Agriculture of Ukraine: current situation and prospects.


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Ukraine is historically an agricultural country. This is because the local soil is the best suited for this activity: black soil make up 60% of the total area, which, combined with a favorable climate allows us to achieve high yields of many crops without the use of fertilizers. All this makes the Ukrainian agriculture one of the most important sectors of the economy. Almost a third of jobs and a significant part of gross domestic product in the state provides it at the expense of agriculture.

The Climate and soil of Ukraine are best suited to growing many major sechskant, so the preference is traditionally given to agriculture. It and cereals, vegetables and fruits. For the production of root crops such as sugar beet and carrots, Ukraine ranks first in Europe. Also, a large part of domestically produced agricultural products is corn, potatoes, beans.

At the moment the agriculture of Ukraine is experiencing not the best times. This is due to the difficult economic situation within the state and in the world. The outbreak was the rise in the number of farms considerably decreased, and in most regions is dominated by consumer agriculture, that is, the people  on their own sites proizvodyat only the amount of agricultural products required to meet their own needs, and to a small extent – for retail sale.


However, the agriculture of Ukraine has all the prerequisites to become highly profitable: in addition to the unique climatic and geographical conditions, which are mentioned above, there is a certain reputation of Ukrainian agricultural products. It is known that most of it is produced without chemical additives and fertilizers, and in the world there is a clear trend of preference by consumers of such products. Up to a certain period, there was growth of export of Ukrainian agricultural products in connection with its high demand on the world market. Unfortunately, the deterioration of the economic situation in the country and the world has led to the fact that agriculture of Ukraine at the moment is experiencing a significant decline. This to a large extent contribute to the high fuel prices, because of which wholesale sales of agricultural products becomes unprofitable, because the wholesale prices asked by the producers of cheaper products from abroad. Also the industry lacks modern equipment, which reduces the production efficiency to a minimum. Inefficient loan system, tax and benefits also contribute to the fact that more and more farms closed, and the new don't hurry be formed. Among the factors that adversely affect the agriculture of Ukraine, also worth noting is not always rational use of farmland and lack of effective planning in agriculture.


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Thus, in the country there is a paradoxical situation: a traditionally profitable industry for which nature has created favorable conditions, at the moment is unprofitable, and hardly the situation will change without adequate intervention by the state. In order for agriculture of Ukraine has once again become profitable, necessary measures such as improvement of taxation for farmers, provision of subsidized long-term loans for the purchase of fuel, equipment and consumables, the provision of such farms farmland on preferential basis. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to be implemented soon because of the difficult economic situation in the country, so the agriculture of Ukraine and will remain in a difficult situation.

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