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Open joint stock company “Neftekamsk automobile” – one of the leading Russian manufacturers of passenger buses. The second direction of the enterprise is assembled on the basis of KAMAZ heavy trucks, tanks and trailers.

open joint stock company Neftekamsk automobile


70 years since the construction of the auto giant KAMAZ, it was decided to build about Naberezhnye Chelny enterprise associates, which manufactured components. Neftekamsk automobile plant began to build 13.07.1972. It was planned to produce trucks and winches.

The First series truck KAMAZ-5511 collected in 1977, over the next 5 years they produced more than 100,000 units. From 1981 began to produce shift buses.

In 1993, NefAZ became a joint stock company. The first city bus model 5299 rolled off the Assembly line in 2001. In the mid-2000s, the company has established close contacts with the Dutch-Belgian concern VDL, interested in the production in Russia of the modern models of public transport. An important step was the establishment of electric bus NefAZ-52992 with a cruising range of 200 km. Environmentally friendly electric transport in the future will be able to replace buses with internal combustion engines.

neftekam AutoPLANT

Production of buses

Neftekamsk automobile plant capacity of 1,000 buses per year is in the area of 20 000 m2. All the plants are equipped with modern, mostly imported equipment. Here are the advanced technologies of European level, which allows to produce high quality products.

Automobile NefAZ in Neftekamsk stands out with high production. Workers are provided with comfortable uniform and means of protection, in the shops has been redecorated. Strict control in the plane of the occupational safety allows to minimize injuries, improve the fire safety of the enterprise.


Get Acquainted with the structure of the enterprise. Neftekamskiy Avtozavod consists of four proizvodstv:

  • Zagotovitelno;
  • Svarochnogo;
  • Krasochnoe;
  • Svarochnogo.


The quality of the parts and pieces is a Foundation of the manufacturers of products of high technical level. Used in blank production by German and Italian cutting machines receive the workpiece with high precision for linear and angular dimensions.


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For the exterior cladding of the frame is used galvanized rolled steel. The roll unwinding and correction plane of the workpiece is made at 23-roller straightening machine. The equipment allows to obtain a very smooth plane body, which positively affects the ease of installation and the quality of the staining.

Frame structures are welded on special stands, designed by factory engineers. Chassis according to customer requirements can be equipped with engines of KAMAZ (Euro-2), DAF (Euro-3) or Caterpillar (Euro-3).

Assembly and welding of the right and left halves of the bus is carried out on special stocks. Final Assembly is done on the Assembly stand. The internal cavity of the pipe is filled with corrosion-resistant materials guaranteeing a 10-year protection of the internal surfaces.



Neftekamsk automobile plant assembles seven basic models and modifications of 24 buses. In their cycle:

  • Turisticheski;
  • Mezhdugorodniy;
  • Prigorodny;
  • Elektricheskiy;
  • In the Northern version;
  • For people with disabilities.

On special order for all models developed anti-slip flooring. The engine compartment separated from the interior vibration and noise absorbing panels. The driver is left to chance. Today, every third Russian bus of the big class produced in Neftekamsk.

automobile NefAZ in Neftekamsk

Heavy trucks

OJSC “neftekam AutoPLANT" included in the group of companies KAMAZ, so it is logical that on its basis organized by the Assembly of cargo machinery:

  • Tankers for transportation of petroleum products;
  • Dump;
  • Bodywork trailers and semi-trailers for different purposes;
  • Snow removal equipment;
  • Spare parts, components, assemblies.

The Complex on production of trucks covers an area of 105 000 m2. More than 50 cars off the Assembly line of NefAZ daily. Daily production of components the plant requires 240-260 tons of metal.

The Assembly and welding of the platforms is done at the thread-mechanized lines. Their passing ability – 23 000 units per year. General welding nadramia, supports and body is held at the poster area. It is actively applied advanced method of robotic welding and multi-point contact machines.

Machining of parts is carried out on automated lines. Cutting, molding, hood blanks make for a unique multi-component press Assembly that can be quickly reconfigured to fit the specific product. Important production process is the manufacture of hydraulic lifting mechanisms. They are tested on a special stand with multiple excess of the design loads.

Today Nafaz - modern perspective enterprise. Cooperation within the group KAMAZEuropean partners allows the use in the production of the most advanced technology. The plant intends to increase production of buses and special trucks.

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