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Eyebrows are a face person. If they are well maintained, the appearance becomes neater. The modern pace of life leaves little time on my own. Morning always want to sleep a little longer, because of this cut the time in makeup, hair and other feminine wiles.

For Those who have never used the permanent makeup eyebrows, this procedure seems to be unnatural and not very beautiful. Now in Vogue, natural beauty, artificial saturation has gone far in the past. The current techniques are improved, they have less discomfort and a more natural look, in contrast to those that were in trend a few years ago. One technique - the shadow feather eyebrows, reviews of which are more positive.

Modern businesswoman trying to look impressive, but at the same time spend the least time. So ladies use the services of tattoo artists.

Shadow feather eyebrows reviews


One of the most natural methods of drawing the eyebrows is considered to be underlined with shadows. They paint over the gaps between the hair and fill in bald spots, if they are available. This method is used even adolescent girls: looks nice, easy draw.

This effect fill the background and tried to pass master tattoo.

There are several types of shading that differ by color saturation:

  • Soft, which is suitable for girls with light eyebrows. The background light, the contour is isolated.
  • More rich feather - datirovanie.
  • 3D effect combines shadow feather and effective hair. He makes eyebrows thicker.

Below are the shadow feather eyebrows (before and after).


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shadow feather eyebrows how long does the reviews

The advantages of this method:

  • Shadow feather (powder tattooing) is characterized by the fact that not penetrate into the skin layers.
  • Needle lifts only the scales of the upper layer of the epidermis.
  • Does Not affect the blood vessels.
  • After healing the color saturation is not changed.
  • The Procedure is virtually painless, many customers do without anesthesia.
  • Long-lasting effect (1 to 3 years ).
  • After shading the skin is quickly restored.

The Algorithm tattooing

A Skilled craftsman is well skilled technicians perform permanent makeup, however the client also should know about the algorithm, not to be afraid of certain instruments and actions. The emotions that cause discomfort, affect primarily on our face, why even a professional is hard to work with so tense a "canvas". It may have a negative impact on the result.

permanent makeup eyebrow shadow feather reviews

  1. The Master should briefly instruct you: show tools, dyes, to inform about the features of the shadow shading and give advice about skin care eyebrow.
  2. Choose form. Specialist listens to your wishes, then draws the outline, the client evaluates, as needed eyebrow correct.
  3. Local anesthesia and preparation of instruments.
  4. The application process, which takes 1-2 hours. First draw an outline, and then fill in the eyebrow.
  5. Based on the reviews about the tattoo, shadow feather eyebrows is painless, because the paint is injected at a depth of less than 1 mm.

shadow feather eyebrows photos reviews

Who are not recommended to do the feather?

What would the procedure shadow nor shading was perfect and hygienic, the risk is present, because the tools pierce the skin. If you have good health, then not to worry, but in some situations, permanent makeup is contraindicated.

Girls and women can't do the shading during menstruation, pregnancy and lactation. If the customer has bad blood coagulates or he is ill in diabetes, that a little intervention could escalate into a big problem. It is also not recommended to do the tattoo, if there are moles, papillomas or warts in the eyebrows, dermatitisa disease or inflammatory processes.

After Reviewing the reviews and photos of black feather eyebrows, we can say that some customers have encountered serious problems after this procedure, because it is silent about the health problems. Some girls have an allergic reaction to the components of pigment. Therefore it is necessary to take note of the above tips and additionally consult with the master directly before the procedure.

shadow feather eyebrows reviews 2017

How to care

Cosmetologists studied the comments about the shadow shading of eyebrows and came to the conclusion that many negative opinions regarding this procedure was provoked by improper care.

This type of permanent makeup though and hurts a tenth of a millimetre thick top layer of skin, yet this intervention is unnatural, so our body reacts, and rightly so. You have to be ready that first week, your eyebrows will require care and attention more than a small child.

Many girls are frightened of the redness, but it should be. If it is accompanied by discomfort, then the master must handle eyebrow anesthetic spray, gel or cream.

If allocated pus and crust is formed, it is necessary to smear problem areas with miramistina. A few days later you may receive the itching is a sign that the eyebrow is healing. At this moment typically use healing creams.

The First time, don't visit the sauna, swimming pools. Watering them is also not desirable.

To maximize the eyebrows retained their brightness, the first days with a chlorhexidine only if you want to make the color more muted - smear vaseline.

shadow feather eyebrows photo

How to choose a masters?

The Best way is by recommendation from happy customers. If you have no such friends, then you should search the Internet. Many experts post on social networks their work.

See photo. Skilled craftsmen who are not afraid, but rather want to demonstrate positive results, the client is required to take pictures from the front. If all pictures are taken from the perspective of "three quarters" or only lifted one eyebrow, then be wary.

Look at the shape and curves of the eyebrows. As a rule, each specialist has a favorite width, and he paints it to everyone. If the work is similar, it demonstrates the limited capabilities of the wizard.

Hair tattooing and datirovanie

Most Often, customers are faced with the lack of professionalism, making the hair tattoo. To possess this skill, the expert need not only a good tool, but the artistic taste and skills. Very few talented portrait painters working in the typical beauty, so sometimes clients instead of eyebrow get barcode above the eyes. Or the hairs are too parallel and smooth, which also looks unnatural.

Shadow feather is technically much easier marks. Proper clearance is sufficient to see the symmetry or be able to use a ruler and string to make eyebrows look as similar as possible.

Combining these two methods gives you the opportunity to look the most natural.

shadow feather eyebrows before and after photos

Shape Change is a natural process

Many negative reviews about the shadow of shading and tattooing related to the fact that the wizard picked up the wrong form. But the questions of your exterior chief designer remain is you. Experienced client select eyebrow shape longer than the process of applying the pigment.

It is Worth remembering that doing permanent makeup, you must predict future fashion, because wearing them will have a year or two.

If your face is prone to edema that can be triggered by a variety of reasons, do not be surprised if the shape of your eyebrows will change over time (falls area, increase the distance relative to the eye). The form of the eyebrows can change when she loses weight or gains little weight.

A few years ago there was a lot of disturbances clients, provoking a change in color of tattoo: he has become reddish or bluish. The reviews about shadow the feather eyebrows 2017 is less common. Because of this problem working manufacturers of pigments. Artists say that it depends on the quality of the dye.

How long does shadow feather eyebrows? Reviews

Feather lasts a little longer than the hair method. But the durability of the result depends on several factors: the fat content of the skin (dry longer), age (young clients result longer), type of the color pigment (the darker the dye, the longer the effect) and climatic conditions (in hot conditions is erased faster).

"Shadow feather lasts from 2 to 6 years", – the employees of the salons. Really beautiful the effect lasts for 1-1.5 years, then you need to make a correction.


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