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Beautiful and manicured nails – a necessary attribute of every modern woman. Today, especially popular shellac with rhinestones. Its popularity is similar to the manicure won through persistence, durability, beauty, tidy mind.shellac with rhinestone

The Positive side

Shellac with crystals differs from regular varnish that even the most diligent owner can safely perform any job around the house. Manicure pleases its owner for several weeks as a strength is different shellac. Rhinestones, for example, is able to please his mistress for several weeks. Moreover, by making such a manicure, you don't have to go to the correction to "fix" broken nail - the crystals attached very firmly!

As a rule, women choose manicure "shellac with rhinestones" on the occasion of celebrations, it's a great tool for decorating and creating glitter nails. It is important to note that the presence of crystals does not affect the strength of the manicure, so household chores can be enjoyed in the usual way.

The Feature of self-clearance of shellac with rhinestones is the need for secure attachment of each item. The stones should not come off, moving, after all, ruining at least one nail can ruin the overall beauty appearance of the hands.shellac nails

Different size & ndash; different form

When Choosing a design, you should be aware that such a method of nail decoration is different, for example, with the use of a particular form of crystals, different size or quantity.


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Looks Neat and sophisticated manicure with one rhinestone for each nail. On the other hand, at least looks compelling arc of shimmering particles, built along the contour of the cuticle. Some prefer to put this pattern on a few nails. More diligent and zealous uses each finger, using rhinestones and shellac.nail design with rhinestones

Nails can get French by arranging small stones on the free edge of the nail: looks very elegant and sophisticated. Please note for compliance with various figures, but the difficulty lies in the accurate location of each rhinestone – it requires the lion's share of the practice, so the design of such complex compositions are best left to a professional.

Features and bugs fixing rhinestone

Making French Polish with rhinestones, many women make the typical error fix rhinestones through the use of a conventional adhesive.

You Need to apply the decorative elements after you have applied the base Foundation and have completed all the necessary patterns. Remember that the rhinestones are glued only when the surface of the nail, nothing more is also lost. Additional lines or other design elements are applied strictly to their mounts!shellac on toes with rhinestone

In order to properly execute the shellac with rhinestones, apply to nail base Foundation, implement an appropriate design, positioning in the order you want shiny decorations, and then send the hands under the ultraviolet lamp for drying.

In order to quickly and easily lay down the stones in the desired pattern, you can use ordinary toothpicks. You only need to wet the tip and then touch the faceted side strazica. As a result, the decoration is easy to carry and turns from one place to another.

Tricks and taboos when working with rhinestones

Shellac with crystals though, and is durable compared to other types of manicure, but no mechanical damage no one is safe. In order to protect yourself from the appearance of cracks, sprinkle pattern, and other unpleasant changes, you should pay attention to the following simple rule:

  • Homework to the extent possible, with gloves, it's the advantage of contact with chemical cleaning agents.

Attention! Rhinestones make small changes in your life and on your nails can easily hurt protruding objects that previously didn't cause any inconvenience.shellac manicure with rhinestones

Create a summer manicure

Particularly relevant now presented year trends decoration of manicure. So presentable to your hands and appearance in General will give the following compositions:

  1. Clear rhinestone combined with a base of any color. Generally, this type of design is suitable for a business lady, for whom the brightness of the manicure prohibited dress code in a prestigious company.
  2. Those who love bright colors and always has a great mood, in the summer should pay attention to the colored rhinestones. However, the underlying basis should also pick up the tone of the stones, otherwise in front of others, you are special, do not have a proper taste.

The Incredible hit of the season are sequins, the basic Foundation of which is a minty hue. Pale pink, orange, Sunny colors also have the right to flaunt at the hands of lovely ladies. Moreover, the shellac on the toes with rhinestones and all will give a great summer mood. Well-arranged composition will provide many attractive views from the male and also the interest of other women.

Types of rhinestone for nail Polish

The Choice of a particular type of crystals depends primarily on how many you are. For example, the middle-aged ladies should pay attention to the beads size is small and not very catchy color. Otherwise, large shimmering stones can severely wear out his hands.

To design a complicated pattern on one evening you should pay attention to plastic rhinestones. This decoration is not as durable, but perfect for a single celebration. If you want to admire the shimmering nails over a long period of time, it is worth spending a little more on higher quality materials. Much prettier to look rhinestones from glass, but they are more expensive. In addition, the incredible popular now rhinestones Swarovski - pens with them you will be simply irresistible!


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