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He is a successful businessman and experienced Manager, visionary and Manager. Thanks to these qualities, the entrepreneur Andrey Kozitsyn and was able to turn into a wealthy man, the financial assets which, according to the magazine «Forbes», are estimated at $ 2 billion. But Andrey Kozitsyn puts in my life in the first place not just money. He wants to help others and was able to prove that his words with deeds. Andrey Kozitsyn – well-known philanthropist, and for his native region he did a lot. How he was able to become a successful businessman? Consider this question in more detail.

Curriculum vitae

Andrey Kozitsyn – a native of the city of Verkhnyaya Pyshma (Sverdlovsk oblast). He was born on 9 June 1960. The desire to help people he showed even in childhood. He once saved a little girl who was about to drown in the river. For this heroic act, the young Kozitsyn Andrey Anatolyevich was awarded the gold medal «For the rescue of drowning".

Andrey Kozitsyn

Having matriculation, the young man entered the mining and metallurgical technical school. I. I. Polzunov, who was in Sverdlovsk.

Working life

After Graduating, Kozitsyn Andrey Anatolyevich were employed at the mill “Uralelektromed” as a locksmith. He has passed all steps of career ladder in the company and in the mid-90s, and finally topped it off. The time was difficult: “Uralelektromed” experienced serious production and economic crisis and to try to rectify the situation, Andrey decided to get another degree, becoming a student of the Ural Polytechnic University (faculty of metallurgy). Led ‘Uralelektromed” Kozintsev until 2002.


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The team

In the late 90s graduate of the mining and metallurgical College was headed by another large enterprise. We are talking about the Ural mining and metallurgical company, which appeared as a result of reorganization "Uralelectromed”.

Kozitsyn Andrey Anatolyevich

This structure was established by companion Kozitsyn, who is known as Iskander Makhmudov.


After some time, a number of enterprises producing ferrous and non-ferrous metals, construction and agricultural companies were consolidated in the “PCM – holding” which became upravlenia “PCM”. The head of the commercial Alliance became Andrey Kozitsyn, whose biography is of particular interest for beginners. After a time, the horizons of professional interests of entrepreneurs was slightly enlarged. In the late 90s, Andrei Kozitsyn (UGMK) has concluded on a parity basis best the acquisition of a zinc plant in Chelyabinsk. His companion was a businessman Igor Altushkin.

At the present time Andrey has headed the Union of enterprises of metallurgical complex of the Sverdlovsk region, included in the composition of the Presidium of the Association of metallurgists of our country and leading the Committee on metallurgy of the Russian CCI.

Charitable activity

As already emphasized, Kozitsyn lot of attention to projects whose aim is to provide real help to people. Andrey heads the charity Fund "Children of Russia”.

Andrey Kozitsyn, UMMC

He was able to instill a love of sports in his hometown. Now in the Top Pyshma train future world Champions. In the mid-noughties, with the assistance of Kozitsyn was built here, a multidisciplinary UMMC sport Palace. This modern complex is equipped with excellent training facilities.

Fall in 2010 before Junior opened the doors of a branch of the regional school of the Olympic reserve №1. And after some time in a solemn ceremony, the opening of the Centre of Olympic training of Russian national teams in table tennis. But that's not all. The next item that was scheduled to start, is the Ice sports Palace. Not every region in Russia can boast such a well-developed sports infrastructure. And this is largely due to businessman Andrey Kozitsyn.

In addition, the businessman has initiated the implementation of housing programs that benefit the terms of which provide an opportunity for young families of Upper Pyshma to get your own mansion. PCM, is engaged in the construction of the district “Garden”, which appeared on the ground, unoccupied for many years.

But that's not all of the projects Andrey Anatolyevich. In his hometown he created a Museum of military equipment, to pay respect to veterans.

Andrey Kozitsyn biography

And Kozitsyn cares about the spiritual revival of Upper Pyshma. It is with his participation appeared in the Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary and the mosque in the name of Imam Ismail Bukhari.

Naturally, such achievements in the field of philanthropy could not go unnoticed. Earlier Kozitsyn was awarded the title of “philanthropist of the year”, he received three orders of the Russian Orthodox Church, has many state and public awards. And he is the honorary citizen of Sverdlovsk region, city of Yekaterinburg and Verkhnyaya Pyshma city.

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