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For many years, Antonio Banderas is the most famous in the world of Spanish actor and perhaps one of the most celebrated and eminent representatives of the state. Probably from her very first roles, he firmly took the place in the hearts of millions of fans, and perhaps there are people who have never heard his name, not knowing about Zorro or Desperado. I must say that Banderas is constantly engaged in new projects, not only in the film industry the most famous filmmakers, but also in other areas. His image of a real man - seductive, strong and incredibly attractive - does not change, what would the actor do.

Antonio Banderas perfume for men

Perfume from Banderas

Spread it on the flavors that are included in the Banderas collection. This seductive, tempting, captivating masterpieces that can melt any heart and attract attention. My very first fragrance, Antonio Banderas, men's perfume which is quite popular, introduced in 1997. Since then, the collection was filled with sixteen perfumes. Female only seven. They are all very different, but United by a constant sensuality, passion, boldness and brightness. The aromas are invariably romantic, they feel giddy. Spanish temperament and taste great actor filled with charm and aromas. Of these, everyone can choose for themselves the best variant, for example, to choose perfumes “Hermes” (male). The price of the perfumes is also encouraged. Thanks to the excellent pricing it is relatively low and accessible (you can expect about 1000 RUB.). In the collection of “Hermes” the men's spirits, of course, excellent, but women are inferior to them only in the number of flavors.

perfume Antonio Banderas for men price

Perfume “Hermes”

The Flavors are different, each in their own way worthy of attention, but one of the pearls is deservedly considered the “Hermes” - men's perfume. This Cologne from the group of woody floral musk fragrances. There are shades of citrus, cashmere wood, pepper, balsam nulu, and, of course, musk. Attracts the attention of not only the scent but also the bottle: rectangular, massive and powerful, covered with scales, intriguing and fascinating. The aroma of this is so good that not only won the love of consumers, but also prestigious awards in the field of men's fragrances FiFi Award Fragrance in 2007.

Antonio Banderas perfume for men

Perfume “Azure temptation”

Antonio Banderas, men's perfume which are appreciated by millions of people, was able to bring in the flavors of even the vision of beauty, ideals, and life. It is first of all released in 2011 «blue temptation" (there is in the female version). “Banderas Blue Cool Seduction for Men” is a woody fragrance, very stylish, bold and, of course, sexy. Here the sense blue mint, water notes, hint of lemon and pepper and geranium, oak moss and Virginia cedar. This perfume is ideal for the modern, who know their value of people. Antonio Banderas (men's perfume made him famous, perhaps, no less than a role) painstakingly working over every flavor, producing only the best pieces, filled with modernity, boldness and dynamism. They come like and romance, and the desire for freedom and thirst for adventure.

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