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Active cultivation of cucumbers people did long ago. However, our ancestors could not even imagine how people will grow them in the future. Today, gardening can be considered a science. As soon as it developed, there have been many elite varieties and developed many new methods of planting and caring for cucumbers. They are planted in greenhouses of different types. Bushes form, tied up or allowed on the ground in the open field. In our article we will analyze the basic methods of growing cucumbers.

The Preparatory phase

The Creation of optimal conditions for the care of cucumbers from planting to harvest – what is required from an experienced gardener. Those who are just starting to engage in the cultivation of vegetable crops, need to get as much information about it.

As always, it all starts with choosing varieties. It must match the climatic conditions of your region. Each individual kind of vegetable there is a certain period of vegetation and different degrees of adaptation to soil and weather conditions. For the Central and southern parts of the country suitable heat-loving varieties with a long growing season, and for the Ural climate – early or mid-season.

It is Important to decide where to grow vegetable crops. Based on this, you need to pre-purchase the necessary materials, fertilizers, working tools and tools for the various processing plants and greenhouses. The complete process of cultivation of this vegetable can be divided into two stages: the planting of cucumbers and care for cucumbers. Before proceeding to the discussion, see what seeds you can choose from. The main thing-not to be mistaken with the purchase yielding varieties.


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Planting and caring for cucumbers in the greenhouse

Selecting seeds

To carry out his plans and certainly not put themselves at risk to remain without a crop, you should choose a few varieties of self-pollinated hybrids. In any case, some of them will give much fruit. If you are planning to organize the planting and caring for cucumbers in a greenhouse, you can buy the following classes:

  • Masha F1. Very early variety, suitable for conservation.
  • Emelya F1. Hybrid medium ripening, salad.
  • Emerald family F1. One of the best types for winter preparations, early maturing.
  • Moscow nights F1. Universal hybrid, pleasing early harvest.
  • école F1. Zasolochny medium early variety.
  • Altai gherkin F1. A great cucumber for cooking fresh salads, early.

Planting and care of cucumbers in the open ground be obliged to buy seeds with a short maturation. It is the hybrids that can give good yields in conditions of short summer. Creating elite varieties, the breeders counted on the fact that they will tolerate drought, high humidity and the cold. We offer you to pay attention to a few variants resistant hybrids for cultivation in the Urals.

  • Spring F1. One of the best types of zasolochny cucumbers, with early maturity.
  • Zhuravlenok F1. The hybrid is widely used in cooking, more suitable for cooking fresh salads. Ripens early.
  • Graceful. Salad, early-maturing variety.
  • Firefly. Different average maturity, is used for winter preparations.
  • Reliable. Intended for preservation, early maturing.
  • Squad. Universal cucumber, the first fruits of which can be used for salads, past – for pickling.

In the southern regions experienced gardeners recommend planting cucumbers with long branched stems. Due to the foliage they create a kind of “roof” that protects them from direct sunlight. These include: Ant, F1, Hunting series F1, Cricket F1, the First F1 class.

Cucumbers for the Urals greenhouse care, planting, crop

Types of structures for growing cucumbers

In the Urals cucumbers grown in glass greenhouses, film greenhouses and open field. The first two methods are more rational because they increase the likelihood of rapid growth and normal development of culture. Some farmers practice planting cucumbers and care for them on their plots. However, such agriculture is associated with the risk of losing a significant portion of the fruit.

Properly selected greenhouse or a greenhouse allows you to grow seedlings and vegetable crops provides optimum humidity, temperature and supplementary lighting. The most important role of such structures is that they significantly extend the period of fruiting vegetables in areas with short summers. Greenhouses are wall, in the shape of a butterfly, the arc film and polycarbonate. In their manufacture may be used such materials as wood, glass, aluminum and other metals. Maybe you will like one of the options, you decide to change the usual method of care and planting cucumbers. Photos of some structures is provided in the article.

The Professionals engaged in farming one year, constructing on their plots dome-shaped greenhouses, with the function of lifting the upper part. The basis of the design is made of strong material in the form of the letter P. the Dome with height adjustment enables you to create suitable conditions for plant growth at every stage of their development. In the summer greenhouse of this type is kept open.

Growing cucumbers in a greenhouse made of polycarbonate, fit and care – the process is quite time consuming, but it pays off. Using a miniature wooden structures does not provide sufficient yield. If you want to increase the amount of fruit grown, small greenhouses it is better to take under the seedlings, and for the main vegetable to get a room with a large area.

From polycarbonate Greenhouses you can build yourself or purchase at a specialty store. The second option is more convenient, because equipped with all kinds of equipment needed for growing plants. Prefabricated structures are supplied by manufacturers in different ways. The dimensions and configuration can be very different. Many of them have irrigation systems, heating and lighting. In greenhouses made of polycarbonate creates a suitable microclimate for normal humidity, which is important for the good of the ovary of the fruit.

Planting and caring for cucumbers in the ground


Prepare a suitable soil for cucumbers. Planting and care can not be successful without the presence of essential trace elements for plant nutrition. The creation of fertile soil would be good to collect a certain amount of organic matter. It can be put in any slot, and evenly scattered around the greenhouse. Organic fertilizers include vegetable waste, grass and other plant remains. If such blanks are collected in the autumn, in the winter they need to cover with a layer of leaves or humus. The challenge was to create a loose light soil, in which organic supplements will account for about 40 %.

To increase the permeability of the soil, it is possible to make the following: peat, compost, chopped straw, last year's sawdust, rotted leaves, humus.

Caring for cucumbers from planting to harvest


The First thing you need to take care of seeding cucumbers. Planting and care of seedlings are carried out in different ways, depending on where it is headed. In greenhouses care of her in the same way as when planting in the ground, because here she is on a constant place. If the seeds are planted in peat cups and are in a separate room, they need to create optimal conditions. You may need additional lighting, spraying or fertilizing. It is important to monitor the growth of the seedlings in order to transplant it into the greenhouse.

In a heated greenhouse seeds are directly immersed into the soil to 4-5 cm Used two-line method, with a distance of 0.5 m. the Width of the track left 80 cm, and between the future bushes – 25. Planting begins in late March. During seed germination the temperature should be at least 27 oC. as soon As the seedlings sprout, and the daylight in the room increased to 15 hours.

If the greenhouse is not heated, the seedlings were grown in peat cups. They are used in order not to injure plants when transplanting. When the shoots fired at 4 true leaves can be planted in the greenhouse. Typically, this occurs at the beginning of may. Seedlings are planted according to the scheme described above.

cucumber Planting and caring for cucumbers

Preparing the greenhouses

To the planting and care of cucumbers in the greenhouse was delivered less hassle, you need to hold it disinfected. It includes the following manipulations:

  • The cover Film and the glass you need to wash a concentrated soap solution.
  • Metal parts clean with a solution of vinegar.
  • Polycarbonate is washed with weak manganese breeding.
  • After preliminary work, the room must be properly ventilated and dry.

Such processing is carried out in the nece...

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