The tip of the cable. Features of advanced models


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Termination of conductors in a modern production is the tip of the cable bolt. Method of tightening the hex bolts in this case, the fastening of the tip on mine. Upon reaching a predetermined force, the head just breaks. Thus, the connection becomes reliable and durable, it meets all state standards and requirements.


For the connection and termination of cable is currently the most commonly used tip cable pressure.probe cableYou Need to fully control the penetration of the cable inside the ferrule to ensure reliable connection.

In this case, the size of the tip becomes quite important. In addition, to correctly select the necessary degree of sealing and compression of the joint, the size of the working tool and the connecting sleeve.

The Connecting sleeve and the cables under the moulding provided with a marking at the stage of production. Thanks to this labeling, it becomes easier to understand what kind of cable is suitable a particular product. The contact connection quality will only be the case if the dimensions are chosen properly. Then the tip of the cable becomes the most effective and reliable.

Clean the contact surfaces – one of the factors that ensures reliable contact connection. This also contributes to the contact pressure required for proper operation of the whole system.

copper cable lugs priceIn order to achieve good performance, it is necessary to first completely remove from the surface of the ferrules, sleeves or lived film oxidation, insulation of PE or paper insulation. Film oxidation should not be present on the surface, because its electrical conductivity is quite low.


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About cable pressure lugs

The Tip of a cable of this type can be reusable or disposable. In the case of the dismantling of reusable cables to disassemble much easier to then again set them to the same place. Disposable tips are different in that they must overflow.

At its core copper cable lugs, which may be different – it's a hollow glass which is made of soft metal.

High-Quality and reliable crimping crimping cable is guaranteed only if the type and size of the cable tip, matrix matched correctly.

Tips from aluminium

A Holistic connection of conductors made from aluminium-the main task, which is fulfilled by aluminium caps.copper cable lugs for compressingThe Products from this metal, used in pure form, are generally considered most suitable for modern cables, as they ensure reliable operation of the whole structure. Other products may use impurities which sometimes have a negative impact on the qualities of the source material.

In addition, large spread of cable lugs: copper pressure. Their installation takes only a few minutes. But in strength they are not able to get around aluminum products. However, in this case, you get the whole of a monolithic connection which provides a high quality connection.

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