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Bright and attractive, every woman makes the classic red color. This applies to clothes, shoes, lipstick, nail Polish. If you are in doubt whether you fit a beautiful manicure in red on the nails, then it is in vain. This gamma suitable for all type of girls, the main thing – the correct selection of shade. Manicure red gel Polish today is very fashionable. Offer you new design ideas with this color. If you include fantasy, making use of modern elements, it opens a unique and stylish options.

manicure with red

The advantages of the manicure with red color

Red nails in the view of many women seem very simple. There are many techniques of application to the nails manicure with red color. This makes them bright, well-groomed, emphasizes style, attracts the attention of men. The most important advantages of red scale nails are as follows:

  • Profitable beats any image;
  • Red nail Polish is the trend today;
  • Suitable fair-haired and brunettes;
  • Large color variations;
  • Combination of lipstick is the right color;
  • The best solution for celebration or parties;
  • Maintains the clean business image.

Chic shades

The Red color is so different! You can choose colorful, neon hues or deep dark. Manicure with red color choose depending on the mood and situation.

Young girls prefer red color. Business women are more suitable rich classic tone. Summer option are the coral color. For an evening out fit ruby manicure.

There are approximately 100 shades of different photoname. Most popular of them are:

  • Terracotta;
  • Cranberry;
  • Color Fiesta;
  • Morning rose;
  • Makovo-Krasny;
  • Atalay;
  • Ognenno-Krasny;
  • Brusnichny;
  • Malinowy;
  • Fuchsia;
  • The color of the hibiscus.

manicure on her nails red

Fashion ideas

The options of manicure in red gel very much. The simplest solution is the monochromatic classic manicure. The above spectrum of shades will help you choose the perfect color for the desired style. For short and medium nails are more suitable bright and saturated colors. Long nails require deep shades of red or neutral. Appropriate nail shape for the classics is oval or square.


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Another fashion trend is the combination of red with other shades. The tender option will be a combination of pink, beige, peach. These shades perform deep hole. Bold color choice for young fashionistas will be the combination of red and blue. Denim clothes are particularly suited to this manicure.

For the winter option, you can choose the combination of red with grey, gold, silvery, beige, brown. In the summer it can be diluted with yellow, orange, turquoise, lilac, blue, green, decorative elements.

It is Very fashionable today is considered the effect of the stamping. This is such a nail art when nails are decorated with filigree lace and delicate lines. If the basis of the nail to make rich red, and the top to draw a rose openwork, it will be a delightful view.

Incredibly beautiful cracks on the red nails get with the help of varnish-craquelure. Looks especially bright red-Golden, red and black craquelure.

A Real boon for you will become marble manicure red gel Polish. A photo of such a design can see above. Very nice stains Golden, black, pink, white on red.

Well with the red on the nails, negative space, gradient, knitted items, appliqué, velvety surface. Winner looks red manicure "cat's eye" with a variety of tints, sparkles and colors.

photos of manicure red gel

Red tunic and Ombre

There are many ideas of the French manicure. Especially popular is the red French print on the ring finger. Devilishly, but looks gorgeous red-and-black variant of the French. The variant of the red-and-white manicure. You can play the red “smile”, to make them wavy or obliquely.

Especially fashionable today is considered a reverse French manicure or the moon technique. The bright red hues of the lunar manicure luxurious look with an evening dress and makeup.

There's a technique of mixing two colors called "Ombre". Two colours smoothly into one another. There are horizontal, vertical, and diagonal gradient. Most often combine 2-3 shades. Diagonal Ombre uses up to 5 colours. Too bright red to drown out the interesting nuances of transitions. The transition turned out smooth, often use polishes with similar colors.

manicure red gel

Opacity trending

Especially attractive it looks red with a matte finish. Sometimes all the nails are painted a matte dark color, and the nameless make a brilliant silvery or Golden. The matte surface tends to slightly darken the color, so red becomes very deep and rich. Volume and a tactile pattern lends an alternation of matte and glossy textures.

Red matte lacquer combined with the business style of clothing. Itlooks nice, stylish and expensive. Unusual complement a matte manicure special semolina Polish. Sometimes sprinkled with shimmering powder the whole nail or applied to certain plots. Semolina nail art also called velvety sand or glitter snow, reminiscent of the color of dust with a slight shimmer. Below you can see photos of manicure red gel in matte colors.

manicure red gel varnish

A Symphony of geometric shapes

Records in nail art geometric beat a combination of red, white, black, gold. Line based on the contrast look amazing. Try to make fashionable geometry into your fingers.

To Perform the figure better not very dimensional gel paint. Eccentric looks manicure with red color, if it will be combined with black and white stripes. That strip became the heroine of geometric design. On the red nails, it is appropriate to simply draw simple elements: triangles, squares, polygons, straight lines and broken lines, zigzags. Optional to decorate with geometric shapes all nails, enough to decorate one or two.

This design is very simple to perform, requires no special art education and talent. Main – to have a steady hand and expertly applied gel Polish. Line draw a thin brush with synthetic bristles. It is better to use professional tools. Often used Scotch tape, sliders, stamping, stencils.

Red with black and white

Passionate, deep and temperamental ladies choose a combination of red and black. Variations of this manicure is very diverse:

  • Ombre, a smooth transition of the red into the black;
  • All the nails red - black 1-2;
  • Painting diagonally: polnota of the same color of polnota other;
  • Black nails with red “smiley” and Vice versa;
  • Lace web on a single nail is black shade;
  • Black-red leopard pattern;
  • Double-sided coating: inside – red on the outside – black.

All known so called black-and-red plaid. Manicure in this style is very suitable for the capricious autumn weather. Plaid nails can be combined with a woolen skirt of a similar color. Look beautiful on the nails black and red blotches.

Romantic girls will suit the combination of red and white. It is appropriate for French and lunar manicure. Young lady paint white flowers, hearts, polka dots, bows.

beautiful manicure red

Manicure red with pattern

What else could be more attractive on your finger, if not a beautiful picture? Most often it is performed on the ring finger or the little finger, so he better discern. Red lacquer is most matched to any hue. If the base of the ring finger to white, then it is possible to put a masterpiece. With red nails looks good scarlet poppy, hibiscus, bright butterfly. If you remember the tale called "Scarlet", it is possible to portray it on his finger.

The delicate patterns on the nails look elegant. Very nice is a picture of ladybugs, strawberries, slices of watermelon. Spring on a red background paint delicate blossoming branches in shades of pink.

The Theme of the New year brings a special theme for pictures on the red base. A winter manicure in the Scandinavian style will create a festive mood. Ornaments with fir trees, deer, snowflakes, Santa Claus will be more than ever. Marigolds remind knitted hats, scarves and socks. Sell special stencils for Scandinavian design, it can also be done manually.

manicure in red color gel lacquer photo

Decorate with red manicure

Scarlet shades will not be vulgar, if they complement the décor. Relevant today to decorate nails rhinestones and Swarovski crystals. This design is advantageous to look with an evening dress. The elegance and splendor manicure will give silver and gold rhinestones. Looks gorgeous scattering of stones on the red nails. Do it along the cuticle or on the drawing. Original looks like a scarlet background and a gradient made of small rhinestones on the tips.

A Great solution for red manicure will be special stickers, water-based. One has only to stick a decoration on one finger and a manicure immediately transformed. A special charm to the design will give special strips, beads, insertion, applique, foil, a variety of effects. With these pens jewelry girls will be luxurious and aristocratic.

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