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A Fascinating, pleasantly enveloping... When it comes to an end, every girl wants something new and goes in search but buying another bottle of Cacharel Noa. It usually ends that way. The aroma is really attractive and has no equal, and made him one of the most talented perfumers-Olivier Crespo.

A Little history

When Choosing a perfume, we don't always think about who invented them, focusing all his attention on the aromatic composition. But for every popular brand definitely is a Creator, who determines the style and attitude to his creation. On account of the perfume world fame, Olivier Cresp has more than seventy original and perfect in every way of flavors. It all started in 1955 when a family of perfumers had a son. From childhood he was surrounded by an abundance of different smells, and by seven, he calmly mixed the oil and distinguish the slightest nuances in their composition.

cacharel noa reviews

First masterpiece

Olivier Later recalled how his father brought home different kinds of expensive raw materials for the creation of perfumes and taught the boy to understand it. So he spent his childhood and, unsurprisingly, a little perfume could not imagine a different future. To master this fine craft had first Olivier went to America, where he learned all the necessary basics, and then returned home and for more than twenty years dealt exclusively with the perfumery art. The first “delicious” the victory he enjoyed was in 1992 when he created a truly gourmet sweet aroma of Angel by Thierry Mugler. The true glory and popularity to the greatest perfumer brought these spirits. Toilet water Cacharel Noa was his next discovery and a real masterpiece that was appreciated by all without exception. It was released in 1998 and later developed into a whole collection of fragrant compositions, but most of the girls and ladies continue to give their preference to classic and the very first version.


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“Cacharel Noa” classic

The Prototype of this fragrance became of Noah-the biblical character who gave his elect a chance to be saved. It was created to clean, in some ways even a greater percentage of women on our planet there are not many. Its owner, he immediately enveloped in a cloud of incredible sensations and emotions, moves into a different, enchanting world, where there is no place for negative thoughts and problems.

Classified as a woody musky floral include this wonderful perfume (Cacharel Noa). Feedback tell that the girls associate it exclusively with tenderness, with first love and shy hesitant kiss with my beloved man, who cares, protects, with this mixture of feelings of delight and surprise, surprise and care about each other. Definitely, the perfume causes a storm of emotions and a complete mixture of feelings, it is unusual, very resistant, is preferred for girls who dream about creating strong and friendly family or already residing in this atmosphere of love and happiness.

Cacharel Noa

The opinions of shoppers

With innocence, transparency and weightlessness associated with ladies Cacharel Noa. Reviews about it is full of different kinds of adjectives that personify the essence of this perfume. According to many, it becomes nothing but a true essence of women, embodied in the skin and drop down during the day, different tints, in the same way as changing her mood. The scent of a million different faces, someone he seems straightforward and even simple at first, but later comes the real love to him. Each of its owner it reveals in different ways, often the first sense is a juicy ripe plum. Most of it is dominated by overlapping a sweet peach. But then gradually wears off, giving way to a floral bouquet of Jasmine, ylang-ylang, Lily of the valley and roses. The composition is completed with a wood train, very soft and languid. The price of this perfume for a bottle of 50 mg varies from 2500 to 3000 rubles.

Perfume Cacharel Noa Perle

To advertise their products company Cacharel has often attracted various celebrities, but here decided to do otherwise. The video shows quite ordinary pretty girl, forgetting everything, immersed only in the contemplation of rounded shining bottle of toilet water. She pays no attention to the noisy hurrying about their business crowd, it is only interested in valuable acquisition, which she with trepidation squeezes in the palm of his hand. To resist not to try on so enticing perfume Cacharel Noa Pearl, very difficult. That is the message in your promotional video and wanted to convey to the manufacturer. And it had turned out perfectly. Perfume created for modern women, which in the fast pace of living simply requires the presence of droplets of happiness.

perfume toilet water

Reviews girls

First impressions are mostly ambiguous, many people initially criticized the flavor, calling it too sweet and sharp, but after a certain period of time (some hours, and someone and a day) they start slowly and steadily in love with him. Part of the beauty of the ladies admits that it's their little secret they do not tell others, and a lot of questions... Perfume so interesting is revealed on the skin and sounds so unusual on each of the girls that really only gets them a secret. Describe it difficult. The first notes clearly heard the sound of sweetness (it really is a Madagascar pink pepper and kumquat). Then the feeling turns into sensual. Clearly there is a peony, and teases the freshness of tropical fruits (freesia and orange blossom). A plume of fragrant, long trailing, alluring. The price of this perfume with a volume of 30 ml is 1700-2000 rubles. For unpredictable, self-confident women is the perfect perfume.

Toilet water Cacharel Noa Dream

Completely unlike his fellows, thin, delicate and subtle... a Great option for every day. Belongs to the class shipovye-floral. Perfect for summer, very delicate and airy. The top notes are soft sounds bell pepper, lychee and Yuzu, then open the heart of the perfume composed of peach, Jasmine and Gardenia, sensual base long felt on the skin in the form of patchouli, sandalwood and amber. This fragrance will fit fine natures who prefer the naturalness and ease of manner.

fragrance for women

How it behaves on the skin

Most owners associate these spirits with the cool air in the early morning, it is fresh and clean, requires a mandatory try on before buying. Reveals interesting, you can feel the coldness, which gradually emerges through the sweetness of the citrus. Some of the girls perfume is associated with expensive decorative cosmetics. It is not suited to all and is revealed only on the cold skin. The General feel of it – enveloping, soft, creamy, but at the same time flying and air. The price of this multifaceted subtleties for a bottle of 30 ml will be about three thousand rubles.

Perfume Cacharel Noa Summer Edition

The Fragrance for women who prefer the best of everything, for those who want to plunge into the solar glare of summer. And not to wait for the right moment and do it right here and now. Belongs to the group of floral-aldehyde fragrance. The top notes are clearly marked red Apple and tangerine, amalfitano lemon and coriander, there is the greens and aldehydes. Unusual heart notes are composed of sunflower and peony, and base, in addition to the musk and benzoin, the perfumers added a magical aroma of coffee beans.

cacharel noa perfume

What have you heard?

Toilet water Cacharel Noa Summer Edition, according to shoppers, particularly well reveals the essence of its components in winter. Some reviews indicates the brightness of the spices that prevail and do not allow the remaining components to open up completely. For other waters associated with cool summer day, when a shower of rain, and small scattered on the sidewalk puddles pulls special smell. Celebrate the vitality of perfume and his originality. For the price it outperforms its counterparts: bottle of 50 ml will cost about three and a half thousand roubles. Before buying its recommended to protest.

Perfume Cacharel Noa L’Eau

Another summer fragrance released not so long ago, but has already gained a clear position on the perfume arena. Perfumers created it exclusively for summer, when everything is full of colour, filled with the fragrance of flowers and juicy fruits. Sound composition subtly, begins with green Apple, which comes into force blackcurrant. The heart of the perfume is warm and elegant, it includes white Jasmine and fragrant peony. The trail of white musk becomes the perfect end to the ensemble.

cacharel noa price

Opinions on perfume

L’Eau Cacharel Noa (Women) - a very feminine fragrance, many girls point out that it's incredibly fresh and light. Best suited for young romantic natures, which will give an additional charm. Call it simple impossible: perfume, many associated with summer in the village, where in the garden sing apples, and near large flowering currant ...

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