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There are no problems to come to the supermarket or a specialty store and buy shampoo. Shelves are full of a variety of means for hair care advertised foreign manufacturers, and we did not hesitate to give large sums for a small bottle of shampoo. Among the huge assortment of people just do not notice modest number of adjacent lines means the domestic producers, which are several times cheaper.

Among the leaders of the Russian cosmetic industry can highlight hair production of all the familiar factory "Freedom". Do we pay attention to them, when there is a product brand that is known for loud ad? And in vain, because the shampoo "Freedom. Yolk" customer feedback is not worse than the similar but more expensive imported. Today we decided to remind everyone about the existence of high-quality Russian products.

Factory "Freedom"

Tell me, who did not clean the child's teeth a pleasant tasting paste "Tick-tock"? Of course, today we are about it and don't remember, preferring to buy their children more expensive and, we think, higher quality imported tools. Today, "Freedom" continues to produce consumer goods and specializiruetsya in the production of vehicles for people with average budget. But who said that the quality depends on the prices? We overpay for the brand, advertising, transportation and other things that I can not make the product better. So, I want to touch on the history of factory "Freedom", without which not so long ago there was not a single Soviet, and later Russian family.


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freedom yolk shampoo reviews

The History factory

"Freedom" was based on one of the oldest perfume factories of Russia, which bore the name "A. Ralle Ko". It was founded in Moscow, long before the revolution that turned the country and its history, namely, in 1843.

In 1917, the factory community was nationalized and was renamed the "State soap plant № 4". Soon disgruntled employees "numbered" companies began to petition the government about assignment of the more sonorous names of the plants and factories. Their efforts were not in vain, and in 1922 this factory was given a new name and became known as the “State of the soap and cosmetic factory "Freedom"”.

In 1930, a reorganization of the enterprise, and the manufacture of perfumes began factory "New dawn", and the manufacture of soap got "Freedom".

Hair products factory "Freedom"

The Line of cosmetics described the various factories, so the shampoo can choose for your hair every woman. Choosing the product, you should focus on:

  • Hair type;
  • Purpose of use;
  • Frequency of application.

If you wash your hair daily, you should choose a remedy that contains a minimum of detergents. These include shampoo "Freedom. Yolk". Reviews about it you can learn from our article. The popular "Ballet" (with the addition of chamomile extract) and "Morning rose". All these shampoos are enriched with minerals, vitamins and extracts of various medicinal herbs. Shampoo "Yolk", the price of which is not more than fifty roubles, as means of care of hair, moisturizes and nourishes them with nutrients. It's about this product now describe in more detail.

factory Svoboda

"Yolk" shampoo ("Freedom"): composition

Many women from childhood know that name. Today some picky not satisfied that in this tool there are no such delicious-smelling fragrances, but still totally pleased with all the cost of the product and its composition. For people who are alien to the different preservatives, ideal shampoo "Freedom. Yolk". Consumer reviews agree on the fact that the composition attracts a lot of attention and becoming a decisive factor for the acquisition of the asset. So, look the part:

  • Cocamide DEA;
  • Sodium Laureth sulfate;
  • Egg oil (natural);
  • Sodium chloride;
  • Minerals of natural origin;
  • Vitamins a, D, E;
  • Synthetic odorant;
  • Nitrate, sodium chloride;
  • Linalool.

yolk shampoo freedom composition

Product Description

Jelly-like "Yolk" shampoo liked by consumers for its texture. It does not spread, not squeezed out the excess portion. Has a nice, almost imperceptible fragrance. The color is not irritating to the eye, it is transparent with a yellowish tint.

Shampoo "Freedom. Yolk" (74 ml volume) sold in a convenient discreet packaging. Tube white, put on the lid, reminiscent of a tube of toothpaste. The picture on the package is concise features three bands of chocolate, red and yellow colors. On the packaging there is an inscription: "the Yolk gelatinous shampoo for any hair type".

yolk oil for hair

Properties shampoo

"the Yolk" for hair not only cleanses your hair but also the skin of the head very carefully and gently. While it nourishes and moisturizes the follicles and the bulbs of the hair, strengthens their structure. Valuable minerals included in the composition, give the hair vitality and an incomparable natural Shine. "Yolk" shampoo to wash it every day, no matter what type or was your hair, and is the perfect remedy.

After shampooing the described shampoo your hair, even dyed, becomes very silky, soft and manageable. Easy to comb and to style.

shampoo freedom yolk 74 ml

Two sides of the coin

The views of all women divided concerning the product such as shampoo "Freedom. Yolk". Reviews are both positive and negative. Before we begin to consider them, I want to draw some conclusions regarding the results of the reviews. So, based on what comments?

  1. The Degree of damage to hair, their structure.
  2. The Type of the scalp.
  3. Your tolerance included in the composition components.
  4. Personal preference on the smell and results.

The effect of the use of the shampoo "Yolk" from the factory "Freedom" you can learn from the feedback of numerous women who have experienced its effect on themselves. So, based on comments highlight the positive and negative qualities of the shampoo.

shampoo yolk price


Supporters of domestic goods allocated to the main advantages of the described shampoo. What is the quality of his love?

  • Available in all price.
  • A good job of cleansing the hair and skin from pollution.
  • The Fragrance is pleasant and unobtrusive.
  • After using the hair beautifully shiny.
  • The Consumption is very economical.
  • Does its job by washing oil and silicone masks.
  • Ideal for normal and oily hair.
  • The Packaging is very compact and convenient. Shampoo can be a way, since it takes up little space in the Luggage.
  • No preservatives and silicones.
  • Has a refreshing effect, perfect for the summer season.
  • Can be used instead of shower gel.
  • After washing the hair seem more voluminous.
  • Ideal for thin and damaged hair.
  • After applying curls soft, easy to comb, even the thick hair.
  • After prolonged use, the hair it's not addictive, does not appear dandruff, no itching on the skin.
  • Thin hair after it is more rigid and elastic.


Some women don't recommend a shampoo to use, since they got not the result that was expected:

  1. Hair washed before unpleasant squeaky sound, you have to use a balm.
  2. Not Enough rich smell.
  3. Without balm wet hair hard.
  4. Dries ends, normal hair, dry and so dry curls.

In Addition to everything spelled out, some women go to the forum wrote in the comments that you will never trust your hair to this cheap tool.

shampoo yolk jelly


Having Considered all the advantages and disadvantages of the "Yolk" of the shampoo, it should be noted that the positive characteristics far more than negative. To conclude, it is safe to say that the factory "Freedom", located in Moscow, produces high quality and affordable products. "Yolk" shampoo, according to most, much better expensive imported vehicles. To choose, of course, to you, but let's hope that this article motivates you to look at the domestic cosmetics.


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