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Lipstick "Frosted advantage" (“Avon’), reviews of which are quite versatile - new spring season. Active discussion has been applying its creamy and velvety texture.

Product overview

Glamorous gloss were all tired, and in Vogue are back "velour" lips. On the one hand, bright shades seem to be saturated, on the other - gives the image of tenderness and a certain poignancy.

Palette of "ground superiority" is available in 15 shades. Before starting a detailed overview of each tone, consider a common product feature:

  • Pleasant to the touch high quality and durable hard case with matte coating in black color;
  • At first glance, the lipstick seem like a toy, and the exterior looks like plasticine;
  • Texture sliding and cream;
  • Glossy finish minimum: lipstick seems powdery, if after application, lightly Pat lips with your fingers, the effect will be perfectly matte;
  • All 15 shades applied evenly and tightly, do not leave the band;
  • Thanks to the creamy texture does not dry the lips;
  • Durability is satisfactory: 3 hours after application begins to slide; during break it is best to remove the lipstick from the surface of the lips, as after a meal the lipstick will not be gone;
  • Easily erased using a conventional wet wipes, some shades after removal leave it on the lips Tinta, this is especially true of the shade called "Berry cocktail".

"Matt superiority" (“Avon") reviews from buyers, despite various faults, usually gets positive.

Matt superiority Avon reviews

Features and strengths of this series

Each of 15 shades looks expensive. On the one hand, the lip colors look elegant, and with another - naturally. The lack nacre and luster makes it attractive to every crease of the lips.

Among the entire palette of the shades are their favorites. For example, Au Naturale ("Natural beige") looks natural and noble. As for Red Supreme, it is truly excellent tone. It is gorgeous, but in order to adequately present the color of courage.


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In the list of shortcomings include the ability of the lipstick to dry lips, thus the tool shows all the problem is not with the best hand.

lipstick matte superiority Avon reviews

Durability of the products depends on the actions of women. After eating and kissing will have to tint the lips, and in the same condition, the necessity of trimming the make-up will not occur.

How to pick up a lipstick from Avon?

Every makeup has its pros and cons. To select the perfect tone, first you need to sort out their differences. Reading reviews on forums, not in a hurry to weed out the shades, trapped in the worst list.

a matte lipstick superiority Avon reviews

First, lips are all different, and we are not talking about their sensitivity, and the natural shade, size and shape. Based on these factors, and individual preferences, some choose sudovye fondant, other - palette "Vamp", and the third - only "puppet" of colors.

Second, if shade did not fit one person, this does not mean that he does not like the other. Or, on the contrary, if the color went does not mean that the entire series is flawless. Often the chosen shade different from others of the same series. This is due to logistics and manufacturing.

Overview 5 bright colors

Ruby Kiss ("Ruby kiss", 27135) - an intense pink shade, leaving in a bright red. More reminiscent of a red rose. Non-trivial and interesting color. Vintage shade suitable for daytime makeup and for a brilliant evening. Lipstick successfully emphasizes the shape and contour of the lips, making them bit bigger and alluring.

Avon matte peach superiority reviews

Lilac Ideal ("the Ideal purple", 25478) - cool, slightly neon shade. Before applying seems capricious, but on the lips is behaving well, gives them a reasonable brightness.

the superiority of matte soft pink Avon reviews

Adoring Love ("Deep pink", 25358) - a nice color with a cool undertone. On the lips looks bright and calm at the same time.

the superiority of matte soft pink Avon reviews

Vibrant Melon ("Juicy pink", 27106) - the most cheerful shade of the whole palette of "ground superiority" (“Avon’). Reviews about this color exclusively enthusiastic. The customer awarded him the ideal shade for the summer. On the lips it looks like a neon coral.
lipstick Avon frosted superiority of pale pink reviews

Supreme Red ("Red supremacy"). The shade is difficult to call classic, it is more versatile. On the lips the color becomes crimson undertone.

 Avon lipstick matte superiority peach reviews

Posh Petal ("rose Petals", 24095)

The complex tone of this series. On the lips looks unnatural, so few people will do. On the stick and in the catalog tint looks very nice but the reality is otherwise. Lipstick can whiten the lip to such an extent that makes themsoulless and pale. Remember the fashion of the 90-ies on the flashy pearlescent shades? "Rose petals" around the series, despite the absence in the product of reflective particles. Shade will perfectly fit into the image of the snow Maiden, that is going to suit girls with pale skin, light eyes and hair.

