Makeup "Smokey eyes" for brown eyes: step by step instructions with photos


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Want to make the look more expressive? Then give preference to makeup Smokey eyes. For brown eyes you can pick up a lot of colour combinations. With some skill you can create this makeup for any occasion. Think smoky eyes makes only black shadows? Read article that dispels a common stereotype.


Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes for brown eyes can be bright, but not too geeky. To do this, you should use brown shadows. Using warm colors, you will accentuate the depth of the eyes, and make them more expressive. This makeup is suitable for both blondes and brown hair. Brunette, of course, also can do brown Smokey eyes, but it is better to give preference to classic black color. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the makeup will not be a major, and a minor focus of the image after hairstyles.

How to make Smokey eyes for brown eyes for beginners? The first thing you need to apply a base under shadows. This step is mandatory, otherwise your bright makeup will float or rolled for 3-4 hours. After base, apply on the mobile eyelid and brown shadows and evenly distribute them with a soft applicator or brush. The same darker shade to emphasize the lower eyelid. Now you should take a light brown color. Apply it on the upper eyelid and a little carcass on the bottom. In this step, the main – to make a smooth transition between the two shades of brown. Now in the inner corner of the eye you need to apply white eye shadow. This will help to give freshness. The final stage makeup-the application of mascara.


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Classic makeup

Smokey eyes for brown eyes photo

Black Smokey eyes for brown eyes – perfect for blondes and for brunettes. This version of the makeup is now considered a classic. For dark eyes it fits perfect, as it doesn't create a sharp contrast between the coloured shell and dark shadows. But remember, this make-up is formal. For day, even if you go to a social event, black smoky eyes are not suitable. You will look with it too vulgar. Also pay attention to their image in General. Black Smokey perfect complement to a simple dress without decoration or bright print. Indeed, in this case all the attention will be to attract the girl's face, not her outfit.

Photo makeup Smokey eyes for brown eyes with black shadows you can see above. How to replicate such a result? Apply the eye base under the shadows. Now, on mobile eyelid overlay black shadows and evenly distributed bright pigment on the surface. Now with soft brush you need to blend the border color. On the upper eyelid apply a brown shade and remove the border between the colors. Moreover, the upper limit of the streamers need to nullify. That look was more expressive, to emphasize the lower eyelid. Outlined it with a black pencil, and then shaded neat stripes in smoky line. To complete the makeover will help the false eyelashes.


makeup Smokey eyes for brown eyes

Want to do a colored Smokey eyes for brown eyes? Prefer cool shades. They will be able to emphasize the warm sequins of the eye. This option is more suitable for girls with winter color type. But ladies color type summer can afford bright experiments. If you don't want to use open color, you can always add more tint. It can be darker pigment of the shadows or to reduce stretching in black or brown. But in the second case, the makeup will look very bright, keep that in mind. It should be to find modest clothing in pastel colors or bleached.

How to make Smokey eyes for brown eyes, a photo of which is shown above? The blend on the upper eyelid base under the shadows. Now take the blue shadows and painted them the Central part of the century. On the inner corner of the eye blend the gray and the outer part tonyrueb in black. To mitigate this cold color scheme, you can upper limit all colors to circle the pink, peach or light brown shade. Blend color gradient. Now, take black eyeliner and draw her upper and lower ciliary circuit. Line can not be tosevite if you just draw it thicker. Just use the mascara. If it seems that eyelashes are thick enough, can additionally stick a few tufts at the edges of the eyes.

Fashion UV

Smokey eyes tutorial for brown eyes

Many girls choose the colors of the makeup based on the colors that are recommended to use the Pantone color Institute. After all, it dictates fashion colors, which are used by designers, manicurists, and makeup. Therefore, we consider how to do step by step Smokey eyes for brown eyes brunettes. Because that's what girls do well with cold purple shade. And also this color can perfectly fit into any image. You can add makeup such as purple and red, blue and even a Golden dress, or a fashionable Trousersuit.

Where to start? Before creating the make-up need application and database on the movable upper eyelid. Now all movable and half of the upper eyelid need to paint a dark purple pencil. You can use a liquid well pigmented shadows. When the work is completed with the upper eyelid should be thin brush to apply color base on your lower eyelid. Be sure to blend the result.

