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Going on long awaited journey, girls often wonder about the need for a pedicure at sea. After all, they want to be always the most beautiful, attractive and well groomed regardless of where you will be. In any case, the nails need to rest. But if you choose the right material, then you can safely go to the South with a beautiful pedicure, which will not harm and will not deteriorate in the beginning of the trip. Having done all these things before sending, you do not need every day to focus on the jewelry work, you can confidently go for a walk or to the beach at any time.

marine pedicure

Let's look at the options of materials (hazardous or not) for application. We will also tell you what color pedicure at the sea is better to choose.

Harm or benefit from pedicure

There are four types of pedicure:

  • Health. This method is more secure. With its help make my legs more attractive, and in addition, it has healing properties. However, the procedure is quite expensive.
  • Classic cut. A common method of courtship. In salon service at affordable prices. It is possible to implement the process by yourself at home. But it is important to take a cautious approach to this case to avoid cuts and report various infections. Its disadvantage is a short - term result.
  • Hardware. This way you can painlessly and quickly bring the legs in well maintained condition, without damaging the skin and nails. Hold this pedicure the sea to the end of your holiday. The method is also suitable for more rough skin of men.
  • Combined. The combination of hardware and a classic. Machine the work is performed with the feet, the fingers processes a master with his hands.

The Choice of coating

Before you do a pedicure at sea, you should understand the coverage options.

  1. Shellac. Is the most harmless coating (compared to acrylic). It lasts on the nails for a long time (three weeks), also it consists of components that are beneficial to the nail plate, strengthening it and accelerating growth. After removing the substances you will be pleasantly surprised by the condition of the plates. Shellac is a hypoallergenic formulation, there are no any chemical elements. He has a sharp odor, but the range of colors is simple huge. Paint does not fade under the influence of the sun, salt and iodine. Shellac is easily removed. Nails look more natural. Disadvantages of such coatings is. The negative impact of the nails will only receive from the ultraviolet lamp and means for removing shellac.
  2. Acrylic. This coating is used for the build, it looks very nice. But you should know its great cons: has a strong odor, thick consistency, not allowing the nail to breathe and receive nutrients. It can appear allergic. After removal of the material is very soft plate, the nail is recovered a month or two.
  3. Nail Polish. Not have a negative impact on the structure of the nail. Has an unpleasant smell. Unfortunately, holding a small amount of time. During the journey, it is not very convenient. If you hold this choice, it is better to take nail Polish with you to touch up your nails.

Often, of course, the girls stop at the shellac. Harmless and bright pedicure on the sea you will not fail, and will only do better. You will be able to run on the beach without any embarrassment and easy to wear sandals that will highlight your beautiful legs.


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How to extend the durability?

How to extend the vitality pedicure at sea? Now we do, we give some useful tips. When you do a pedicure, don't forget to degrease the surface before you apply varnish. Use to create a design gel Polish. It is more resistant to external factors. On vacation, wear shoes with open toe.

Bright and unusual design

The design of the pedicure at sea is to choose an unusual, more exotic. In everyday life women prefer more classic options. On vacation you can take a chance and experiment. So, let's fantasize a bit about color and design.

pedicure of the sea

The Original shades are considered to be: blue, blue, white, red, yellow, green. Just have to learn how to combine them. The white color looks bright and bold, but at the same time gently. It can be used both for jacket and classic vest, where he will be the main cover, and above it a horizontal blue stripes. Creating a marine pedicure, you can experiment. For example, alternating each finger, changing the basic tone on the surface. French pedicures don't have to do a classic, you can vary the color scheme. Take a chance to paint each nail with different shades, for example the colors of the rainbow.


Blue pedicure is the best option that you can present anything you like, adding to it different shades. He will be perfectly combined with the color of sea and sky. This design will fit image palm trees, shells, gulls and the pink flamingos. Original will look the anchor.

beautiful manicure and pedicure by the sea

There is a large variety of rhinestones and sparkles that will perfectly complement any surface. This option will suit any girl, no matterat what age it is.

Nail Shape and design

There are the following forms: square, rectangular, round, oval and pointed, the latter occurs less often (this technique is very difficult). The French pedicure nails are more suitable as the square design and oval. Consider the shape of your fingers to design looked harmoniously and correctly, it is better to consult with his master. Some professionals prefer the natural form of your plate and don't suggest to change it. If you have a square, it is advisable to stick to it. By the way, this plate will fit the blue pedicure.

blue pedicure

If you are not able to go to the salon, can do a pedicure at home. For this you will need the following tools:

  1. Tray for steaming (hot water, essential oils, liquid soap).
  2. Pumice stone, nail file fine oval.
  3. Scissors, cutters.
  4. Sanding nail file.
  5. Paper towels.
  6. If there is no special lamp for drying, prepare simple paints and a brush for drawing.
  7. Cream.
  8. Shape to separate the toes.


