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Everyone knows the expression that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. And, as a rule, many note the fact: first, what we liked or didn't like in a man when we first met - this is the eye. They are what we notice first. But what does beautiful eyes? This is primarily a look and of course lashes that make eyes seem bigger and more expressive.

Lashes need special care, because they are exposed to constant influence from the outside. Constant color ink thins the cilia, they become pale and fall out. To address these issues, experts have come up with a great tool. The cure for your eyelashes - Elma (oil for eyelashes and eyebrows).

Reviews and opinions for the most part similar. They consist in the fact that a high quality, natural remedy, the effectiveness of which has no analogues currently on the market of natural cosmetic products.

elma oil for eyelashes and eyebrows reviews

Elma oil for eyelashes and eyebrows: reviews, composition

The Most common herbs and oils mixed in the right and proper ratio can be a real strong medication for eyelashes and eyebrows and a great way to deeply nourish and restore each cilia. It is not surprising, but natural. Recipe oil Elma was compiled on the basis of the knowledge gained by herbalists for many years and centuries, later implemented into a truly amazing tool.

Let us Examine in more detail the ingredients that go into the composition of the oil Elma.

elma oil for eyelashes and eyebrows reviews

Milk Thistle Extract

It is useful because It is able to rid the skin around the eyes from wrinkles. This is due to its ability to cleanse the epidermis from the harmful effects of the environment and deeply to restore it. Is an excellent antioxidant due to silymarin.


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Active components contained in milk Thistle is vitamin E, fatty acids and silymarin.


Nettle is a storehouse of all essential vitamins for strong and beautiful lashes. It has beneficial effects on blood circulation and improves at the cellular level metabolic processes. In addition, it helps to strengthen and protect the eyelashes from the harmful and corrosive effects of the environment. However, contained in this tool, the nettle extract is able to relieve the skin from irritation, which is especially valuable for people with allergies.

Castor oil

Of Course, you can't do without castor oil, because it is one of the most effective means in the struggle with loss of eyelashes, recovery and activation of growth. In addition, castor oil can make eyebrows and eyelashes silky and shiny due to its moisturizing properties. It perfectly nourishes the follicles with all required vitamins, thereby effectively acts on the entire length of the lashes. Castor oil also has an impact on dormant follicles by stimulating them, making lashes getting more volume, they look well-groomed, strong and healthy.


This oil also promotes active growth, improve overall appearance and condition of eyelashes or eyebrows. And, of course, oil is just an essential component in this natural remedy for eyebrows and eyelashes, as Elma.

Vitamin complex

The structure includes a set of vitamins A and E, PP and Biotin.

Vitamins A and E essential for lashes, and is also very useful for the skin. This is because they tend to rebuild the structure of eyelashes, eyebrows and to stop the aging process by maintaining the synthesis of elastin and collagen.

Vitamin e is useful in that it has moisturizing properties. His presence in this complex helps to eliminate flaking of the skin, if any existed.

Vitamin H restores the structure of eyelashes, eyebrows and eyelid skin.

Hyaluronic acid

As a rule, the hyaluronic acid is used in medicines and creams for Mature skin to slow down the aging of cells. Indeed, this biological component is simply indispensable. Hyaluronic acid is an excellent antioxidant and protects from various harmful influences from the outside.

Elma - oil for eyelashes and eyebrows: the reviews of buyers, properties and application

elma oil for eyelashes and eyebrows reviews how to use

Let us Consider how to use the tool to get the result. Before you buy and use for other purposes Elma (oil for eyelashes and eyebrows), reviews can and should be studied to have an idea of what is in this medicine and what are its functions. It is for reviews and feedback from independent consumers can understand a lot about the true function and real opportunities so often advertised beauty product.

So what do customers say about this tool like Emla. Oil for eyelashes and eyebrows, feedback, which we consider in this article, quite effective.

The First thing to mention everyone who has already bought and had to try - it is very laconic and simple design. A tube similar to the one used for the carcass. Has the same shape and looks similar.

The Second is the brush, which is supplied to Elma (oil for eyelashes and eyebrows). Reviews how to use a brush, whether it is suitable or not,divided. Some praise, while others wish it was more soft and straight. The brush is quite solid, curved. Although it is because it is so, it is very comfortable to evenly distribute the oil on the eyelashes and the eyebrows, removing the excess.

With regard to the use, in addition to all of the above, the oil applied to the lashes and brows, creates a protective film that covers and protects reliably against UV rays. Eyelashes and eyebrows become darker, because in this case they are less prone to fading in the sun, retain their natural color.

Feedback on effectiveness of media: pros and cons

The Manufacturer claims that the outcome can be seen already in the second week after the start of the application. Of course, there are those who are waiting for improvements for much longer. Here, as in any other case, all individually and depends on many seemingly subtle nuances. Many speak positively about Elma. Oil for eyelashes and eyebrows, reviews, photos of the result can be seen below, has become quite popular among buyers.

elma oil for eyelashes and eyebrows testimonials photos

The Lashes for the month of application are longer, darker and thicker. And it becomes clear that Elma (oil for eyelashes and eyebrows) reviews, generally positive. And such cases a great many.

In Addition, almost always when the means Elma (oil for eyelashes and eyebrows) reviews you write, you mention an important caveat of the use and implications of that is that from allergies this remedy does not cause any unpleasant consequences. And this, in turn, attracts the attention of people who have similar products caused or redness, or swelling. They could not choose for themselves effective and at the same time secure means.

elma oil for eyelashes and eyebrows reviews the composition

It is Better to conduct an Allergy test before use on eyelashes means Elma. Oil for eyelashes and eyebrows, feedback, review and photos which can read and see the article, takes effect immediately. You will see that your eyelashes and eyebrows and looks healthy.

The Effectiveness on the face. After using the tool, her eyelashes were really long, more shiny, voluminous look, the look became very bright and expressive.

elma oil for eyelashes and eyebrows reviews review

Therefore, in most cases the only positive means Elma (oil for eyelashes and eyebrows) reviews. The manufacturer claims that the result will not keep itself waiting long. The price is also very good, so buying such quality products at low price can afford all of it.

Online store for 250 rubles, you can buy Elma (oil for eyelashes and eyebrows). Reviews, how to use, what results to expect, we considered in the article. This product with natural ingredients is becoming more popular and in demand.

elma tool oil for eyelashes and eyebrows reviews

The Main thing to remember is that in order for the effect was not long in coming and appeared in the very near future, to use this wonderful tool regularly and not from time to time. This is a common nutrient complex oils with a purpose to preserve and maintain the natural beauty of eyebrows and eyelashes through proper daily care. But do not expect magic. If the nature of your brows and lashes have never been thick and black, they are and will not. But strengthen lashes, prevent breakage, restore Shine quite able oil for eyebrows and eyelashes Elma.

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