about 15 minutes. The honey must be pre-melt, grind the coal to fill with water. Then the components added vitamin A. the Mask is applied for 15 minutes, after which it should be washed, treated with cream. After a few treatments noticeable skin improvement.

Egg Mask

How to make a mask from black points if it includes an additional component-the eggs? Ready tool helps to clean the pores from dirt. Coal (2 tablets) it is necessary to grind, mix egg whites to obtain a homogeneous mass. Then to the mixture is added sugar (10 g), lemon juice (3 drops). The finished mask should be applied on the face, and for convenience, you can use a cotton pad. After drying apply a second layer. After 20 minutes the skin should be washed with cold water and apply moisturizer. Procedures can get rid of many problems of the face.

Clay Mask

How to make a black mask to get rid of Shine? To do this, you will also need clay. First you need to grind the charcoal (1 tablet), and then in mass we have to add clay (1 tsp) water to make a creamy mixture. The mask is applied for 20 minutes, then wash off with water, and the second layer. 15 minutes later a person should rinse with warm water.

After the procedure you may feel a tightness, but it goes away in 30 minutes. If this is discomforting, it is possible to handle the skin cream. The mask is ideal for oily and combination skin, just need to run routines regularly.

Using aspirin

How to make a black mask at home using aspirin to help fix the problem? Acetylsalicylic acid has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, so prepared means eliminates acne. The mask used for aging, problematic, oily skin. But it is contraindicated in case of Allergy, injuries, rosacea.

If there are no contraindications, you can safely cook a remedy. How to make a black mask, if it additionally includes a aspirin? Components you need to take 1 tablet and add gelatin (1 tsp).

Before the procedure, a person need to steam, just be careful to avoid burns. If you are not allergic to the components, it is possible to prepare the remedy. Gelatin should be diluted with water, and then mix with crushed tablets. Mass needed to boil 5 minutes, and after cooling apply to the face. When the film was formed, you have to clean the skin. After the procedure restores the complexion.

Adding aloe juice

How to make a black mask from blackheads to improve skin condition? It is necessary to prepare the remedy with aloe juice. In this case, you do not need expensive cosmetics. The necessary coal (2 tablets), aloe juice, sea salt (1 teaspoon). This medicinal plant has anti-inflammatory effects. Prepares medication based on the instructions:

  • Coal should be crushed, mix with aloe juice;
  • Then we need to add the sea salt, water;
  • Optionally added tea tree oil;
  • The mask is applied for 15 minutes;
  • Rinse should be with warm water.

How to make black mask from black dots

With this mask eliminates the unpleasant oiliness, restores the complexion. The lifting effect makes skin smooth. No need to buy expensive cosmetics, if you have simple tools. You need to ask how to make a black mask and additional components are selected based on skin type.

Particular care

To skinwas OK, need to perform quality care. Important events include cleansing, steaming, mask and moisturizing cream. Only activities are able to get rid of the disease.

Cleansing is necessary to perform the morning and evening. You should not go to bed with makeup. It is often necessary to change towels, pillow cases. Continuous use of the soap becomes the reason for premature aging of the skin. It is desirable to replace it with special tools without the content of the laureate sulfate sodium.

Clean the face it is helpful to use sponges, cloth napkins. They should be washed and dried. The skin should be cleaned from keratinized layer, which reduces the risk of inflammation. It is necessary to use cosmetics with fruit acids. Useful masks, peels, which should be done every week.

how to make black mask from points

Good For the skin to make regular steam baths. Brew mint, Linden, chamomile. Procedures are performed with a towel for about 20 minutes. If there is blood mesh, then you should not often perform steaming. Only then can you use the emollient. If you are interested in how to make a black mask from black dots, you can use any kind of recipe. Do not use cosmetics, oil-based, dyes and preservatives.

It is Important to control the power. Therefore, you should avoid eating fried, fatty, spicy food, coffee, and alcohol. You need to give up Smoking and consuming excessive amounts of drugs. Will healthy vegetables, fruits, cereals.

Better to use the proven masks, and not drugs. The first copes with the function of eliminating the black dots. Regular care will ensure attractive condition of a person. The skin regains smoothness and a healthy appearance, and this indicates a healthy condition.

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