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Loss of hair currently cares for women and men. Especially actual this problem becomes in the period of deficiency when the body lacks nutrients. This condition directly affects the quality of hair. To take action in this case, you need immediately. In this article, you will learn about the shampoo “Fitoval”, which helps to fight hair loss.

Why hair fall out

Causes of hair loss there are many, and in each case it is necessary to consider the problem comprehensively. In addition to changes in spring and winter, the reason for the sharp deterioration in the condition of the hair can be a stress. Improper diet and harsh diets are also not the best way affect the condition of hair. The hair becomes brittle and lifeless.

fitoval shampoo for dandruff

After childbirth and breast feeding most women said strong hair loss that is due to hormonal changes in the body. That's why doctors always prescribe this period of dietary Supplements and vitamin supplements.

After taking medication and antibiotics, many people notice weakness, pale complexion, stomach problems and as a result, hair loss. Only after a full body restoration and therapeutic cosmetic procedures, the problem disappears.

The Most serious cause of hair loss is heredity. We all know that genetics is extremely difficult to cheat, therefore, in this case the recovery will be long and difficult. If the hair loss got you by inheritance, then consult a professional trichologist or genetics. These professionals will help you choose the best treatment and the necessary set of procedures for the maintenance of normal hair.


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fitoval anti hair loss shampoo

How to stop hair loss

Any cause of hair problems requires comprehensive treatment, which should include:

  1. A Change in diet. You should include plenty of fruit and fish. They contain substances that help keep nails and hair healthy. It is not necessary to exhaust the body with strict diets and dietary restrictions.
  2. The vitamins. Assortments of pharmacies offer a variety of complexes to prevent hair loss and accelerate their growth. But before purchase one should consult a doctor, as there may be intolerance to the components or hypervitaminosis in the body.
  3. Hair Care all year round. In other words, in winter you need to hide the hair from severe cold and wind under a cap, and the summer sun exhausting. Any impact the weather makes hair brittle and weak, which may also be the cause of hair loss.
  4. Use special tools for hair care. One such tool is the shampoo “Fitoval" hair loss reviews, which prove its effectiveness. In addition to shampoo, you can use hair masks based on burdock oil, which also helps with hair problems.

fitoval shampoo price

Shampoo “Fitoval” – effective tool in the fight for beautiful hair

Today the cosmetic manufacture offers a huge range of care products for the hair. A well-known firm KRKA offers "Fitoval" - shampoo against hair loss, is made from wheat extract, Arnica, glycogen and herbal broth. Substances in its composition help to strengthen hair follicles, stopping the hair loss and, consequently, accelerating their growth.

Anyone who suffers the problem of thinning hair can regularly use “Fitoval”. The shampoo is easily applied to hair, foams well and washes off with warm water. And natural ingredients gently help to restore hair.

In large pharmacies and supermarkets you can buy any boosters, including "Fitoval". Shampoo, the price of which ranges from 200 to 270 rubles, is considered to be very democratic means in the struggle for healthy and beautiful hair. Bottle 200 ml with regular use will last about a month.

Does the shampoo “Fitoval” of dandruff

fitoval shampoo

In a series of shampoos from this company there is a special remedy for dandruff. "Fitoval" - shampoo - contains in its composition of zinc and natural extracts of white willow. These components are actively fighting with the fungus that causes dandruff. In addition, the shampoo regulates the sebaceous glands and has anti-inflammatory action. Use dandruff shampoo can be used regularly until the complete disappearance of all signs of fungus.


As with any therapeutic tool, the use of such shampoos has a number of contraindications. It is not necessary to use the shampoo “Fitoval" hypersensitive to its ingredients or allergic reactions. In this case it is better to find a more suitable means. Do not use shampoo damage the scalp as possible itching and redness. It is also not recommended to use shampoo children under the age of 16 years. If the problem of dandruff and hair loss touched the child, you should consult a trichologist, not to make a decision on treatment.

Capsules for hair “Fitoval”

To Solve the problemweak hair also help the capsule "Fitoval" against the loss. The shampoo with vitamin complex will help to quickly cope with its task. In the capsules includes the most necessary substances for the body – iron, zinc, copper, folic acid, yeast and vitamins B6, B12 and B2.

According to the manufacturer KRKA, capsules “Fitoval” should be taken daily for 1-2 months. However, there are a number of contraindications – under 16 years, pregnancy and Allergy to the drug components. Therefore, before taking vitamin complex is necessary to consult with your doctor. Otherwise, you can earn hypervitaminosis or problems with the thyroid gland that will be much harder to cure than weak hair.

fitoval shampoo against hair loss

Hair Lotion “Fitoval”

In Addition to the vitamin complex, the manufacturer offers lotion “Fitoval". The shampoo recommended in combination with the lotion for the most rapid effect. The lotion contains ximeniano and laurinova acid, esculin. These substances stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, due to which the nutrients effectively penetrate into the hair follicles. Contraindications include only individual intolerance to the components, so before applying the lotion must to test on a small area of skin. If no allergic reaction has not followed, we can safely apply the lotion in addition to all series funds of the company KRKA. It should be applied on clean washed hair for a few minutes as a regular conditioner for the hair.

fitoval shampoo hair loss reviews

Shampoo “Fitoval" from the fallout: reviews by real customers

Comments on the net regarding the series of means on care of hair are usually positive. Those who tried to solve the problem of hair loss, note the fairly rapid effect of the use of means “Fitoval”. Shampoo, the price is very affordable, in the shortest possible time helps strengthen the hair and stop hair loss. In addition, users of the Network note its pleasant texture and flavor that give the members of his herbs.

Shampoo "Fitoval" from falling out, reviews women and men which are very popular, good hair, leaving them clean for a long time. If you use the shampoo in combination with vitamins and lotion, the effect occurs much faster. After all, only a comprehensive approach helps to solve the problem completely, affecting not only the hair on the outside, but inside.

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