Cream "Skin active" with hyaluronic acid: instructions for use, treatment and feedback


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Cream “Skin Asset” is a cosmetic product which without a prescription you can buy in every pharmacy. This composition provides care for dehydrated, weakened, and irritated skin. The drug perfectly copes with its tasks. Don't forget that the skin that are regularly exposed to various influences of adverse factors, need protection and special care. “Skin Asset” – cream with hyaluronic acid, which has been created specifically for such purposes.cream skin asset

What kind of drug is

“Skin Asset” – cream with hyaluronic acid, which belong to pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, the drug is more products, which usually accompanies the pharmacy. Such products include various cosmetic formulations, which are able to provide a therapeutic and preventive action. This list also join various medical products and means intended for care of skin in certain areas.

When to apply

“Skin Asset”, cream with hyaluronic acid, is a common cosmetic product. Its popularity conquered part due to the wide range of actions. A primary tool used to eliminate some skin problems. As the reviews, when used correctly, the drug can quickly get rid of the discomfort. So, cream “Skin Asset”

  1. Relieves skin dehydration and skin dryness.
  2. Struggling with the changes of the epidermis that occur with age.
  3. Eliminates the sagging skin.
  4. Dryness of the epidermis, which was caused by local application of preparations containing hormones.
  5. Provides care for the skin during remission in the presence of allergic dermatitis.
  6. Suitable for the prevention of rosacea and its treatment.
  7. Restores the epidermis after acute and chronic dermatitis.
  8. Relieves dry skin, which arose as a result of her exposure to weather conditions such as wind, rain, sun and so on. Also the drug helps to protect the skin from daily exposure to external factors. For example, from cosmetics, work environment and so on.
  9. Heals the epidermis after treatments in the salon. The drug allows to eliminate the effects resulting from cleansing your face in any active cream with hyaluronic acid

How does the drug

Cream “Skin Asset” with hyaluronic acid, which reviews are mostly positive, beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. The drug has unique properties, among which the buyers give notice of the following:


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  1. Protection. After application on the skin forms a film which protects the epidermis from exposure to viruses and pathogens.
  2. Nutrition and hydration. “Skin Asset" (cream manual which is always attached) is able to saturate the skin the necessary minerals and moisture. In addition, the composition normalizes all metabolic processes.
  3. The Elimination of such subjective symptoms as burning and itching.
  4. Structure. In the cream there are no alcohols, parabens, certain petrochemicals, dyes, synthetic perfumes.
  5. Efficiency and accessibility.
  6. Light texture. Cosmetic is very easy to apply, easily absorbed and leaves the skin an unpleasant greasy Aktiv cream instruction


The cream “Skin Asset” consists of olive and peach oil. These components represent a lipid-based cosmetic products. They are able to replace synthetic ingredients.

It Should be noted that olive and peach oil are beneficial to the skin. These components have many properties. They allow you to regulate the water balance, and to restore the protective abilities of the Aktiv cream with hyaluronic

The Acid in the cream composition

In the composition of cosmetic products "Skin Asset" includes hyaluronic acid. This substance has earned popularity due to its properties. Hyaluronic acid is able to moisturize the skin. This component is able of environment to draw water and then saturate cells of epidermis with the necessary amount of moisture. Thanks to this component, the cream has a pronounced moisturizing effect.

In Addition to hyaluronic cream contains lactic acid. This component also refers to a moisturizing natural substances. Lactic acid is able to restore moisture level in skin cells.

Other components

Cream “Screen Asset” has in its composition vitamin PP. This substance stimulates the synthesis of components that are required by the epidermis to create a protective barrier. These components include ceramides, cholesterol and unsaturated fatty acids.

Also in the composition of cosmetic products has dexpanthenol (3%). This substance is able to soothe irritated skin, andalso to restore and normalize the water balance.

Cream “Skin Asset” contains urea. Thanks to this component the product is easily absorbed. In addition, the substance helps to normalize the water-lipid balance of the skin. Thanks to the urea cream can not only moisturize, but also to retain moisture, not allowing it to evaporate from the surface of the epidermis.cream skin asset with hyaluronic acid reviews

“Skin Asset" (cream): the manual

As with any cosmetic product, the composition “Skin Asset” should be applied on clean skin. Usually the drug is used as cream. It is applied to the skin twice a day: morning and evening.

In conclusion

Cream “Skin Asset” has long been gained popularity, not only among women. This product is used even by the representatives of a strong half of mankind. Cosmetic moisturizes the skin and allows to handle not only dry, but also with irritation. Cream “Skin Asset” helps to normalize the water-lipid balance of the epidermis, to eliminate itching and burning. The popularity of this composition is also due to the relatively low cost. The tube of cream, which volume is 75 milliliters, can be purchased at almost any drugstore for only 200–250.

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