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Drugs used to increase the productivity of household poultry and animals, there are many. One of the most popular and widely used is “Tectonic”. The instructions have too many steps in itself does not include, and it's completely harmless and very effective.

General description

Is a drug “Tectonic” is a dark brown liquid spilled on the bottle. Give him to the animals and birds oral — is usually added to the drink. The beneficial effects of this tool due to the large content of different kinds of vitamins (A, C, D) and very useful amino acids.

tiktonik instruction

The Main effect of the drug “Tectonic” (the instructions for use for poultry, cattle, small ruminants, rabbits, etc. will be considered by us a little below) on the body of agricultural and ornamental animals is the normalization of metabolism. The use of this tool allows you to:

  • To Increase the productivity of household poultry and animals in terms of weight gain. The drug ‘Tectonic" instructions for use for broilers which is exactly the same as laying any other household animals, stimulates the growth and development of young stock due to fill in the body of the missing vitamins and amino acids.

  • To Reduce embryonic mortality. When using the “Tectonic”, for example, significantly increased the percentage of vyvodyaschy Chicks during incubation.

  • To Reduce the attack of the young because of different diseases. “Tectonic” not only stimulates the development of muscle tissue but also strengthens the body and increases its resistance to infections.

  • To Improve the condition of the skin of animals and feathers of birds.

  • Significantly increase the egg production of laying hens.

  • To Quickly restore the body poultry and farm animals after ingestion of harmful antibiotics.

  • To Reduce the risk of cannibalism. In this regard, it is useful to apply “Tectonic” for the birds. Instructions for use it is simple, and enter it in the body of the same hens will be quite easy. In this case, the beneficial effects of having a member of the drug sulfur. Indeed, as noted by vacationers, the lack of this substance causes birds such pathology, as Rackley.


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  • To Increase appetite in calves.

What you need to know

Especially useful to solder the preparation hens, ducks, rabbits, goats and cows in the winter. It is in this period in the feed there is a serious lack of vitamins. In the summer, "Tectonic" often give the animals that need to gain weight quickly. This can be, for example, broilers, meat breed rabbits and goats, etc.

tiktonik instructions for use for the birds

“Tectonic”: how to use

As already mentioned, give “Tectonic” animals and birds along with a drink. To one liter of water mixed with 1-2 ml of the drug. The frequency of meals should be 1 time per day for 5-7 days. Youngsters will have enough of 1 ml per liter, an adult bird and animals it is better to solder 2 ml.

Here in this way and use the drug “Tectonic”. Instructions for use for the birds and animals it is absolutely identical. Cause any harm when using it almost impossible. Some owners of household plots, for example, give 2 ml per liter of the drug small Chicks. And nothing terrible takes place. However, we do still do not suggest. For chickens, you should follow the recommendations given by the manufacturer in respect of the young.

tiktonik usage instructions


Opinion on the drug “Tectonic" of the instruction manual which is basic, the owners of a country household plots has developed very well. Experienced gardeners suggest to solder the drug of animals in the morning. At the same time in the trough should not pour too much water. It should be exactly as that the animals drank it all. You can then pour it into the troughs just clean water.

Because the drug this is still unnatural, to get involved they experienced breeders do not recommend. To give “Tectonic” rabbits, goats, chickens, etc. should be only as necessary. For example, if livestock do not gain weight after antibiotic treatment, reduction of egg laying chickens, etc. to Use this drug for prophylaxis or as a regular vitamin supplements, of course, should not be.

tectonic for birds instruction

Side effects and contraindications

As already mentioned, the drug “Tectonic" instructions for use which were considered by us above, it is considered absolutely harmless. In compliance with the doses and of the rules of soldering are no side-effects it causes. To give “Tectonic” can be absolutely any household animals and poultry. Some fans Pets solder it even dogs (mainly to improve the appearance of hair). A contraindication to receiving this tool can only be idiosyncrasy of the animal, or sensitivity to members of drug ingredients.

The Slaughter of rabbits, goats and chickens, taking “Tectonic”, can be performed without any restrictions. Wait for some time after his last reception is optional.

tiktonik instructions for use for broilers

How to store

Sold “Tectonic" instructions for use which, as you can see, quite simple, can or in gallon bottles, or in penicillin. For home garden plots, of course, much more suited to the latter. The fact that in a closed bottle of this product can be stored for up to 2 years. In the open or not sealed too tightly to lose their properties, it can pretty quickly. In any case, keep the bottles with “Tectonic” in a cool dry place and of course away from children.


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