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Mothers daughters can only envy, because they have a real opportunity to enhance your skills in braiding. But what to do if you still do not know how to do it? Today you have a real opportunity to learn how to braid beautiful and fashionable light pigtails. Our article presents the 7 most easy ways of weaving, thanks to which every girl can look different every day and profitable to stand out from her classmates.

How to braid French braid

Traditional French braid in France has absolutely nothing to do. On the contrary, the origin of this method of braiding is more related to Africa because it was discovered rock drawings prove this fact. According to scientists, the age of these images is 6 thousand years old. Meanwhile, the French braid is also known under the name of the spikelet.

pigtails are easily beautifullyFor those who are just learning to braid hair, it will be easier to do first the two light pigtails in the French manner. Then, after having mastered the technique, you can start to weave French braids with lots of hair.

Step by Step braiding a braid consists of the following successive steps:

  1. On the top of isolated small section of hair and divide it into three parts.
  2. Starts braiding the far left strand. It is superimposed to the one located in the center. After this manipulation the far left strand becomes Central. Now superimposed on it the one that is located to the right, it then also becomes Central.
  3. All actions are performed in the same sequence, but in addition to each strand of hair is added to small sections of hair on each side. First, I take a bunch of hair on the left and joins the left strand, which then is superimposed on the center. Similarly, you weave to the right.
  4. All actions are then executed in the same sequence, with gradual advancement of lower and lower on the head. The width of the strands, which are picked up by each side may be different, but it is noticed that they are thinner, the neater and more spectacular the look of the braids.
  5. When all the hair on the head will be involved, the weaving proceeds in the usual Trekhprudny braid, which is fixed at the end with a rubber band.

Reverse French braid: easy weaving

Traditional French braid – it is the basis of weaving. Having mastered this technique, you can learn to braid any braids easy and fast. What is to adhere to the sequence of actions in this case?


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pigtails are easily and quickly

Weaving back or inverted French braid starts with dividing the strands into three parts. After that the left side is not superimposed on the center, and put under it. Then, under the newly formed Central strand is put a piece of hair on the right side. Then the curls are picked up alternately from each side, are connected respectively from the right, with the left strand and pass under the Central part.

The Reverse French braid can be done as tight and loose or delicate. To do this, each strand of hair will start to pull, starting with the tip of the spit. By the way, to pull them around the edges, but not in the center, otherwise the netting will disintegrate.

How to easily braid pigtail “waterfall”

Weaving braids with a symbolic name “waterfall” based on the technique of a French braid. Meanwhile, this hairstyle has its own distinctive features.

easy braidsTo start with the front separated a wide strand of hair, which is divided into three equal parts. Starts braiding a regular braid by passing the first the upper, then the lower strands of the Central part curls. Next time the top strand all the same is superimposed on the center. At the same time, the lower part is released downward, like a waterfall, and in return it from the hair-free taken new beam. Next time the top strand again superimposed on the Central, the bottom is released into free fall, and in return it takes a different, unused part of the hair. At the end of the weave ponytail braids hides behind the ear and fixed with a hairpin.

Easy braiding “fish”

This hairstyle at first glance may seem complicated. In fact to weave these braids easily. Looks nice "fishtail" on long hair, and short. Braiding braids, you can start from the top and from the back. You can also tie it with a rubber band tight and to start with it directly to the netting.

beautiful and light pigtails

Initially, on top of separate three hair strands and begin braiding a French braid. Then right and left through the Central part of the shift. In the result, it should have two strands, one slightly thicker than the other. On the essence of weaving is to separate, for example, from the left broad strands of small sections of hair (about 10 times less basic) and add a strand of free hair on the same side. Then also separates a small part on the right side, superimposed on Central (left) to add hair to the right. In the same order, left to right, shifted all her hair.

The Ask is simple: weave the braids in the form harness

For this hairstyle on the back of your head you need to make a tight ponytail. Then split it into 2 parts. Then both halves of the hair is twisted in one direction, for example to the left. When the tails get quite stiff flagella, they are again twisted among themselves, but in the other direction, that they had not undone. The resulting braid at the end is fixed by a rubber band.

You Can weave from two small easy braids for girls in the form of a plait, and then twist them together. You will receive an original double harness.

Easy braids with rubber bands

To Braid a hair under force even to the child. The only caveat is that it need long hair.

easy braids for girlsFor a start on top, you need to collect hair in a ponytail. Then it visually should be divided into two equal parts. On each side stands out in strands that appear ahead and are fixed by a small rubber band. Received “heart” immediately correct and give it volume, if necessary. The next time the two strands on each side of again appear forward and are fixed on the center band. All actions are performed in the same sequence until then, until all of the hair.

How easy it is to braid a basket of braids

We Present another version of beautiful hairstyles for girls. It will help to hone acquired skills, once you learn how to easy weave braids suggested above.

easy braiding

At the beginning of the weaving it is necessary to engage on top of the tail, so that it remains approximately the same amount of hair. Now you need to allocate freely falling hair three parts and start braiding, picking up strands of both top and bottom. Everything is done exactly as in the hair “waterfall”, but without releasing the strands down. In this way a circle braided all the hair. The tip of the spit hiding under the hair or under the hair, and then fixed with a hairpin.

Helpful tips for light weaving braids

To do one of the above hairstyles will take from 5 to 10 minutes. To reduce the specified time will assist the following recommendations.

  1. The key to a beautiful and easy to weave braids – efficiently combed hair.
  2. Beautiful and light braids weave hair same length. With graduated curls to work harder. In this case, no additional pins and studs not necessary.
  3. If the hair is sparse, experts recommend to weave a braid of ribbons. This will help to add hair density.


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