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In recent years, the production of beer is considered to be extremely beneficial from all points of view, the business idea. However, before you begin to embody it in life, you need to make a more detailed analysis of this segment of the market. What does it mean? You have to collect information about products, your potential competitors and, of course, about what's missing from your future customers. Without such an analysis, even the most carefully crafted business plan may not yield the expected results.


Evaluation of the business idea.

In terms of the ways in which you can try your hand, then it is best if you are able to establish production of “live beer”: real, no preservatives and flavorings. Despite the fact that this drink is in the country great honor (and “admirers” you can meet almost near each entrance), the shortage of really high quality beer felt very keenly.

Finding premises

Of Course, the beer production it is possible to establish in the home and release the beverage in small batches, however, this is unprofitable. Because you need to focus on the search space, the area which would be sufficient to produce beer in volumes of 100 liters a day and more. At this stage, should meet with a lawyer to discuss registration issues of the business.

Manufacturer of beer

Raw materials

The Production of beer according to the classic recipe involves two main ingredients: hops and malt. Malt if you want you can make your own or purchase. Here you should think about packaging in which you deliver the finished product. Traditionally, live beer used barrels or plastic containers.


Staff evaluation: system and methods

Staff evaluation: system and methods

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How to start your own business: important aspects.

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Business activities. its essence and basic functions

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In addition, you will need equipment for brewing. You can purchase a ready-made kit or buy what I need separately. In the list of essential will be the accessories such as malt mill, filtration, hydrocyclone, water heating and mash-wort kettle exchangers, heat exchanger, steam generators, pump for mash and wort, hot water. The additional costs required for the purchase of pumps for a finished young beer refrigeration unit (it should be equipped with an ice maker), yeast tanks, control and management, as well as fermentation tanks.

brewing Equipment


You need several specialists who will be responsible for the production of beer: technologist, forwarding agents, promoters and others.

To Summarize costs and estimate profit.

If you calculate all the costs that you will need in order to improve the production of beer, this amount will be approximately 2 million. However, do not be afraid of such a large investment project is able to fully pay for itself in 25 months. A huge role to play in what is beer not considered an alcoholic beverage, and because you can freely advertise their products on television, online and print publications. Offering really tasty and quality beer, you will very quickly earn a reputation.

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