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Natural lip balms – is a modern way of taking care of the delicate skin of the mouth with the help of plant components within them. So did women of the ancient world, so the manner of care about their appearance was characteristic of the weak half of humanity at all times.

The attempt of the producers of cosmetic means of caring back to basics and using ancient recipes and the gifts of nature – this is an indication that natural ingredients will always be in demand more than their synthetic counterparts.

History natural cosmetics

If ‘digging" in the depths of history, we can find the first manuscript of recipes of cosmetic products and advice on how to use them. To have survived the compilation of guidelines for how to prepare medicinal agents for skin care face and body, for hair, eyebrows and hands. And even how to make natural moisturizing lip balms. The originator of one of them, according to historians, was Cleopatra. The beauty of this woman was legendary during her lifetime, the standard of femininity it is believed to be in our days.

natural lip balm

After Ancient Egypt cosmetics became popular in Greece and Rome, the birthplace of such a thing as make-up, which has made makeup to the level of art. As a rule, as components used the juices of plants, honey and wax, clay and flour, worn in a powder mineral and vegetable oils.

Many of the ingredients used in ancient times can be found in the composition of modern creams, blush, shampoos and hair dyes. Particularly popular with women of the XXI century is the production, which has a sign pointing to the fact that it contains organic matter.


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For Example, this symbol as “organic lip balm" of the natural component should take precedence over fixing chemical constituents, then such a product can be categorized as natural cosmetics.

Ingredients of natural lip balms

That lips need gentle care, hydration and nutrition all year round, knows every beauty, but when on the shelves is dominated by lipstick and balms, based on the chemical formula to do so is not only difficult, but dangerous. Cheap components can lead to allergies and even cause anaphylactic shock.

Therefore, it is important to use natural lip balms from trusted manufacturers or make them yourself. Typically, the most frequent component in these caring funds is beeswax, about the healing capabilities of which people know since ancient times.

natural lip balm reviews

It features:

  • Anti-bacterial properties;
  • Has anti-inflammatory and wound healing qualities;
  • Softens and nourishes the thin skin of the lips.

I Wonder: wax is a natural preservative, does not spoil myself and does not do for the other components. When natural lip balms contain basically beeswax, this is a good reason to start to use them.

The High content of carotene, minerals and vitamins make it one of the best means to care for lips, and if to it to add natural vegetable oils, it will enhance the effect.

Healing properties of Shea butter

The presence in the composition of cosmetics Shea butter is sometimes confused by women because they do not know the properties of such exotic component. In fact, Shea butter – is one of the best cosmetic products when your skin needs softening and moisturizing. Also it is frequently found in cosmetic products with regenerative and protective properties.

For Example, a natural lip balm Beautypedia contains Shea butter, which softens and protects lips and the heat of summer and the bitter cold. It has antibacterial properties, so you should always keep it in my purse. Although its purpose – lip care, it is essential for sunburn or other skin damage. Natural Shea butter and jojoba oil included in it will be emergency, when you do not have a special remedies.

sierra bees natural lip balms

Shea Butter is so well accepted by the human body, which is the homeland of the Karite tree growing in West Africa, it is used in food.

In the ranking of the lip balms in the top positions usually are funds, possessing not only natural components but also universal properties. Balm from the brand Beautypedia such.

Jojoba Oil

When lips are in need of deep hydration and protection, you should look for funds with jojoba oil. It makes them soft, and has a rapid effect. Especially good to use these natural lip balms in the winter, when skin is most vulnerable.

If a woman will accustom herself to inflict a similar tool each time before sleep, then her lips preserve youth, elasticity and smoothness to a ripe old age. No wonder the oil extracted from the nuts of the jojoba shrub, used by the ancient Indians of South America. They treated wounds and infectious diseases, was used in rituals, and at one time it was so expensive thataccepted as payment for food, weapons and gold jewelry.

Today, the jojoba oil in the conditioner for lips – it is a guarantee for the quality of their moisture.

Sea Buckthorn oil

This means also long “footprint” in history. It starts in ancient Tibet and Greece, from there came the first of the miraculous recipes of health and beauty with this oil. His ability to penetrate deep into the epidermis was known healers of the XI century BC, so it was often used for wound healing from burns.

