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The Phone, manufactured by Apple, is recognized as the most popular in the world. And we've got used to it. Everybody's waiting for will be a new iPhone, everyone knows that this is – one of the best mobile devices available in the market, and in many countries iPhones are a sign of wealth and success. Sometimes we don't even mind to play tricks on people using this device to indicate their desire to stand out in this way. But anyway, we all know that there is such a smartphone.

Due to its popularity and attractiveness in the eyes of some people “Apple” devices often be a gift, promotion or prize. Sometimes they even do discounts, thus increasing sales of the device.

One of these stock, we will speak in this article. Took her online store SAS. Reviews of hundreds of people on various websites show that the campaign has gained wide resonance in the society, whereby it was enriched by the organizers. In order to forestall similar scams in the future and to convince people that it is necessary to think a head before you trust your money in this article, we will tell the story of this Scam.

SAS reviews

Stocks on iPhone

As mentioned above, Apple are frequent targets of discounts. Well, it so happens that a fairly high demand they are always so shops, using this, generate yourself a sale, dropping the price of the iPhone a little more than competitors. These shares are usually held by some special scheme or in a limited number, for example, the discount is given in exchange for old smartphone or the promotion is valid only one day.


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The Story that we tell readers in this article is an example of a slightly different approach. The action, according to which it was possible to purchase a cheap iPhone, organized store SAS. A show that previously, this resource was not known, and the popularity it gained solely due to the “hot” the prices of their iPhones. Was she in a lower cost. reviews

Buy cheaper

The Object of the event was the new iPhone 6, which was released in the fall. Before the company demonstrated the device at the conference around the model went up the extraordinary hype – all the fans held their breath and waited to see what happens device. Then there was a demonstration, and began pre-orders for the novelty.

Here and played the role of “hero” our paper store SAS. Reviews show that the buyer was offered the iPhones 6-th generation at a price of 20 thousand rubles that were supposed to arrive in our country about 7 days after the debut in the United States. This price, of course, turned out to be too low, because in other stores, the phone cost about 45 thousand. And, in truth, to buy it in the first days after the opening would be difficult because of the queues at the Apple Store across America. This, apparently, played the store the SAS. Feedback showed that people very much wanted to device a new generation, and even at such a low price.

SAS online store reviews

Shop SAS

You ask what's wrong with that if the store offered a decent discount? Perhaps the organizers were going to hold a normal marketing campaign to get the attention of buyers, and then to raise prices and work, as well as other similar services? But the thing is that the company SAS (reviews confirm this) worked on a prepaid basis. Thus, those who wanted to get their cheap phone after the presentation, had to pay for it even before those 20 thousand rubles.

Perhaps the customers and understand the riskiness of the whole scheme, but hoped to contact information openness of the company and its advertising. Because, you see, if you make a pre-payment in the store, information about which appeared from time to time on TV, reason to trust you quite a lot, considering the unique opportunity to take “Apple” unit for such a small amount. And so it happened. According to statistics, the store has collected several thousands of pre-orders in just a couple of months of his “advanced” work.

And the people who passed the money, still expected the signal to start the issuing of the new phones. But he did not.


Another point that should be clarified first of all is the story. It can not be any store to announce: sell the goods at a discount 50%! Must exist a beautiful story explaining why the iPhone can be sold for 20 thousand in a SAS shop. The reviews of those who have entrusted their funds to this service, indicate the following legend.

So, there are really cheap Apple device, the cost of which is $ 100. There is even a free iPhone previous generations, which can be anyone. The only limitation – this is a binding contract. The cost of using them is two years with monthly payments of 20-30 dollars. Due to this, it turns out that people will have to pay for the connection as much as a new phone without a contract (so-called Unblocked version). Thus, the price will be eventually paid the same. Only the user is provided communication services for a couple of years, which in itself is beneficial.

What is this information? To what wrote on its website! Reviews show that this shop claimed that they supposedly buy the Locked version of the iPhone at the price of 100-200 dollars, and then unlocks them and bring to our country. Thus, the phone and supposedly fully functional, and their cost is lower by almost three times. Looks beautiful – the average user can not easily believe. Well, nothing.

boilers SAS reviews

A Little theory

To understand how many are actually worth the iPhone, just look at the price of other sellers. You will see that all the stores have a certain level, below which to reduce the cost, no one will. This is the line below which nobody will not sell you anything. In the case of SAS (feedback we present next), is 20 thousand rubles – price, which just can't be in nature. Why? See for yourself.

To Buy a device tied to a specific operator, under contract, of course, possible. But to make it possible for people that have the insurance information and social security cards. That is, to arrive from Russia and to say “Give me 100 iPhone 6” not – the company strictly ensures that how to treat “contract” models. To purchase one or two models, but I can arrange a bulk purchase, about which were talking in the store, you can not. This is the first.

Second, the removal of binding – this is an additional cost that had to be invested in the cost of the phone. You can't just "to untie" smartphone and make it work with all operators. Jailbreak, which is done with a special chip, will cost several tens of dollars (at best). Yes and functionality of this phone can be restricted in order to sell it in the store in large quantities.

SAS UWG reviews

So it all – false information, on the basis of which attracted customers in Reviews show that not all buyers are aware of this, so the Scam failed.


Return to what the iPhone popular. Yes, it is really an undeniable fact – all are watching the model waiting for its release, expect to get a first. And imagine how popular iPhones that are 50 percent cheaper!

It is so profitable – at such a low price to buy new in the SAS store! iPhone (the reviews can attest to) have not offered so cheap! And after all, what is most interesting - the company had a network of offices, their legal addresses, phone numbers and official representatives, ready at any moment to communicate with customers. Due to this doubt that it is-fake, had dispersed themselves. And thus, the shop has become known. People did advance, and the organizers additional advertising capital for new investments.


For Example, the rollers of the store was shown on television. They talked about the offer with cheap iPhones, which sells SAS (online store).

Feedback on different services throughout the network began to appear even quicker – apparently, it was also organized and paid share with involvement of the authors who wrote them. People claimed that the store is reliable enough to deliver their promises and provide the device for half the price.

Even went to that famous TV presenter Ksenia Borodina in social networks referred to the store with the hope that it is real and workable. Of course, all this only increased the number of ‘invested" in the iPhone people.

boilers SAS reviews

Future developments

As the situation developed further? In fact, nothing happened. Before the release of the iPhone 6 on the Internet continuously had doubts regarding the honesty of the shop, after which they tried to debunk. When the phone was released in...

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