Step-by-Step makeup Smokey eyes for brown eyes you can see in the picture above. Now we need to shade more light shade. Purple hue with a pinkish tint strip are above the dark color and make a smooth transition at the border. To complete the gradient to light shadows. If there is nothing suitable out of the cold range, you can use white color. Again, make a banner, but this time between the light purple and white. Make eyes even more expressive will help the false eyelashes. Glue them to your eye and then progressivem two layers of mascara.

Focus on Shine

Smokey eyes with gold

Want to paint original? Then you can make an interesting Smokey eyes. For example, to use the idea above. The emphasis in the make-up will be placed in the Central part of a century that will attract the eye to your eyes. But keep in mind that this makeup is very heavy, so it is suitable only for evening events. Combine a Smokey preferably with a simple sleek hairstyle. For example, you can make different variations of the tail.

How can you repeat step by step Smokey eyes for brown eyes? We must start with applying the base, both on the upper and lower eyelids. Now take a Golden shadow and draw them thick strip in the middle of the eye. First do it on the upper eyelid, and then dorisovyvat on the bottom. Now armed with black shadows. They fill in the remaining gaps on the movable and lower eyelids. Definitely shaded border colors.

To give the makeup a touch of romanticism, the upper boundary of black and gold gradient can be diluted with warm brown color. Here you can make two variations of the makeup. Close gold stripe brown pigment, or to continue the Golden streak and gradually reduce it to zero. Both options have a right to life.

Under the eyebrow apply a white eye shadow with Chimera. Smokey eyes is almost ready. But you are to make two stroke. The first to do eyeliner. Her, draws the thick and long arrows. And the second touch – double layer of mascara. Photo Smokey eyes for brown eyes can see above. But remember that this is not the only correct option. This is an example for inspiration.

Smokey eyes for every day

Smokey eyes for brown eyes for beginners

If you are well able to do rastushevok makeup, then it will be able to use it on a daily basis. Of course, if the work has a dress code, use of dark shadows is not worth it. To replace them should be beige or brown. And this makeup does not look like spot on eye, you will need to Supplement it with a feathered arrow.

How to make a daytime Smokey eyes for brown eyes this style? Apply it on the eyelids base under the shadows. If you plan to go with makeup all day, and then in the evening go for a walk, take a thick base that may well fix the makeup. Now choose a suitable nodoby shades and paint them the mobile eyelid.

Spread the color on the upper eyelid so that it is not too much beyond the crease of the eye. To get the pigment on there, you can use lighter shades. In the daytime makeup to emphasize the lower eyelid is not necessary, but highlight the inner corner of the eye white color.

It Now remains only to draw air hands. For this, draws the upper ciliary outline with a soft pencil. Take a synthetic brush and shaded the line-up. When a light haze ready can additionally paint over the border shading brown eye shadow, if not very carefully wielded the brush. Paint mascara on the lashes with mascara. In the daytime makeup you do not need to use the patch bundles, they will look out of place.

Party makeup

makeup Smokey eyes for brown eyes photo

If you want to complement the look with light Smokey eyes, then this option is for you. It will look soft and appropriate with any outfit. It is especially good complement dresses style interesting and unconventional colors. Pink party makeup Smokey eyes for brown eyes will look good on girls of color type spring, if they complement the colors of makeup with Golden color. But if you use silver sequins, they fit well into the image of ladies winter color type.

How to replicate the makeup from the picture? First apply the makeup base. Now you need to take brilliant shade of light shade. You can use light pink, gold or beige pigment. Apply a light shade on the Central part of the eye. And now supplemented by Boca century of dark tint. Can choose from brown color or use a dark pink color. Dimmable edges and shaded shadows. Special attention should be paid to the border color. To make a smooth transition, you can use any light shade as an extra. In this minimalist makeup necessarily need to draw eyebrows that isthey will help to make the eyes expressive. After you beautifully painted eyelids, eyelashes glue black glue and paint mascara on them with two coats of mascara.

Easy Smokey

daytime Smokey eyes for brown eyes

This makeup Smokey eyes for brown eyes is suitable for everyday wear and for special occasion. The difference will be in how the shadows make make. If you want to get casual makeup – use matte shadows. If your task – to make a festive look, use shiny pigments. According to the same principle choose the intensity of the shadows. If you want the eye attracted the attention of others, apply color with a thick layer, but if you want to eyes fascinated only those who are directly talking to you, then apply the eye shadow thin.

