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Get long hair and keep their health and beauty — an almost impossible thing. This is due to the fact that in the growth process affects them a lot of negative factors: bad ecology, stress, poor diet. That's why nearly all women wearing long hair, they look not like in the commercials and on the pages of magazines, and lifeless and dull. Treatments-masks, balms, of course, improve their condition, but ideally the desired effects to bring still can't. What do you do?

Glossing hair

Fortunately, technology beauty do not stand in one place. With the newest of them, you can easily achieve the desired results. For example, glossing the hair – excellent, quick method of hair care. It can help you in the shortest time to bring them in proper form.

There are two types of procedure – cuticular and molecular polishing of hair. In both cases, your hair is first applied a special composition and a special iron with hot iron. The main difference between the procedures is that making molecular polishing of hair, the specialist affects the external and internal structures. Cuticular if it only affects the surface, making absolutely smooth split ends and “closing” scales.


All women who used this method are happy with the result, which brings glossing hair. Reviews about the procedure are almost always positive, since the difference they see before and after is very significant.


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How is this happening?

During polishing specialist that deals in hair oil, then scald curls forceps. Due to the high temperatures reveals the structure of the curl, and the nutrients penetrate. To consolidate the effect you need to use protective equipment, such as: shampoos, masks and balms.

The Effect

Making glossing hair you will receive:

  • Termokonstantnye weak and damaged hair;
  • Recovery, strengthening the inside;
  • To increase the elasticity and strength of hair;
  • "sealed" inside the curl, bonding scales;
  • The amazing softness, ease of combing;
  • Hair becomes smooth and silky over the entire length, acquire inimitable, stunning Shine.

Polishing at home

And if the salon to go does not work? Another question, no doubt of interest to many women – is it possible to hold glossing hair at home? Of course, you can. Purchase a set of medical cosmetics for polishing the brand you trust, and go. Straighteners you probably have. The procedure is nothing complicated, the main thing - to strictly keep to the instructions on the leaflet.

However, experts still recommend to go to beauty salons. There this procedure is not very expensive, and the effect is exactly like you.

How much is enough?

To maintain the achieved results, hold glossing hair regularly. The initial effect lasts about 2-4 weeks. Hair well-groomed, healthy appearance, increases their strength, they are easier to comb. However, over time, the action caught in the structure of the curls of nutrients begins to weaken and have to repeat the procedure.

Combination treatments

Be Very careful to do molecular polishing, if you color the hair. To do both procedures at the same time is simply unacceptable. As if glossing hair processed oils, paint may vary. Therefore, the staining is best done a few weeks after polishing. In addition, you will get more vivid and rich color.

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