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The Oval shape of the nails is considered a classic and fits all. Sometimes even followers of other forms of forced the nails to give it up. It is comfortable to wear, the corners of the nails are not chopped off like the square shape and easy to take small items, which is not true of the almond.

The Company CND took it as a benchmark and is constantly releasing new nail designs oval. But if the long nails are easy to execute any of them, for short, there are limitations.

What to avoid for a short length of the nails

There are certain rules dictated by the laws of composition, which do not allow to apply on short nails, the following designs:

  • Pictures.
  • Precious stones and cameos.
  • Body sculpting.
  • Knitted nails.
  • Feathers, shell, beads.
  • Stickers.

Despite this, there remains a lot of interesting options.

What can attract short nails

Design oval nails can attract the attention of the artistic value, and modesty, tender hues (Nude, pastel). The image is complemented by thin gold rings. One or two of the nail can do or RUB mother of pearl mirror pink powder.

Girls sports like to wear dark colors. Oddly enough, applied to the entire nail plate, they do not reduce the nails. On the contrary, emphasize their shape. Look good dark blue tone combined with the same accessories: bracelets, brooches, buttons, buckles.

Interesting options work if the white background is to put a few strips in the style of “Zebra”. They can be black and blue, cherry, plum. But not bright, and not on all fingers. Just one.

Using the original structure – a good idea for short nails. There are interesting options:

  • “Velvet” - as the nails would be covered with soft velvet fabric.
  • “Satine” - Matt surface.
  • “Skin” - the smallest cracks intertwined, mimicking the pattern of this skin.
  • ‘Marble" - imitation of different breeds of finishing stones, from malachite to granite.
  • “Crack” – through the cracks of the top layer visible substrate of a different color.

 design oval nails

Options for each day

Design oval nails in style a classic French manicure looks rustic. You can replace it with an alternative French.

  1. White holes, pink nail bed.
  2. Transparent hole, pink nail bed.
  3. White nails with pink hole.
  4. French Side, the holes along the side bolsters.

Design oval nails can be performed in the technique called "Ombre" or gradient. But there is a subtlety: a dark tone applied to the free edge, visually shorten the nails. Therefore it is better to do a gradient is not sharp, and bright, from one tone to another. And the lighter tone is applied to the free edge.

Looks Good short nails, covered with beautiful by sudovym shade. If you want to add zest, you can make the “velvet” on one or two fingers.

nail design oval

Festive design short oval nails

Pictures visually reduce the nails. If the nail plate is small, the length of the free edge is almost non-existent, drawings contraindicated. For these nails fit plain designs. And so they did not seem boring, you can do the collection in the same style.

  1. All nails are covered by the beige color on the ring is the design of “velvet”, on average inflict “velvet” just for the hole, the other is decorated with glossy well matte tone. Instead of beige can I take pink, Nude or any pastel tone.
  2. All the nails are covered with black tone on the ring rubbed a mirror powder. On the other in the cuticle zone is put on Swarovski stone.
  3. All the nails are covered with a white tone on the index, little finger and left a big unfilled hole. Ring and middle covered in black, they rubbed the gold mirror powder. The remaining printed foil on a graphical line holes. The holes are placed Swarovski stones.

 design short oval nails

Now in Vogue natural length nails with long nail plate. Design oval nails can look spectacular if you follow trends and trends and seasonal novelties. And then you will not want to part with this comfortable classic form.

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