The German Industry. She is famous for?


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Germany is one of the leading States of the European Union. Its area is 357 thousand sq km and the population-approximately 83 million people. German industry is one of the most powerful not only in the region but in the world. Its development can be divided into two important periods: pre-war and post-war (Second world war).

German Industry

Automotive industry Germany

According to 2012 among manufacturing industries of the state is the undisputed leader engineering. Dominated by the automotive industry in Germany. This branch is one of the objects of national pride of the Germans. In this country there are the largest automobile concerns: "Opel”, “Mercedes-Benz”, “Audi”, «BMW», «Volkswagen». They offer the consumer machines that are in demand in all corners of the world. If a person buys a car assembled in Germany, it a priori there is no doubt its quality. Such a car is accurate and reliable. German industry supports the quality of its brands at the highest level.

Automotive industry in Germany

In addition to the automotive industry very high rates have other segments of the industry: water, railway transport. Great attention is paid to the development of a network of highways and freeways. This segment, though indirectly, but also refers to the transport sector.

Food Germany

In this sector the most developed segments are wine making and brewing. Special attention deserves the last. Germany is famous for its beer. On the territory of that state produced about four thousand varieties of the drink. Most interesting is that small private Breweries are available even in small towns, and sometimes in the larger towns. About one third of the produced beer is exported.


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Food industry Germany

However, with 2000 years of traditional flavors of the Germans began to change. The locals, instead of the classic beer more started to prefer wine. This led to the development of the wine industry. Moselle and Rhine wine, which makes German industry, known far beyond the country's borders.

Other branches

In addition to the above industries, special attention deserves the production of industrial equipment, electronics, computers and machine tools.

Has Long been famous for its products of light industry in Germany. Although now its volume in the market and decreased (global trend), however, the German production technology is one of the best. In Germany also developed chemical industry. A special place in this industry is the production of plastics and paint products.

The country has also developed metallurgy, which mainly uses imported raw materials. Of their materials the course is only the scrap to be melted. Gradually Germany in this sector has become an importer, although I put a rental on the world market. During the last global crisis, the state maintained its economic-production positions, as well as a reputation as a good and reliable partner.

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