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Recent years, almost all people use the Hairdryer at home. Thanks to this device you can not only quickly dry the hair, but also to make a beautiful hairdo. Very interesting that the use of these devices not only girls but also boys. Blow dryer can do at home great hairstyle, not overpaying for the services of a Barber.

Introducing devices TM Coifin

In order to make your hair beautiful and strong not dried out, you need to choose the right dryer. How do they differ? There are so many criteria. First and foremost is the power. If adjustable, the problem with the styling is not at all. The dryers come in different sizes, but if there is a need for a permanent installation, the best choice will be the product brand Coifin. This company focuses on a professional dryer, the price of which is higher compared to conventional devices. However, it is worth noting that at home to use it openly, not with your hands. Why? Because these devices are designed to put the hair on the head of another person. They have a fairly large size, high power.

For personal use will be more convenient conventional dryer. It is worth saying that the company Coifin in household models have tried to preserve the full potential of a professional devices. By purchasing this hair dryer (the price varies in the range of 1.5 to 4 thousand rubles), no one will regret your choice.Hairdryer coifin


As for functions, both professional and ordinary instruments equipped with a number of additional options. Among them are the ozonator, ionizer, built into the system. Hairdryers TM Coifin capable of supplying not only heated, but cold air. Also these devices are equipped with systems to regulate temperature and capacity of air supply. Through this method of control hair doesn't get too dry.

The Hairdryer Coifin complemented by a large number of nozzles. It is this diversity greatly enhances its functionality. This allows you to do different hairstyles and hair, drying them using different methods. What is offered in the kit? Typically, there are Curling irons, nozzles for straightening curls and add volume, some of the brushes that you can use while drying and styling, and the most common – the concentration of the air. This device is essential for different processes. For example, blow dry hair requires the exact direction of the air jet, and thanks to this nozzle, the necessary result is reached very quickly.

Also there are, which is good to dry hair-at the roots they will dry out, but the tips it does not get too dry.blow-dry

What you need to know before buying?

To purchase for a long time, please owners, and both work and convenience in operation, it is necessary to consider all aspects. The first thing that draws the attention of the consumer's design. A Hairdryer Coifin made mostly in dark colours, which gives them a certain solidity. Also, the manufacturer took into account the weight of the instruments, so even in professional models, this indicator is significantly reduced and is on average 600 g. the Case is made with a predominance of smooth lines, the handle is comfortable enough.

The capacity of the dryer is also quite an important criterion. The company offers Coifin devices of different levels - from 1800 to 2500 watts. The first is ideal for personal use, but the latter – professional used in beauty salons.

Another important point – cord. Once in the store you need to know its length because too short will cause discomfort.hair dryer price

Professional hair dryer Coifin: features

So, if a Hairdryer is becoming a hairdresser, then focuses on power and functionality. Just pay attention to the fact that the device will work, as they say, literally wear. Why products from this brand most convenient for such cases? First of all, the Coifin Hairdryer is equipped with protection against overheating. Also their body is resistant to impact, removable filter can be easily removed and replaced, the cord is long enough (about 3 meters). Nozzle professional hair dryers also have a significant role. However, they are selected according to other criteria than in household appliances. For example, dynamic diffusers of Barber-professional for anything, because all the vibration you can create your own. The tongs can be easily replaced with a special comb and nozzle of concentration of air.

Now let's consider whether it is necessary to choose the professional Coifin Hairdryer to the house. Payattention to the fact that their price is significantly higher size and weight more. What follows from this? Use both a comb and a Hairdryer can be difficult, which is why the company has developed a special range of domestic appliances, in which these aspects are taken into account.

professional hair dryer coifin

Hairdryer Coifin Korto A2 R Ionic

This instrument applies to the usual type. Is equipped with two nozzles of concentration of air: one – 75 mm, the second – 90 mm. Operates from a network 220 V. dryer is designed for a capacity of 2400 watts, made in black color. There are buttons of switching of speeds and modes, is located on the handle. The device's weight is nearly 600 g. the flow of air is governed by two regimes.Hairdryer coifin cl5

Hairdryer Coifin CL5

This model of Hairdryer is a professional. Includes manual and two nozzles. The capacity of the device – 2300 watts. Operates from 220 V. Equipped with a function of supplying cold air, 4 temperature. The control buttons are located on the handle. There are two speeds of air flow. For easy storage the handle is a loop, through which the dryer can be hung anywhere. The cord is long, color-black.

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