How to dye your hair on dirty or clean hair?


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Stylists say that all the experiments with the hair is best done in beauty salons. However, to paint the roots, to give hair Shine and juicy color in the home. In this case many women, the question arises how to dye hair with dirty or clean hair. Will talk about it in the article.

dye hair dirty or clean hair

How to prepare hair for coloring

First of all, you need to test for the possibility of allergic reactions according to the instructions. It is also desirable to test the color on the strand of hair. This is especially important to do when painting with funds from the mass market. Unprofessional tones of colors are almost always a few levels darker than on the package. And in order that the color was rich and kept the Shine as long as possible, to care for locks use specialized professional products. Their formulas are designed so that they block the leaching of the pigments. This allows you to extend the effect until the next dyeing process. As for how to dye hair (on dirty or clean hair), it all depends on the type of product used. Their main types should be considered separately.

dye hair clean or dirty head

Tinted dyes

If you are not planning to radically change its image and want to refresh your color, the perfect solution will be the color with tint of the dye. The current generation of toning products contain a lower percentage of peroxide — from 1.9 to 4.9%. Colors are well kept and tend to accumulate in the hair shaft. In a few colorings the tone becomes almost saturated and not washed out. The curls perfectly shiny, not damaged and easy to fit. How to dye your hair — on dirty or clean hair? Toning is always done on clean hair. Depending on the specific brand and the desired result the product works either on dry or on wet (freshly washed) strands. For example, for blondes, after clarification is light toning. In this case, the hair needs to be damp. If you just dyed tresses in a single tone, it is better to do it on clean hair.


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dyeing your hair should be clean or dirty

Permanent dyes

First of all, it is worth noting that this kind of funds is recommended to use not more often than once in 3-4 weeks. Further, many a reasonable question arises: how to dye your hair — on dirty or clean hair? A common myth is that this is best done on unwashed hair, has no grounds, because persistent (ammonium) products work only with the inner layers of your hair. The outer surface of the cuticle are not affected. Many modern professional tools designed specifically to work with clean hair. It should be noted that there is a big difference between the quality of the appliances and salon tools for painting. First contain large amounts of metals and other harmful ingredients, so it is better to apply on unwashed locks.

what hair dye is clean or dirty

Whitening remedies. Dye your hair a better clean or dirty?

If you are simply painted and clarified hair or doing a wash, it is safer to work on dirty hair. This is because the impact of aggressive decolorizing means softened natural fatty film. It is formed on the surface of the scalp as a protective barrier and minimizes discomfort during the procedure. Bleached curls require special attention, so before the procedure it is advisable to devote more time to care. It needs to combine hydration and nutrition. Suitable for this purpose specialized products. The only taboo before the lightening — these are oils and herbal masks. They clog the hair and give unwanted warm tones when lightening.

dyeing hair need to be clean or dirty

Opinion of the professionals: how to dye your hair - clean or dirty mind?

According to stylists, the better and more modern the product, the more likely that the staining will be performed on clean hair. The view that the dyes “kill” the hair, they believe, exaggerated. In fact, throughout life can be easy to paint them. Only need to do it professionally, competently. Staining does not affect the General condition and quality of hair. The most common problem is improper re-coloring, wrong product selection and aftercare. So the question on how to dye your hair, clean or dirty head occurs only in those who, instead of seeking the advice of professionals begins to do everything yourself.

Errors when painting

  • Never use the same technique of colouring with inks. Is wrong.
  • Do Not exceed and do not reduce the total time of exposure.
  • Do Not use leave-in conditioner before the procedure.
  • When re-staining, first apply the mixture on the roots and 10 minutesto wash the remaining length.
  • What kind of hair to paint, clean or dirty, you decide based on the type of product used.
  • Do Not brush painted strands, and in that way you hurt them greatly and scheduale dye.

Even if you use the toning tools, the further care of the curls should include not only the shampoo and conditioner. It is advisable to purchase a special mask, the means for maintaining the shade crystals to the ends, oils and sprays.

To Dye the hair should be clean or dirty? It depends on the type of staining and the type of dye. If you are going to change the tone, it is best to consult a qualified professional. After the work done to clarify how to maintain the result and how to dye hair at home.

Now you know how to dye your hair, on dirty or clean hair. Success!

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