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Increasingly popular today there are car mats, in the manufacture of which use EVA material. What is this and why EVA mats for beauty salons and trunks of cars have become so popular among motorists?eva material is that


This material has a long "chemical" name, and no less difficult to understand simple layman formula (C6H10O2). In plain language, is a foamed polymer composite material. Its popularity is due to positive characteristics. It has found application in completely different areas, ranging from the production of fashionable sneakers to manufacture strong and durable car mats.

Production of car mats from EVA

Manufacturer of EVA material is a major oil company. Production material is supplied in granular form. He then pressed in a special way and rolled in the leaves. These sheets are already attached to a specific cellular structure.

The Size and shape of the cells for a long period of time was checked. Empirically, the producers picked the best combination. The cell was quite large to securely hold the moisture and dirt inside, and at the same time small enough and neat, aesthetically pleasing to look you.material for car mats eva

Dignity Sevillana

On A question: "EVA Material - what's that?" the answer is that ethylene vinyl acetate is Sevilen. And they will be right. Names have a few EVA, but the essence is still one. This strong, durable material that is perfectly suited for the production of car mats.

Why Sevilen so popular? Because of some positive characteristics and advantages? Try to understand a pretty decent list of advantages.

Tough and durable

The First advantage, which has a material for car mats EVA, strength and durability. The cells that make up the Mat is so durable and hard themselves that the Mat does not require any additional frame or side to retain water.


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To Sevilen for the manufacture of car mats you used the textiles or rubber. But such properties, these materials did not possess. On their own, without extra help to retain moisture inside the Mat there was no way. No rubber mats with recesses or longitudinal recessed runways are not comparable with cells EVA.material for the mats eva

Mud will not work

EVA Material - what's that? It's the perfect way to keep the car interior clean and tidy for a long time. For reviews of car owners, wire mesh mats of this material perfectly retains moisture and accidentally spilled liquids. You will never stain your shoes or carpet in the cabin. Cell securely lock the liquid. Its accumulation can be easily removed by simply placing the Mat, water will pour out, and it will be clean again, like the interior of your car.

In addition to moisture, material for mats and EVA retains solid particles: sand, dirt, dust, debris, soil etc. Remember how dirty was the car when you got back from the beach? The usual rubber Mat does not retain the sand, and he literally flies around the cabin, settling even on the upholstery of car seats.

Hot summer and a harsh winter

Our country has a fairly harsh winters and very hot summers. The EVA material is so durable and reliable that can withstand the bitter cold, and summer heat. Wire mesh mats of sevilene designed to operate even at a temperature of minus (plus) and fifty degrees Celsius. They will never crack and is not covered with a scattering of small cracks. Under the influence of the temperature the material does not become brittle, as it happens, for example, rubber.

In addition, chemicals used in winter for de-icing, will not affect Sevilen. On the surface of the rubber Mat these reagents accumulate and can have a negative impact on the shoes of the passengers or the driver. Due to the cellular structure of EVA car mats securely hold harmful compounds and protect the carpet and shoes.manufacturer material eva

Advanced security

An Important factor of any material is its environmental safety. The EVA material non-toxic, odourless and has no negative impact on the human body. The Rostest certificate confirms this. And this is another positive feature, which can not boast of rubber.

Quick cleaning

For those who remove the interior of the car with his own, is always a problem to put in order the mats. With EVA material cleaning becomes simple, easy and quick time. One only has to flip the Mat and pour the accumulated liquid from the cells. Getting rid of dry garbage is even faster and easier. In addition, the cellular structure allows for cleaning in a long period of time. Textile and rubber mats can not boast.

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