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All women follow the health and beauty of your hair. To obtain the desired effect it is necessary to choose the right ingredients to care for locks. In this article we will focus on a series of hair ‘Liquid silk” from the company «Gliese Kur”.

hair liquid silk

Components of a series of “Liquid silk”

In the first place is to say that the caring component includes several items. Firm «Gliese Kur” offers its customers the following products:

  • Shampoo curls “Liquid silk”.
  • The Balm “Liquid silk”.
  • Spray balm applied to clean hair.
  • Mask care components of silk.
  • Oil “it” hair.

To get the maximum positive effect from the use of these compounds, you need to combine them. Consider each item separately and know how to use them.

Shampoo ‘Liquid silk”

To Use this liquid to care for the locks can all of the fairer sex. The shampoo does not dry out the scalp and nourishes the hair strands excessively. Thanks to the ingredients, similar to real silk, the tool gently cleanses the hair and wraps each thread invisible veil. This ensures that your curls look smooth and shiny.

In Addition, the shampoo ‘Liquid silk” has a very pleasant aroma that lingers on the hair for several days. You need to use it according to instructions. Apply a little shampoo to wet hair and massage the remedy into the roots. After this, rinse your locks with clean water.


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hair spray Gliese Kur liquid silk reviews

Balm companies “Gliese Kur”

Hair conditioner “Liquid silk” must be used after each shampooing. Apply a small amount to damp clean the ends of hair and leave on for a few minutes. After that, rinse with MOP and warm clean water.

The cream gives softness and Shine. It also removes static electricity and prevent electrified hair. In addition, the tool facilitates combing and fills split ends, making them healthy and beautiful.

Hair Spray “Gliese Kur” - “Liquid silk”

The Reviews this tool has only positive. You need to put it on wet or dry clean hair. Thanks to the convenient packaging, you can always take the spray with you to work or travel.

Liquid hydrates the hair and makes it shiny and manageable. When applied to wet hair, the spray detangles and softens curls. He also has a light pleasant smell that will refresh a blowout and give it a great flavor.

Spray must be at a distance of 15-20 cm from the strands. Make a few taps and spray liquid. Then with your fingers fluff the hair.

oil liquid silk for the hair

Oil for hair “Gliese Kur”

Caring This ingredient great fights with split ends. You need to apply it on damp tresses. Remember not to use oil for the roots, otherwise your hairstyle will look messy. When applied to strands of hair acquires the Shine and softness.

Due to the small packaging, you can always take it with you.

The Mask of caring for curls

To Use this ingredient to need care once a week after washing your hair. In its application it is possible to abandon the use of the balm. Mask perfectly nourishes dry hair and makes them soft and shiny.

Apply the product, you must after shampooing. Leave the mask on for five minutes, after which you can rinse the MOP with clean water and then style using extra ingredients from “Gliese Kur”.

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