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JSC «Vladimir chemical plant” is a large chemical enterprise, located in the city of Vladimir. Production is focused on the manufacture of PVC cables, vinyl plastic, granular or rigid sheet materials. The collective was repeatedly awarded the awards for work achievements.

Vladimir chemical plant

The pioneer of the domestic chemistry

In the early 30-ies of the chemical industry of the USSR was in its infancy. The country desperately needed in such seemingly simple things as plastic products, plastic film, rubber, etc. to meet the deficit, the Soviet government decided to build a chemical plant for the manufacture of articles of synthetic resins – polycoria.

As the site was identified premises dyeing and finishing factory in the city of Vladimir. In the spring of 1932 earned a viscose rayon plant. First products were bottlecaps. Their production allowed to reduce purchases of expensive cork oak, purchased for the currency. Also viscose produced tubes and boxes for drugs, medications, perfumes, creams and other cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Later the range expanded at the expense of consumer goods: decorations, buttons, cigarette cases, powder boxes, mouthpieces, billiard balls.

chemical industry

Cadres decide everything

Obviously, the new industry was in dire need of highly qualified specialists. They had to train from scratch, picking up talented young people from universities (especially trade schools) and chemical companies. Later in the Vladimir chemical-mechanical College was established average training technical staff.


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Soon after starting work at Vladimir chemical plant (VCP) was established own laboratory, which was assigned an important mission for the monitoring of working complex equipment and monitoring the quality of manufactured products. Here gathered the best of the best – graduates of institutes and universities of Moscow, Leningrad, Vladimir, Ivanovo.


With the outbreak of hostilities, the profile of work of the enterprise has changed dramatically. Instead of tubes, boxes and trinkets, the band has mastered the production of alcohol-based resin, so necessary for the aircraft factories, airfields, repair shops. Crucial is the organization of production of insulation materials, which today are the main products of Vladimir chemical plant. Also, the company has installed injection moulding machines, in particular, was made most soldiers ' medallions WWII.

g Vladimir


After the war, the domestic chemical industry was experiencing unprecedented growth. In 50-ies the plant started production of vinyl plastic complex products. Commissioned workshops:

  • On the synthesis of cellulose acetate;
  • Extruded polystyrene;
  • Klapkowski.

60-e years became the Golden age of the VCP. Was carried out radical reconstruction, touched as buildings and technological equipment. The production of vinyl plastic and paolita were transferred on a continuous schedule. The plant in the city of Vladimir became one of the largest chemical plants in the Soviet Union.

70 years were marked by the expansion of the production base. For the manufacture of plastic films and polymers PET in England, the equipment was purchased. However, not enough to buy tools and units, it was necessary to competently install, configure, and organize mass production. With this, the factory workers did a great job, and the head of the new production Yu. V. Ryzhov was awarded the state prize of the USSR Council of Ministers. In parallel with the release of domestic films with a thickness of 6-250 µm on the VCP launched production of packaging for pharmaceuticals and food products.

chemical products

Insulating materials

Among all the chemical products plant, the most important are cable compound. They are intended for the manufacture of insulating coverings for electric cables. For their production on the personal initiative of the Minister of chemical industry in the 80-ies were purchased the best at the time of the Swiss equipment company “BUSS”.

Cheap, high quality, durable plastic stamps OM-40 on the tests showed excellent results and began to be delivered to all cable plants in the country. Line without significant changes faithfully worked for over 20 years. In the year 2000, has undergone modernization. For outstanding achievements the team was awarded the highest award in peacetime-to the order of the red banner.

Time for change

After the collapse of the USSR, the administration had to solve a difficult problem of maintaining the company afloat. First and foremost the Vladimir chemical plant was funded. From a number of unprofitable production had to be abandoned. To reduce the dependence on “supplier”, VCP was organized the production of many materials and components previously purchased from partners. In 1997 he launched a plant for the production of nitrogen, used in technological processes.

By the end of the 90s the specialists of the plant developed new types of compounds with the best characteristics: it 105V, B3, NGP 40-32.Launched into operation the Italian line chromoprotein highways to health facilities.

At the moment on the vast territory of the factory work, not all production. Unfortunately, the company is going through hard times. For example, in 2013, stopped the plot of polyethylene terephthalate film. It is hoped that the administration will manage to find a decent way out of the situation.



Today JSC "VCP" offers partners a wide range of PVC compounds for sheath:

  • Common;
  • Power;
  • Frost;
  • Without fragrance;
  • Low Flammability, low smoke;
  • Extremely fine;
  • Painted;
  • Injection;
  • Sheet.

The company Also has been producing PVC-u, welding rods, fiberglass materials for the production of soles, uppers, hoses, sealing elements and other products.

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