You can make such SPA-procedures:

  1. To soften and strengthen. The procedure is suitable for the nail bed in hot water, add five drops of iodine, lemon juice and a little almond oil.
  2. Steaming rough areas of the skin, relieve fatigue and swelling of the feet: hot water, a small amount of oil of pine needles
  3. Ingrown nail in hot water, add a tablespoon of baking soda and sea salt.
  4. For feet fungus: dissolve manganese and soda in warm water.

Steam the feet in the bath for 10-15 minutes, then dry with a towel. With a pumice stone to treat your feet and heels from rough skin, then do some surface sanding with a nail file. Push back the cuticle to the edge and carefully cut it with wire cutters without damaging healthy skin. Sawing to align the nail, giving it the form that you desire. If the plate has a yellowish tint, bleach it with lemon juice. Lubricate foot nourishing cream, you can use baby lotion. Legs took a healthy appearance, now you need to take care of marigolds.

Polka dots

Now is the time to cover the nail varnish. The options of pedicures on the sea is very extensive. But if you are given such difficult moments, you can use easy and interesting technique. For example, apply the first coat of paint of any color which you like.

design pedicure sea

Dry 3-4 minutes, then you can make polka dots of a different tone, it's very easy: take a thin brush, dipped in the required colour across the plate to dispense dots, the size of choose at your own discretion. Leave for drying.

Simple pattern

Another fairly simple pattern: on the main layer to make a drop of a different color, take a needle and smear in the shape of a heart, allow to dry. Pedicure at sea in home made. Interesting idea: you can make the design any color to your swimsuit. To black or white will suit absolutely any tone, from classic to poisonous. Do not forget about the well-groomed hands.

Coming up with a figure, you only need to include fantasy and to find an experienced master who will be able to perform the unusual and difficult job. Unusually will look like slices of various fruits and berries. For example, a piece of watermelon or strawberries. If possible, get the length of the nail to make it less likely to break off. When a beautiful manicure and pedicure at sea ready, the only thing you need is to make this holiday unforgettable. In any case, take a nail file, if the nail breaks, you will be able immediately to correct this piece of art.

Interesting facts

Pedicure - (translated from Latin, means "foot care") this is the same procedure as a manicure only done it on the legs. In Ancient Egypt it was believed that if a person neat leg, that he's an aristocrat. Such a procedure was allowed to pursue people who had great wealth, it was their hallmark. Cleopatra was ordered to RUB oil into her feet every night. We used to think that such a well-groomed appearance is a sign of the health of the internal organs.

In the eighteenth century women of the East have injected natural dyes in the base plate for the growth of colored nails. First colored lacquer was invented only in the XX century in the United States.

The Egyptians believed that the longer the nail, the wiser.

pedicure of the sea

Be Sure to try the Fish peeling procedure. For your feet, caring little fish, remove dead skin, treat psoriasis and dermatitis. It does not hurt, and even a little tickled. The service is interesting and on an emotional level, it calms and adjusts on a positive harmony.

How to remove coating from the nails correctly?

Pedicures at sea lasted but it is time to remove the coating? This will require:

  1. Fleece.
  2. Foil.
  3. Orange wooden stick.
  4. A Tool for removing nail Polish that contains acetone.
  5. Scissors.

To Divide the cotton into pieces equal to your plates, cut the foil so that it was possible to wrap the nail. The materials are prepared, you can begin. Moisten a cotton swab with liquid varnish remover, apply on the surface of the plate and tightly cover with a metal sheet. Keepfifteen to twenty minutes. Stick to remove the remaining material. Marine pedicure is cleared. Using the nail brush to wash your feet, smear with cream.

Useful mask

If the nails because of this method of removing spoil, make a mask.

  1. Mix the cream (any of your choice) with the ampoule of vitamin E, to add a little red pepper. Apply the nail, including the cuticle, hold for 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Let the nails rest for a week and a half. This mask not only strengthens, but also accelerates their growth.
  2. Olive oil mixed with iodine and honey in equal proportions, to keep 15 minutes.
  3. Five drops of iodine to add one tablespoon of honey, keep for fifteen minutes.

bright pedicure on the sea

If we talk about food, to maintain the health of nails and hair and skin help and some foods such as: oatmeal, parsley, dill, nuts, pomegranate, beans.

Wrapping up

In this article, we reviewed what you can do pedicure at sea, how to get it and how to improve the structure of the nail. To attract attention to the beauty on the leg you can wear a flashy bracelet. Have a nice stay!

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