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Street food all over the planet presented great variety of options. In Russia there is an enormous number of dishes of this area. One of the brightest of its representatives can be called Shawarma.

The reasons for the popularity of Shawarma and features

business plan ShawarmaThe dish came to us from Turkey. Born on the shores of the Black sea, it is particularly easy to prepare. In it the delicious meat, fresh vegetables, pita bread and sauce. So useful, simple and at the same time, inexpensive food could not go unnoticed by entrepreneurs. In order to put up a stall with Shawarma, a business plan for a complex is not necessary because the ease of creation of dishes miraculously connected with the absence of any difficulties in creating their own business.

Another reason for the popularity of this dish can be called high calorie content. So, one serving Shawarma can easily replace a full meal.

Depending on the region, the dish can carry certain differences. These include:

- replacement of Armenian lavash for the tortilla;

- the sauce (from tomato, balsamic ending);

- various meats (there are recipes for pork, lamb, beef, chicken).

So to open a Shawarma, a business plan should include specifics of the taste preferences of the selected region. It is a prerequisite.

How to make a preliminary business plan Shawarma calculations

open Shawarma business planThe First step is to designate the district, which will be the implementation of the product. It should be understood that we are talking about the dish that I prefer to use as a replacement for a full meal. Therefore, the optimum choice will be implemented in areas with high concentration of flows of people. For example, in large cities it can be:


Staff evaluation: system and methods

Staff evaluation: system and methods

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How to start your own business: important aspects.

How to start your own business: important aspects.

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Business activities. its essence and basic functions

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- the square next to educational institutions;

- squares and embankments;

- the places where people gather, a way of work which involves the frequent purchase of fast food (a bus Terminus, and so on);

- the site have any sports facilities.

Once you make it into a finished business plan, Shawarma which is the basis for further calculations. The next step is to analyze the flow of people – this will help to determine the possible daily profit. You should note that in some places the trade may vary with the season. So, for example, the promenade will be the most relevant place sale in the spring and summer.

If you are thinking about how to open a Shawarma, a business plan, the cost of which should be carefully planned, should include the lease or purchase of premises. Most of the existing items for the sale, make the pillars for implementation of activities in the stall. Its design allows you to create compliance with those standards and to make reasonable use of space, minimizing the cost of space rental.

Next step – equipment

business plan Shawarma calculations
How to write the actual business plan of a gyro? The sample on the basis of which method of making various adjustments, you can make the calculation based on the characteristics of each locality, will always include several key points. However, it should be clarified: the equipment is in almost all cases will be standard.

In the core list includes:

A Spit to roast meat. This equipment, though, and is highly specialized, is available to purchase in all cities. Meet spit from different manufacturers, but the stove of this type is always one.

Waffle Iron. According to the conditional term is called adaptation, which is pressing a finished Taco, followed zazharkoy. The ribbed surface of the waffle iron creates the signature pattern on pita bread, similar to a grill.

Refrigerator. In the refrigerator stored meat, vegetables, sauces and so on. It is necessary to clarify the ability of the commodity neighbourhood, that from the point of view of correctness of storage products from inspection authorities no questions. If necessary, create a distinction you will need to purchase two fridges.

Additional equipment

how to start a Shawarma business plan costs
All the above equipment is not sufficient to create a complete business plan the tent with Shawarma. In addition, you need to add the following kitchen equipment:

- knives


- cutting Board;

- containers for storage;


You should Also consider the method of delivery. In most cases it occurs by packaging in a disposable plastic bag, which is supplemented with a napkin. In other cases, the finished dish is served on a plate. It should be understood that a full serving is impossible, since we are talking about the dish, the use of which mainly takes place on the go.

Communications and the creation of conditions

a stall with Shawarma business plan
For cooking kebabs, in addition to simple equipment and a few related tools, you only need the power supply. Other utilities are connected at will. Speaking about the full production process, you should consider the water – no it will not work in place to work with food. Fortunately, in the modern world, summarizing communications – the case is simple enough. To connect the electricity, of course, is much faster than connected to the water supply, however, both manipulations are performed at quite affordable prices and in a short time.

Design Features

business plan for the tent with Shawarma
As the main direction, which adheres to a business plan – Shawarma, you should make the supports for the stimulation of appetite. If to consider this question from the point of view of psychology, an amazing effect for perception has a red color. It causes the feeling of hunger, increasing the desire to make a purchase. No wonder the word "red" means "beautiful"!

A Little advice: in no case should not be copied is already known in this region brands. Apart from the silly attempts to conform to others ideals, you can get sued for using someone else's work for their own selfish purposes. Because the only thing that sees our business plan – Shawarma, appropriate creation of attractive signboards showing the tasty products sold in this place. Should hire a team of professional photographers and designers to create your own style – such costs will be repaid completely, as the initial visual appeal of the business you present, will determine his fate.

List of expenditure

a ready business plan Shawarma
So the business plan (Shawarma - a product that we will produce and implement) consists of the above parts, the cost of which will be able to solve the mystery of a full range of implementation costs for the business. The main parts of the standard calculation would be as follows:

- rent a stall – 10-50 thousand rubles a month, depending on location;

- acquisition stand - 130-250 thousand, depending on the area and place of trading;

- rent land – 2-5 thousand rubles per month;

the acquisition of the main equipment: furnace for roasting – 100 thousand, waffle maker – 35 thousand, refrigerator – 30 thousand, kitchen tools – 5 thousand;

additionally you may need to purchase furniture (tables, chairs), the average cost of which varies from 10 to 40 thousand rubles;

- communications – 5-10 thousand rubles.

Additional costs could be:
- design – from 5 to 50 thousand rubles, depending on the complexity of the implemented ideas.

You Should immediately be prepared to purchase the necessary raw materials (about 5 thousand). If you plan on hiring, you should take care of the upcoming wages (about 20 thousand rubles), as the first month of work will be in test mode and, most likely, the profit will be insufficient to cover expenses.

Thus, the budget plan of opening is subject to 227 thousand rubles. The maximum option, which includes the lease, and the purchase of a stall, will include 600 thousand rubles.

The Return

The Calculation of ROI is an extremely difficult task, as everything is tied to providing relevant data regarding possible level of popularity of the business. As the evaluation criterion can be based on already existing business of this area, running a period of time in place, the permeability of which is similar to yours. In the calculations it is necessary to clean about 20 percent, because this amount – profit from loyal customers. The new business will accumulate them for about a year.


The Performance of this business depends entirely on an integrated approach. Its implementation will be successful only with the guarantee of the correctness of calculations for the creation of start, and when...

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