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Quality Control – an obligatory component of any production process, which aims to detect defects or defects of finished products and verification of process of its manufacturing.

Quality control Methods applied at all stages of production, from inspection of raw materials and ending with control of compliance with finished product specifications. This process involves product testing as the availability of its individual parts.

Validation within a particular company by the Central service quality assurance. The functions of this control include the following:

- development of quality indicators for each product;

- accepted quality control methods and test procedures;

a detailed analysis of the claims;

- identify possible causes of defects and measures to eliminate it.

For the implementation of this procedure is extremely important to have indicators of the quality of the products, means and methods of testing, equipment for testing, the results of the analysis of complaints, the possible causes of the defects.

Currently, there are many ways to check. Consider statistical methods of quality control.

The Main purpose of the method of statistical control is to eliminate any accidental changes of the product quality. Such changes can be caused by specific reasons that must be identified and eliminated.

Sampling used when is necessary to make a decision about the quality of the product. This happens usually when you receive the big party at the end of the test a certain number of samples from the batch. Most of these control methods are carried out when you receive materials or products from suppliers. They can reduce the material costs for control and are used when the product under inspection need to parse.


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Quality control Methods also involve consideration of the process used in manufacturing and in services. This control is to detect problems in output associated with unstable quality. The production process should be adjusted.

Stand out and other methods of quality control:

1. Method histogram-an efficient tool of information processing, intended for use in production, as well as to explore the possibilities of the technological process.

2. The method of stratification, which is based on reliable information. It is used to obtain specific data and establishing causal relationships.

3. A method of control cards. These checklists reflect the changing performance of the process in time. They celebrate a range of compulsory dispersion, which lies within the lower and upper bounds. This method allows for very fast follow, when the drift parameters for a particular indicator in the process. The purpose – carry out preventive measures and prevention of the marriage of the finished product.

As mentioned above, the control cards used when it is necessary to control quality in the production process. They entered all the information about the process. The recording options may be different. The choice thereof depends on the type of product and its production goals.

So, the main task pursued by the methods of quality control – a problem is detected, determining at what stage the production has gone out of control, and taking the necessary measures to remedy the defects and errors of the process.

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