Hydraulic fracturing: the deciphering of the abbreviations. Gas control points GRP


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Gas control points are established near residential and industrial areas. In this article, we consider the purpose, structure and classification of EMG. Also we will present the main principles of the setting items and the requirements for their operation.hydraulic fracturing transcript

Breakdown and fracture types

Gas control point (HF) is a complex of technological equipment and mechanisms for the adjustment of the gas pressure. The main purpose of the position: decrease inlet pressure of natural substances and maintain a given level of output, regardless of the expenditures.

Types of hydraulic fracturing as to the place of installation are:

  • GAS (gas control points, Cabinet-type) - this type provides the placing of equipment in a special Cabinet of noncombustible materials;
  • GRU (doors installation) - for this type of equipment is mounted on a frame and placed in the place of use of gas or elsewhere;
  • SGS (gas control block points) - with this arrangement the equipment shall be installed in buildings, container type, one or more;
  • Hydraulic fracturing (stationary gas control points) - with this type of equipment are housed in specialized buildings or separate premises, such a device is not accepted as standard product with full factory readiness.


Hydraulic fracturing can be classified according to several parameters. For example, the possible decrease of gas pressure. Transcript of hydraulic fracturing are discussed below.

  1. Single-stage gas control points. In such systems the gas pressure input to the working regulated in one step.
  2. Multi-stage gas control points. In systems with too high pressure single regulator may not cope with the slide function. In this case, the adjustment occurs in multiple stages by setting one or more regulators.

According to the output gas pressure is provided by hydraulic fracturing (explanation: gas control points), there are units that provide the same or different pressure.


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Also, the fracture can be single or dual outputs. The performance of the device is a left or a right, depending on locations of receipt of gas.

The Input and output of volatile substances can be performed from opposite sides of hydraulic fracturing, on the one hand, to be vertical and horizontal.

The pressure of the gas at the exit point can vary, thus fracturing klassifiziert:

  • Low gas pressure, when it falls from high (about 0.3-1.2 MPa) or medium (5 kPa – 0.3 MPa) parameters to low (<5 kPa);
  • Average, a reduction of the output pressure of 0,005-0,3 MPa.
  • High pressure when the output of gas is 0.3-1.2 MPa.EMG decoding GAZ

Lines GRP

Transcript of hydraulic fracturing have already given. Items can be dead-end or looped. This scheme applies for the security of gas supply. It consists in combining multiple fracturing. It is believed that the more units looped, the higher the reliability of the system. A dead end is considered a scheme when it is impractical to use more than one hydraulic fracturing for gas supply to the consumer.

According to technological schemes of hydraulic fracturing are distinguished:

  1. Single-line paragraphs. They are equipped with a reduction gas line.
  2. Multi-line. Can be equipped with two or more lines connected in parallel to the reducing gas. This unit is used when trying to maximize the reliability and performance of hydraulic fracturing operation.
  3. With the bypass. Backup line reduction, which is used during the repair of the main line.

Regulators in multiple units can be connected in parallel or series.

Hydraulic fracturing is completed in such equipment:

  • Pressure reducer gas;
  • Filter gas;
  • Safety valves;
  • Valves;
  • Instrumentation;
  • Block of the input substances for the smell of gas;
  • Gas heaters.

On the standby line is fitted with two shutoff devices, between which is mounted a pressure gauge.

Single items

Gas regulation points (GRP) with one line of the reducing gas shall consist of: technological equipment and the frame on which it is placed.

The Principle of operation of these devices:

  1. Gas passes the inlet and enters the filter. Here it is cleaned from harmful substances and impurities.
  2. The gas is Then fed to the pressure regulator through the relief-valve, which is the regulation of pressure – lowering to the required parameters, as well as maintaining values at the desired level.

If the passage of the regulator pressure is not reduced to normative parameters, provided a safety-bleed-valve or water seal.

If the gas discharge has not occurred, that triggers the safety shut-off valve and the termination of gas supply in PH-frac (explanation: the pressure parameter at the beginning of opening PZK) is not more than +0.02 MPa-normative set value of the valve (GOST R 53402-2009 p.

Gas control systems can be applied to the regulators of both direct and indirect action.

When choosing a GRP with one line reduction is usually based on the operating parameters of the controller: bandwidthability, the pressure on the inlet and outlet.the abbreviation GRP transcript

Multiple items

Deciphering abbreviations GRP - gas control points, this has already been said, there are single-line reduction, with two or more.

Controls on the discharge line of the pressure gas can be installed both in parallel and sequentially.

