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A private entrepreneur can become a citizen. Upon registration, it acquires not only possibilities and rights but also certain responsibilities. How to become an entrepreneur, what responsibilities you need to perform – all of which is described below in the article.

General definition

Individual entrepreneur – a physical person registered in accordance with the law, leading in entrepreneurial activities without creating a legal entity. Officially a citizen is an individual entrepreneur and can work in this status only after registration in state authorities.

Thus, anyone can become entrepreneurs and to engage in commercial activities. To do this, simply register at the official residence. Thus it is not necessary to have an office.

SP act according to the laws that govern their commercial activities. But they are also subject to a right vested in a legal entity.

Individual entrepreneurs of the Russian Federation are required to abide by the rules of the Civil code, indicating the activity of legal entities, except in those cases where they created separate regulations.

the individual entrepreneur is

How to register entrepreneur

Registration of an individual entrepreneur includes several steps:

1. Preparing for registration-at this stage you need to determine exactly the types of activity in OKVED, choose the appropriate tax type and pay a fee.

2. The collection of papers. For registration, the entrepreneur must prepare the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Passport copy and certificate with the VAT number;
  • Receipt for payment of duties;
  • Statement of sole proprietorship of a certain form in two copies (if the documents are mailed, they must be certified by a notary);
  • Notification on the use of the USN.

3. Delivery of documents to the registration authority. In response, the organization must issue a registered person and the receipt of required documents and notification on the use of the USN with a special note of the tax service.


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4. The receipt of the documents. The registration authority shall issue a certificate of state registration of an entrepreneur with a number OGRN, the document on assignment of an INN and an extract from egrip.

5. Registration of an individual entrepreneur in compulsory medical insurance Fund and the Pension Fund. The tax inspection itself in the PF sends information on the registration of the new IP.

small business registration

Law, SP

1. The choice of activities permitted by law.

2. The right to hire employees. The legislation established the number of employees who can be issued by the state of an individual entrepreneur.

3. Individual entrepreneur – a businessman who manages its activities and is responsible for the results.

4. Freedom of choice of partners and product. The entrepreneur himself determines the market segment on which it will develop its business.

5. The right of self-determination of the value of goods and services. However, the final price for products should not be significantly lower than other businesses.

6. SP decides how and how much to pay their employees.

7. The owner has the right arbitrarily to dispose of the profit.

8. SP has the right to appear in court as plaintiff and defendant.

legal entities and individual entrepreneurs


Individual entrepreneur – a business entity that has certain responsibilities. Namely:

1. All PIS are required to adhere to the norms of the current legislation. Entrepreneur should know tax, pension, antitrust and other legislation to guide legal and open operation.

2. All monetary transactions will be documented. These documents include employment contract contract for the supply of goods, etc.

3. To carry out the licensed business, the entrepreneur needs to obtain a state permit-certificate, patent or license.

4. All employees who are employed by the individual entrepreneur, must be formalized. That is, SP concludes with the person a contract of employment, contract of specific work or other agreements. After the entrepreneur is obliged to make the necessary payments to the medical insurance Fund, Pension Fund and social insurance Fund.

5. If the activities of SP causes harm to the environment, he is obliged to perform measures to reduce negative impacts. If a businessman can not solve this question independently, it must apply to the environmental service.

6. The entrepreneur is obliged to pay taxes to the state Treasury.

7. Individual entrepreneur – is a participant of market relations, which must always respect the rights of the buyer. There are organizations for the protection of the rights of consumers who are considering a complaint.

8. If for some reasons the PI has changed the data (name, place of residence or residence, type of activities), itshall notify the appropriate authorities-tax office, funds and other institutions.

the activities of the individual entrepreneur


The Activities of the individual entrepreneur is strictly controlled by special authorities. They look not only for the payment of the businessman of taxes and required contributions to the funds. There are organizations that control the legality of the actions of SP and the presence of permission to conduct certain types of business.

Under the law, to licensed types of activity include pharmaceuticals, transport of passengers and cargo by sea, rail and air etc. Besides, SP can't deal with closed businesses such as the development and sale of military products, the production and sale of drugs, poisonous substances and alcoholic beverages. Also, the entrepreneur has no right to engage in insurance, banking, tourism, the production of fireworks, ammunition, manufacturing and repair of military aircraft equipment.

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