Regenerating hand cream: features, selection rules and applications


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Regenerating hand cream is different from all other number of features. It not only nourishes the skin but also allows it to rejuvenate due to the acceleration of metabolic processes in the epithelium. Regularly using this remedy, you will be able to prolong youthfulness of the handles, to give them a velvety texture and beauty.

regenerating hand cream


Regenerating hand cream primarily indicated for those whose working conditions are far from ideal. If by occupation you come in contact with dust, chemicals and other aggressive environments, including water, without the protection of the hands can not do. This also applies to those who are forced to work in gloves. Indeed, under a layer of rubber skin does not breathe, therefore, the metabolic processes in it are violated. Hand cream regenerating regenerating will help you to quickly get rid of the discomfort and restore skin health. One of the best remedies are those that contain natural components, such as the juice of the marigold.

regenerating hand cream


In the creams in this category include similar components. Any regenerating hand cream contains two groups of ingredients. One of them is responsible for nutrition and hydration, the second - for tissue repair. Some creams contain more and wound healing components, for example, lanolin or panthenol. They successfully cope with the irritation, rash, small wounds, grazes.

hand cream regenerating regenerating


If you purchased a regenerating hand cream, but I don't know how to use it, remember about the main rule that applies to all uhodom means. First, wash your hands thoroughly, using gentle soap or other means. Applied on dirty skin unacceptable. Cosmetologists recommend starting to RUB the tool on the back side of the hands. Dispense a small amount of cream on your left hand, start to RUB the right, making a neat smooth motion in the direction from fingertip to wrist.


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Repeat this procedure for the right hand. At the end massage your hands, distributing the remnants of the cream like lather with soap. Let it absorb. Do not soak and do not dry the hands, avoid contact with dirt. Remember, most regenerating creams - oily base. A similar tool can leave stains on clothing. After a few minutes, Pat dry hands with a paper towel. It is necessary to remove excess that is not absorbed into the skin.

regenerating cream for hands and face

How to choose the cream?

Today the market is sufficiently large regenerative creams. Do not think that a good way necessarily expensive. Is not true, and the converse. In addition, for each skin type suitable for different cosmetic products, therefore, just one woman can help only expensive products from the "Vichy" and the other will admire budget cream "Velvet hands". It's not in ambitions and desire to stand out, and elementary physiology.

If you are looking for a regenerating cream for hands and face, the advice of friends and the pages of fashion magazines, of course, will help to Orient. But don't rely on them, do not assume the absolute truth. Always try to listen to your own feelings. If possible, use probes.

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