Easy Smokey eyes for brown eyes is done quickly. Once the substrate is in the form of base applied to the eyelid, you just have to spread the bright pigment. It is advisable to choose something from the beige shades. If in stock no shadows, can use light brown. In the inner corner of the eye apply white eye shadow with Chimera. Even in matte makeup they would look appropriate. Outer corner of the eye paint taupe color. First apply the eyeshadow to create a clear area, and then blend the edges. The upper limit of shadows need to nullify. And left to paint over the lashes. Choose a mascara that not only adds volume, but still good tweak eyelashes.

The Game is on the contrast

Smokey eyes for brown eyes step by step photo

To draw attention to your eyes don't have to do black Smokey eyes. It will be enough to put a dark shadow in the corner of your eye. But the entire mobile eyelid will need to paint over white or very light color. In this case, creates a sharp contrast, which can not fail to attract attention. Knowing this trick, you can not only repeat the results with step by step pictures Smokey ice for brown eyes, which is mentioned above, but also to conduct their experiments. For example, combine blue and yellow shadows to make interesting images with purple and orange pigment.

How to make step by step Smokey eyes for brown eyes? After you have applied base on the movable century should be assigned a light shade. If you are using a pigment into a cream texture, should monitor that no unsightly gaps. Once the eyelid is tinted, you can move on to applying dark shadows. They fill the corner of the eye, darken the crease, and also apply on the lower eyelid.

To make a more expressive and the look mysterious, be sure to blend the border of shadows. Smokey eyes does not imply clear-cut lines. If something is not clear, the step by step instructions Smokey ice for brown eyes listed above. Once you have designed the eye, don't forget to shade the brow. It must be done with the help of white eye shadow applied under the bottom curve of the eyebrow. Definitely need to make a smooth transition bright colors in the dark. Left to put eyelashes, and makeup ready.

Smoky Pink with sequins

Smokey eyes for brown eyes for beginners

I Decided to go to a social event in a red or Burgundy dress? Then you can do this makeup. It will complement and enrich the image, and can make your eyes expressive. But remember that, like any good artwork, the image must be only one composite centre. So if you do a bright eye makeup, then stop your choice on a smooth or light hair Hollywood waves.

How to do Smokey eyes for brown eyes? We combine a rich pink shade with gold eyeshadow and peach pigment. But first, before you put the color, you need to apply on the eyelids base. Now the two layers should be distributed shiny shade until mid-century. It is advisable to choose a warm shade. Maroon and pink color make Smokey eyes. Take the color, well proportioned it on the movable eyelid and apply shadow on the upper and lower eyelids. Shaded bright pigment.

To slightly dampen the edges of the makeup, you need to use a peach shade. Thin, almost weightless layer draw the eyes and well shaded. Under the eyebrow apply a white pigment. Progressivem eyelashes, and, if necessary, glue the overhead beams. This makeup can be supplemented with crystals. They should glue or the lashes, or on the outer corner of the eye.

Smokey eyes for photoshoot

Smokey eyes for parties

Of Course, this makeup is hardly suitable for everyday life. Unless you decide to make it for Halloween or a theme party. But since today it is fashionable to make interesting make, and then upload their photos to social networks, can use this idea to gain a few hundred likes. This makeup looks quite original and perfectly embodies today's popular theme of the galaxy and the infinity of the Universe. Can use color combinations in different sequences, and thus you will get different each time makeover and a new image.

How to makethis unusual smoky eyes? Following the standard scheme described above, starting from the substrate. At the base, apply light blue shadow. Them neatly distributed on the inner corner of the eye. The Central part of the eyelid apply blue pigment, and the corner of the eye painted in dark blue. They are working on up to half of the eyelid. Second, the external part of the folds shaded purple pigment. It is in this color and make a contour feather. To the gradient is more interesting, apply under the brow white shadow, and now gently mix them with purple pigment.

Having achieved an interesting result, armed with a white pencil. With the help of it depicted on a century of stars of different sizes, put dots and draw the strips. If you want to make the makeup more glamorous, you can add silver glitter or glue rhinestones. This makeup will need beautiful bundles of false eyelashes. Glue them and paint mascara on two coats of mascara. The end result is bright and perfect makeup.

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