"Luxurious Fuchsia" (Spendidly Fuchsia, 25347) and "Ultrasonic" (Electric Pink, 25346)

"Luxurious fuchsia" - bright, rich and sonorous tone. According to stylists, it is suitable for brunettes, brunette, blondes, red. In General, fuchsia is a trend of the season. But, judging by the reviews, the shade on the fan, as not everyone will decide to take such a bold experiment on his lips.

"Ultrasonic" - the same rose, only raised to a power. If in the first case the image would be bright, to Electric Pink, you need to add the prefix "mega". A complicated shade of neon overtones, is thus appropriate only to youth parties and clubs.

Tint "Perfect Ludowy" (27313)

Not quite true to its name, as the color is yellowish and more like Foundation. After application it seems that the lips are non-existent. As evidence can lead to endless arguments on the forums over the interpretation nadovich shades “Avon". Shoppers say that color is very far from perfect and when applying not only gives yellow, but visually smeared lips on the face.

Characteristics of the shade "Natural beige"

It should be guided by a woman when applying makeup, choose to use product from the "Ground superiority" (“Avon’)? Reviews of shoppers report that this lipstick requires perfect lips and the lack of make-up gloss, a highlighter, shimmer and bronzer. Therefore, before use, be sure to treat for the lips with the help of scrubs and special nutrients. Otherwise, the rough texture will show others in great detail all the flaws.

Despite the innovation, nadowa lipstick "Frosted advantage" (“Avon’), the responses are mixed.

berry cocktail frosted superiority Avon reviews

The Shade "Natural beige" is the absolute prototype of the "Ideal Nude", which was discussed earlier, only the first 2 shades darker. The stick color looks warm and rich, but the whole concept ruins the light yellowing, which makes lips a shade of peach.

So what did not please the ladies of the shade "Natural beige" palette "Matte superiority" (“Avon’)? Reviews of the fair sex agreed that all noble matte texture spoils outright yellowness after the application. In the opinion of the buyers, a true beige Nude should have a dark hue, for rich versions suitable warm chocolate.

Berry Blast

The best shade is Berry Blast ("Berry milkshake"). "Matt superiority" (“Avon’), which reviews are presented in the article, - innovation of the company. This shade is perfect for fall makeup. In artificial light the color becomes reddish-pink tone with a natural - quiet plum wine.

"Berry cocktail" - a bold choice, so he often prefer self-confident girls who want to become the center of attention. Also, it is the perfect complement to an evening image.

berry cocktail frosted superiority Avon reviews

Peach Shade Flatters

The New “Avon" (gloss "Frosted advantage") - "Peach". Reviews about the tint saying that it is not for everyone. Many do not like peach color for its excessive heat and dull the palette coordinates move from red to orange through unusual brown.

Avon lipstick matte superiority peach reviews

Those who fit into the shade of “Avon" ("Frosted advantage") "Peach", reviews leave a warm and say that it is appropriate at any time of the year. The color is bright, but necrocide. It is this parameter that makes it universal.

Many shades of lipstick has "Avon".

"Matt superiority: soft pink"

Reviews of the tone is overwhelmingly positive. On the pages of the catalog color looks a bit warm and reminiscent of a light peach tone. The lip looks much softer and cooler.

 the superiority of matte soft pink Avon reviews

What else can you say about the tone of the series "Matt superiority: a Delicate pink" (“Avon’)? Reviews state that many shoppers were attracted to the levity and playfulness of the colors. To the credit of the successful combination of colors: creamy cream and warm peach. The shade and the expressive but not Intrusive. Importantly, there is no yellow, that spoils all sudovye tone. In General, the lipstick “Avon’ "Matt superiority: soft pink" (references proof) - perfect for effortless daytime look. Quite a rich palette of colors was presented by the company.

The impression from the line "Matt superiority" (“Avon’)

Reviews of shoppers relating to the palette, enthusiastic. Women appreciated as it is wide: from trendy to evening Nude rich dark color. Also, it was noticed that the lipsticks have a pleasant smell, without taste, have medium durability and are classifiednutrient.

lipstick Avon frosted superiority of pale pink reviews

Each lipstick "Frosted advantage" the feedback and evaluation concerning the density received the highest. Product with the first coating completely covers the natural color of the lips. Minus the series: a perfect demonstration of all the folds and irregularities of the skin surface. Plus: despite the budget price, the lipstick look expensive and exquisite.

As you can see, the palette has amazing shades and not. So before you buy, to avoid mistakes, it is desirable to test the product using a probe.

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