The Principle of operation of multi-line systems:

  1. To supply gas using a single source.
  2. After entering gas is distributed in all lines of hydraulic fracturing.
  3. The output lines are combined into a single manifold.

Multi-line systems more reliable, because in case of failure of one line of the reduction of its functions can be performed with others. Similar actions are performed and if necessary technical replacement of the regulator, clean the filter.

Schemas are used mostly at points of high pressure, for example, to supply consumers in the industrial field. Multiple systems are more expensive compared with single counterparts, they have large dimensions.

GRP with bypass line

The Above, stands for hydraulic fracturing and what happens. This paragraph will present the latest version of the gas control unit – with the bypass.

A Bypass called bypass, another name - the backup line is reduction of natural gas. It is used at the time of primary repair.

Multiline or single-line diagram is endowed with a bypass line. It is equipped with the same equipment that working, but will not participate in the process gas supply if the main line is working.

For backup safety shut-off valve configured to close when a high pressure regulator to lower. Thus, when exceeding the output pressure due to a malfunction of the main regulator shut-off valve stops supplying gas to the consumer. For the consumption of the output pressure falls and reaches the working norms of the bypass regulator. Typically, the pressure is set 10% lower than on the main line. The regulator maintains this level of reduction.

“the Technical regulation on safety of gas distribution networks and gas consumption” from 29.10.2010 item No. 44 prohibits the design of a single Cabinet and blocky fracturing with bypass line reduction. The only permitted replacement of equipment that is already in use.pH fracturing transcript

GRP with the metering of spending gas

Gas control point can be equipped with a node to account for the spending of gas. Counters are selected depending on the input and output pressure, capacity and number of users.

In Order to choose the right device that records use requirements that apply to the measuring instruments. Counters can be either direct or indirect measurements.

Hydraulic fracturing, equipped with metering of gas, consists of:

  • Auxiliary space (it houses the electrical equipment and the boiler);
  • Technology areas in which there is timing equipment, it is installed on supports or brackets.

This GRP is equipped with a natural ventilation, which performs the triple blowing of air per hour. If necessary, can be installed the automatic system.

how to decipher fracture

Requirements to GRP

Gas control point must be equipped in accordance with the requirements.

  1. The Building should be single storey. Not allowed the arrangement of the attic.
  2. Entry Width - 0.8 meters.
  3. Doors must open outward and do not interfere with the work item.
  4. Heating should be centralized.
  5. Three-time ventilation per hour (supply and exhaust).
  6. Temperature above +5 °C. When the decrease saddle pressure regulator will begin to be covered with ice.
  7. Lighting should be explosion-proof, natural or artificial.
  8. The building of the PIU is equipped with a separate lightning protection.
  9. Inner diameter of the purge gas candles must not be less than the greatest diameter of the seat controller that is installed on the equipment.
  10. Install switching devices on the input and output lines.
  11. All spaces – boiler house, building telemetry must be separated by air-tight walls.

In addition to the EMG sets out the requirement: the equipment of the building telemetry. It helps to ensure the control of pressure, temperature, power supply and opening the doors.

In the operation of this paragraph requires the documentation:

  • Operating passport and the log frac;
  • Set the inspection status of the item;
  • Schedules of inspection, testing and maintenance of the item;
  • Performance map;
  • Operating the passport controller.

the purpose of the classification of the EMG

Guidelines for choosing a controller to GRP

When designing the control point of gas it is important to choose the right pressure regulator.

It is selected based on:

  • The type of object of management;
  • The required gas consumption;
  • Maximum and minimum input and output pressure;
  • Control accuracy;
  • Acoustic requirements for the operation of the controller.

An Important criterion in the choice of the regulator is to ensure the sustainability of its operations at different pressures. For example, for deadlockline aggregate is applied, the regulator of direct action. Expenditure of gas in large volumes – indirect action.

Looped and branched lines are often equipped with astatic controllers of indirect action.

Output pressure may vary depending on several factors. For example, the lack of mode settings operation of the device or flaws of the individual parts of the controller.how to interpret the EMG values of the abbreviation


In the article, you learned how to decipher fracture, values, abbreviations, types of items and requirements for their operation.

Paragraphs provide additional purification of natural gas after the station distribution and maintain the required outlet pressure. This allows consumers to receive uninterrupted substance and use it.

When designing devices gas control unit it is important to make calculations and take into account the required parameters. What type of fracture will be installed depends on the needs of the territory. Especially attention is paid to the basic parameters of the gas pressure regulator.

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