Modern cosmetologists recommend to buy lip balm, natural formula which contains sea buckthorn to protect and nourish their delicate skin. Once it was used for cooking, but nowadays it is rather prophylactic and therapeutic agent for many diseases.

lip balm Crimean natural collection

Should Always be of high quality lip balm. «Crimean natural collection” is a trade mark, the products which contains in its composition not only sea buckthorn oil, but coconut, almond, Shea and cocoa. Lip balm called "herbs" - it is a preventive tool against aging and dehydration of the lips.

Effects of honey on the lips

To “preserve” the youth people of ancient times used the healing properties of honey. Not passed him by, and cosmetics manufacturers. Today, you can find honey in shampoos and creams, masks for face and hair, and, of course, in natural lip balm.

Women who suffer from dryness of the lips or rapid chapping in the winter, well know how quickly the honey helps to restore their former healthy appearance. For example, in the Sierra Bees natural lip balms – it's not only skin care products, but also great defenders are thin and delicate skins.

sierra bees natural lip balms reviews

Honey Balm from this collection is good to use in winter as prevention and nutrition lips. Will not hurt it and in the summer, especially if this part of the face in women prone to irritation and peeling from the sun.

Important: do not ignore the inscription “organic natural product" of the lip balm. If you have allergies, such as honey or other ingredients, you can get anaphylactic shock due to mistrust or neglect, which will lead to serious consequences.

Tea tree Oil

About this tool, the Old world found out thanks to James cook, who heard about the healing properties from the aborigines of Australia. As a powerful natural antiseptic tea tree oil used to treat the wounded during world war II. In cosmetology it came later, and most often it is added to formulations for creams and balms for problem skin.

 organic lip balm natural

Not spared beauticians is the means and in the preparation of recipes for the recovery and treatment of the lips. For example, say about the brand Sierra Bees (natural lip balm) customer reviews, it means with tea tree oil not only protects and softens the delicate skin, but also prevents the manifestation of herpes. Just for that, this balm should be included in the rating of medical and caring.

Cocoa Butter

About cocoa to know everything from small to large, who at least once in your life try the chocolate, but about the healing properties of the oil from these beans is not known to all. It's hard to overstate what benefits it brings to the delicate skin of the lips.

Lauric acid prevents and removes dryness and helps stearic “survive” in a dysfunctional environment, filled with sun, frost, wind, and harmful substances in the atmosphere.

“Chocolate temptation" - natural lip balm (reviewed the “delicious” about it from those who like chocolate) from the "Crimean natural collection". It not only attracts with its flavor, but also protects your lips.

Statistics show that most women prefer to have balms have been useful, and natural, and “delicious”. And if there were a rating that identifies the best products for lips on these qualities, then the first place would be the means, which is composed of cocoa butter.

Conditioners from Crimea

Brand «Crimean natural collection” for 7 years, pleases its customers with production of cosmetic products based on natural components. Their tools are not tested on animals, which makes them environmentally friendly and high quality.

lip balm natural ingredients

Lip Balms from this brand are not only pleasant and efficient, but also safe, which is extremely important because women do not care what they eat during the day from their lips. Such natural cosmetics, hand-made, will always be in demand. It showed the history of the use of natural components in cosmetics from the ancient Egyptians to the present day.

Balms from Sierra Bees

This brand from beauticians from Oregon (USA) conquers the world with its natural products. Not spared the Americans face and lip care. Their famous little lip balms based on beeswax with the addition of herbs and natural oils has already saved the women's lips from dryness and exposure.

Packaged in a small ETUI, they can easily fit in a pocket or purse, no matter how small itmay be.

Why natural balms?

Shows the history of the world, people have always tried to surround myself with comfort and to monitor their appearance, regardless of class. Chemicals that are included in a person's life in the mid-twentieth century affected all aspects ranging from medicine and clothing to cosmetics and food.

But the comfort and quality care for their appearance chemical formulas will not create. This is evidenced by enhanced people's interest in natural and organic products, cosmetics and clothes. Lip balms are often the cause of Allergy, if they are not natural, that's why on the shelves of organic cosmetics started to drive out their chemical “fellow”. People today don't want cheaper, they want safer and better, even if it is a regular lip balm.

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