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The Idea of comprehensive development of the apiary, which can comfortably accommodate and transport several families, sooner or later comes to everyone's mind is the beekeeper. There is nothing original, and experienced beekeepers have long implemented such designs. Classic pavilion for bees is in some way comparable to a Dorm or apartment building, which also housed different families. But there are such structures, one feature-they provide the ability to transport from place to place.

pavilion for bees

General information about bee pavilions

It would be wrong to attribute these pavilions to specialized residential facilities for honey plants. It is not so, because the design targets a more technical organization and contents of the houses with year olds. Moreover, a movable pavilion for bees in the base of the concept was calculated as a means of improving the convenience in the operation of apiaries. The advantages of this method of beekeeping gets more of a owner than insects.

However, indirectly and bees have certain benefits from such a vital organization. First, handheld design saves the beekeeper from unnecessary manipulation of the houses, therefore, the honey plants less worries if you have to relocate their place of residence. Second, it eliminates the need for arranging a separate place for the winter, which in itself is a serious problem in cold regions. Qualitatively insulated pavilion for bees provides optimal microclimate at any time of the year. So it's beneficial to all.


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pavilion for bees with their hands

Construction of the pavilion for bees

According to the technical device of the pavilion is a wood base with multiple tiers in which a special place is given to the undercarriage. There are different approaches to its implementation. For example, a large-scale professional agriculture project design with the possibility of their production on the chassis of the car or truck – depending on the size of the pavilion. The Central part of the structure is frame structure. The most advantageous from the point of view of a mobile operation device pavilion for bees involves the use of metal-rolling profiles to which are fixed brackets front and rear springs. Under the roof on the frame are fastened together and attached with screws to the uprights hives. For the manufacture of the latter use traditional wood-plywood panel, allowing the possibility of integration of store extensions. In some versions it is also planned to install a veranda with a deaf gate.

cassette pavilion for bees

Variety of designs

Structural Models differ in the set of criteria determining the classification of pavilions. First the experts separate the objects according to the number of families. The minimum number is 10. Such designs are usually used on large areas. They are easy perebeinos on the square and at the same time disturb the bees during transport. Traditional cassette pavilion for bees is the incorporation of a large number of hives – up to 30. Similar designs it is better to use in small areas. There is the classification of pavilions, which are based on the differences in the device itself houses. For example, the walls can be installed in Windows of different constructions and special ventilation system. Different approaches to the organization of the spring flight. Advanced projects are calculated on the device cloudlite.

movable pavilion for bees

Dimensions pavilion

The Model average projects involve the length of the pavilion of 6-7 m, width from 2 to 3 m and a height of 3 m. These dimensions meet the requirements of the traffic police, what is important during transportation of the pavilions on the roads. As for settings, indoors, the height is usually about 2 m, and the passages between the houses 70-80 cm When calculating dimensions it is important to remember that the thickness of the walls will affect not only the main material and finish insulation. Usually a pavilion for bees is provided by a further layer in the form of a foam, whose thickness can reach 2 cm as a finish veneer that covers the insulation, apply three-layer plywood. If in the case of insulation of foam material parameters are calculated based on the requirements of the local climate, the exterior finish should be as durable. That is, three-layer plywood can be considered as the best option.

beekeeping in the halls

Tools and materials for the construction of the pavilion

In manufacturing facilities much depends on the quality of the circuitry, so to save on materials is not necessary. A basic set of tools should be submitted to joinery and plumbing kits. Also it will be useful to provide tools for welding, Jack, gauge and brush for painting. The consumables you will need nails, paint, hinges for Windows and doors. Depending on the original plan the answer to the question about how to make a pavilion for bees with their hands, may provide different approaches to the construction of the baseline design. If the calculation is done on a small pavilion, you can focus on chipboard materials – in particular, to give preference to panels of MDF or particle Board. Solid construction, on the contrary, it is desirable to apply metal sheets. By the way, a framework will also have to be executed from stainless steel.

Assembly work

To the business operation should start from the characteristics of the trailer is chosen as the platform for the pavilion. It should be levelled using the Jack and tool leveling. In the presence of the skirting and the floor must be dismantled. All parts of that project are the basis of design are only made from new materials. Begin work with the installation of metal skeleton-frames formed from a frame. Technological holes then screwed the wooden planks on the type of sheathing. Efficiently perform a pavilion for bees with their hands will only provided that were initially correctly placed the attachment. This is the point in metal parts, through which the elements of the sheathing are fixed to the metal by means of screws or screws. On the crate set wooden or metal panels. The final step is to ensure the design of Windows and doors.

how to make a pavilion for bees with their hands

Performing insulation

The Issues of creating an optimal climate for the lives of bees are key in the improvement of traditional beehives, and, of course, essential in the construction of mobile apiaries. Since the content of the bees in the pavilions is calculated for the winter period requires the creation of appropriate insulation. The function of the heater can perform primarily ecological materials, which at the same time in the design. It can be tube, natural linen fibers, or a traditional mineral wool. From the point of view of installation, it is better to use the cork panels as they are easily handled and easily attached to the hardware. More complicated is the case with fibrous and cotton insulators. They have expanded in the vertical plane, while ensuring uniformity and absence of voids. You can then apply the principle of the sheathing, the elements of which will press the material to the wall.

Pros and cons of pavilion for bees

Advantages of the cluster content of bee families is obvious and underlined by many experts. First and foremost, the pavilion facilitates the process of care and maintenance of farm for the owner. For example, it is easier to feed and faster the development of families. Because the design of pavilion for bees is being developed with the possibility of displacement, to its advantages include and improve the efficiency of the pollinator and honey process. Timely movement of houses in the most efficient location for beekeeping farm in the end impact on improving the quality of the honey, and the health insects. If we talk about the cons, then perhaps the only significant disadvantage of the pavilions will close proximity of bee colonies among themselves. But the problems of internal organization of life depends on design and houses initially suitable for specific families.

device pavilion for bees


With all the advantages of mobile pavilions for the bees, their use is justified not always. Most often such structures are used by owners of large apiaries, where do I move the hives. If we are talking about a modest farm pavilion for bees may not be necessary. In any case, the contents of several families in separate houses is not inferior to the cluster organization life honey plants, if properly organize the processes of feeding and care. Another thing is that near the pavilion, there are obvious advantages from the standpoint of comfort...

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