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Today the importance of agriculture to the economy of any country is very large. Developed new methods of maintenance and care, to agricultural. animals feel more comfortable and bring the maximum benefit, this desire to mechanize all kinds of work related to agriculture industry that grows every year.

Concept and types

Livestock complex - a specialized large enterprise industrial class, whose task is the production of livestock products through the use of latest technologies.

There Are pig, sheep, cattle, horse, animal, rabbit, poultry farms. View of the livestock complex depends on agricultural. animals it contains, or what type of products is essential.

agricultural animals

Specialization of such enterprises are usually small, the simultaneous production of two or more types of products contrary to the sanitary and hygienic norms. Let us consider the example: if the complex belongs to the species of cattle, agricultural. animals are kept either for the purpose of receiving meat, or for the purpose of milk collection.

Area of a livestock breeding complex

The Division of the territory into zones one of the key factors in the successful work of the complex. There are 4 main areas:

  1. Administrative - part of the complex, where there is everything necessary for rest of the staff (dining room, showers), all decisions related to the working activity.
  2. Auxiliary, or veterinary area, which is a veterinary pharmacy, sanitary checkpoint, and checkpoints. Here the agricultural. animals can get the help they need.
  3. The Main production area, which contains buildings for animal feed. And this area is a place for walking of animals. Here are all the main types of work.
  4. Area for waste is located the building for processing, storage and collection of waste animal wastes (manure storage facilities).livestock complex

System maintenance of animals

The Content of agricultural. animals - a set of measures for the care of animals, maintain their vitality and productivity (feeding, watering, hygiene, walking).


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Developed many systems for the keeping of animals for each livestock complex. The choice of system depends on the following parameters: climatic conditions, number of animals, economic and technological capabilities, the appearance of the resulting product.

Let us Consider the example of cattle breeding: the main criterion in this industry when choosing a system is usually geographical location and livestock.


Pasture system (divided into two subsystems) is a year-round animals spend on pasture (extensive subsystem - only on natural pastures, in the winter season in distant pastures; intensive subsystem in the pastures, where he nurtured culture).

Stall-pasture in summer, walking and feeding animals occur on pastures in winter in the stable.

Stall-camp - cold season agricultural. animals held in a room, in the summer they move to the camp, equipped with everything necessary for the full livestock, this system is used in countries where because of climatic conditions, absence of natural food.

Stall - all year round animals are in the stable.

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