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The Whole business operating in the world today, based on sales. Offer products and services of different companies from various industries, due to which there is an exchange of values and the further development of commercial relations. It sales are the source through which companies move forward. And, of course, the most difficult task facing any business is how to organize the sale.

In this article we consider the most relevant methods of sales. We will try to maximize their efficiency, to characterize each of them from the point of view of performance and complexity of use.

General theory

In fact, there are many different theoretical materials, which describe what methods of sales there are, how to use them, what should be remembered, in applying certain of them. Yet, of course, there are many individual aspects to keep in mind. For example, one of them is the specifics of the product or service you sell. Evaluate it should be not only based on characteristics of the product itself, but also by analyzing your immediate buyer, his preferences and interests.


That is, it should be noted that the study of sales techniques is much more complex than it might seem at first glance. It should examine the situation in which you sell the item you are trying to implement, and the subject of acting your buyer. Taking into account these elements, let me introduce you to the basic techniques of effective sales, which often take place in practice. This is not to say that this is an exhaustive list. In fact, these forms of sale of goods may be so much more. We give only the most common and accepted.


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Sales by customer

Each of us probably encountered with this technique more often. It lies in the fact that the company provides to its buyer service, due to what the past and makes a purchase. It looks very simple: you go to the store and choose what kind of product you want to acquire. The supermarket had previously provided a service to: its employees put the items in a particular order on the shelves of beautiful, has created all the conditions that you this product has been successfully taken and was taken on a cart to his car. There is also provided various methods of payment and perhaps even some bonuses for those who will buy more and more. This is a classic example of how techniques of sales through service.

methods of sale of commodities

For this technique are characterized by a high demand for the product. That is better so may sell such units, such as food, shoes and clothing, and any items needed. To sell anything more costly and less necessary in everyday life, it is necessary to apply other approaches.

The Service, on the other hand, works according to some standard template, offering the customer something that he has repeatedly seen. For example, think about it: you love to come to the store and just go for the product that is known to you. You don't like the long walk around the supermarket looking for bread and milk. Most often in such typical methods of selling goods are the shops open in this area. They strive to provide a high level of service in order to attract the customer to your store, to get him to come here on a regular basis.

methods of assessment of sales

Aggressive sales

For commodities, the demand for which the buyer does not feel, you should use a slightly different technique. It is in this case is used to implement some additional products about which the user is often not heard. For example, a shop offering accessories for the kitchen and home (which shows ads on TV). Sometimes on the same principles and methods of real estate sales.

The Main thing in this case is to attract the customer's attention to your product. First you just need to inform him about products to reveal its strengths and potential, to indicate how much it will make life easier for the buyer, how happy would he be if he gets hold of your goods. This approach is intended primarily to cause a client. Once you achieve this, he will gladly give their money and take the product.

The Lack of aggressive sales is the fact that today most buyers do not react to the tricks employed by traffickers. Most often they just refuse to communicate with you, immediately suspecting that you are trying to “sell" something worthless. But in such industries as real estate and cars, this approach can still give a great result.

methods of analysis of sales

Speculative method

If you don't offer your client a level of service and don't want to scratch him with their goods, you can use another item included in the list of “methods of selling". This technique is called the "speculative approach", and the main principle on which it acts ismanipulation by the client. It should be noted that in this case a strong factor that will determine whether they will buy from you or not, is psychology. You own actions can make this technique work, or, on the contrary, can easily ruin the whole thing. What is the principle of its action?

We All know that sometimes certain companies do we (your customers) gifts. Why is it necessary? Do they expect that we do will lead to that?

On the one hand, it seems stupid. On the other, numerous practice shows that this approach works. Giving something to a customer or congratulating him on his birthday, the company becomes psychologically closer to the person, he remembers it and treats her more friendly. Due to this, in the future the technique will lead to new sales and loyalty of the client.

sales comparison approach

Sales consulting

Another interesting way, which is also included in the group of “methods retail sales” (that is used in stores/on the market), is a business. Remember how often the seller begins "diagnose" your problem, for example: “Your old ISP has set the bar too high prices? The solution is - go to us and get 3 months of Internet free!” Or: “Your car consumes too much fuel? Do not worry! We can offer you a new car with the most fuel-efficient engine!"

It is Possible that such a situation did not arise in your life, but believe me, companies often focus on the problem of the client and show him to her, then to offer the solution.

This method to sell looks like advice. Because of this, this technique got its name.

Sales through reputation

Working with the client, often the company, indicate your age, country of origin or the number of satisfied customers who have left feedback about the product. You've noticed it, isn't it? So, all this is done on purpose. Such actions cause in the eyes of the buyer regarding the company formed a certain reputation. It should be, of course, positive. And then, as shown by any comparative sales approach, the manufacturer/brand/shop gets more than its competitors. And the whole point of reputation. Seeing that a particular company has been operating for over 20 years, the customer subconsciously prefer her to be younger and maybe less experienced companies and brands. And it is the main tool of sales through reputation.

the methods of retail sale

Experiments - the key to success

Actually, if you want to find the best way to sell their products, use multiple methods. If you can't do it at the same time, let's get to this kind of “testing” one by one. Even technical analysis of your product and the buyer and conditions, which are sale, will not give the guaranteed result. Any practical measurement of sales is always more accurate and predictable than any theoretical indicators that can not be ignored. So necessary any experiments that can give real results.


Of Course, once you spend sales through different approaches and techniques, you will understand what works best. And before that, it is first necessary to obtain analytical data and compare them with each other. Just so you can understand more precisely which approach helps to sell goods better.

Analysis of condition and results

Using a variety of methods of analysis of sales (as a “live” and a viewing statistics - it all depends on the specifics of your business), you must analyze not only the overall results in absolute terms. You need to pay attention to the conditions in which they were achieved. Because, you see, assessment of market conditions prevailing in the particular niche regarding specific product will give you the opportunity to say exactly which of the methods gave a more significant result. And, of course, using and scaling it, you get the most effective method of sales.

methods of selling

Assistance to identify: competitor analysis

If you examine what approach should be used in sales and how to decide it is possible to detect such a situation when the business owner doesn't know which method it is best to apply. After all, there are quite specific categories of goods that are not amenable to such simple analysis.

In this situation, the best advice is an indication of its competitors. Analyze how your work colleagues with the same type of product in the same niche, and you will understand where to start. Especially recommend to pay attention to the most successful competitors, can be positioned as leaders in your industry.

Improve your sales

Another important tip, which obviously will not be superfluous, if we are talking about marketing, is a constant learning experience. Believe me, even the leaders of the most competitive business industry that you can imagine, I don't know what works for sure. And no matter how much theoretical material you read, you will learn no more than the result of a longpractical work. So always improve your sales. Combine theory and practice and the only way you will be able to achieve meaningful results!

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