The world's largest crane: where is it used?


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A Large man-made creations are always a delight. People learned to build high-rise buildings, to extract minerals from the subsurface and accumulate nuclear power. But exactly how are built the global structures? What controls the heavy beams and arches? And it comes to real heroes – cranes. Consider what the world's largest crane exists today and how it is used.

The leader among the mobile cranes

Undoubtedly, the most impressive and powerful crane is a German creation LiebherrLTM-11200-9.1, in common referred to as “Mammoth”. In 2007, the largest crane of this type was listed in “the Guinness Book of records".

Main power “Mammoth” hidden in his arm, which has eight telescopic sections. This is the largest length in the world that exist today. To a large object could move and stand steadily, it has nine main axes, which are controlled by eighteen wheels.

The Cargo with which you frequently work the crane has a weight of 363 tons. The load bearing capacity in the event of additional installation of special units – 1200 tons. The largest wheeled crane is designed to operate at an altitude of 180 metres, but this reduces its capabilities. Maximum load, raised to such a height with the most advanced arrow is 1.3 tons.

world's largest crane

Specifications of the world's largest crane

Just imagine a huge edifice with an incredible boom, the length of which exceeds all conceivable parameters. How to keep such power? How to make the biggest crane “Liebherr» more raised such goods? This requires strong support.


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Under the main boom is a large system that performs a counterbalance. It is a base weighing 22 tons, which has ten plates up to 10 tons each.

The valve works thanks to a 6-cylinder engine capacity of 240 kW. Average speed when driving – 12 km per hour. Despite its powerful features, the faucet itself weighs 220 tonnes.

Using the tap ‘Liebherr”

According to the Germans, often bought this machine for large-scale construction in Europe and the middle East. The biggest problem – transportation. Even on land requires a minimum of 20 trucks to move all the components. The crane installation takes 8 to 10 hours. Europe's largest wheeled crane is widely used for the installation of wind turbines.

Crane truck, you can often find on construction sites solar batteries and high-rise buildings, TV towers and bridges. Manages the edifice of a group of operators, which monitors monitor the load and for the overall performance, eliminating even the slightest error or inaccuracy.

The world's largest crane “Liebherr” can be applied everywhere, where maximum load capacity. Its big advantage is that, unlike its giant competitors, he is very mobile. Often the unit is used in the military sphere to mount the experimental objects.

Caterpillar giant

The people of China never cease to amaze. Chinese manufacturers claim that their LR13000 – the big crawler crane that can move on their own. Its maximum capacity – 3000 tons, while in 2011, the world had a development all the same the Chinese in the construction of a new crane with a lifting capacity of 3,600 tons. The only caveat is that such a huge load you can lift only 12 meters.

the largest crawler crane

In fact, the height was much greater. Such cranes are commonly used in the construction of oil and chemical plants. Also without them the construction of the dangerous parts of nuclear power plants.

Most interesting is that during their work LR13000 does not use a counterweight. Its design resembles a detailed arrow that provides stability. Powerful cables installed on both sides, can provide capacity of up to 62 tons each. And the hook raises the equipment to a height of 74-storey building.

the big wheeled crane

“Titanium” of our time

Ever wondered what the capacity of the crane is the biggest? It's very hard to imagine, but the highest weight that can raise the car – 20 000 tonnes. Twenty thousand tons! It is 660 cars or 21 000 vehicles «Lada»!

the capacity of the crane is the biggest

It is Difficult to imagine even the place where you can be used tap. Its construction involved a Chinese firm, and the design is stationary, that is does not involve transportation. The purpose of his existence – the construction of oil wells in the deep sea. For this purpose erected a crane on the provided platforms, which are then simply extracted. And after that “Tasun” (the name of the modern “Titanium”) begins to mount the drill well.

Today, the most famous instance has been in Shandong province. Its construction took 10 years, but on his discovery of the crane has set a record – 20133 tons at a height of 30 meters above the water level.

Hugetower crane

The German company Wolffkran has created the largest tower crane in the world. His model is the identification of 1250V. The maximum the crane can lift 60 tons, but not on a fully extended boom. With such a load its capabilities reduced to 11 tons, because the maximum radius of the boom reaches 80 meters.

The world's largest crane immediately after the presentation to the public went for my first job – to build a hydroelectric power station in Germany. Today it is frequently found in the process of working on the objects on all continents of the world.

the largest tower crane

The Price of this crane are just insane. Even the most big-budget project is unlikely to be able to afford to buy and carry high-rise crane. So the Germans were willing to sign leasing. This increases the popularity of the unit and makes it more accessible to construction sites in the world.

The largest floating crane

The Vastness of the deep sea forcing engineers to design larger and larger technological innovations. And in this case again the leader in China. Their biggest floating crane known as DLV4000. From the bottom of the deep sea it is capable of lifting loads of up to 4400 tons.

the largest floating crane

Where there might be such goods, you ask? Of course, in the field of oil and gas. Rational once to lower the hook DLV4000 than to do it a hundred times, but with a smaller car. In addition, the world's largest crane, used at sea, able to carry out their work in difficult places, dangerous shelves or output.

It Remains only to imagine the size of this giant. Length is 174 meters, width – 48 meters. It is powered by a 7 diesel engines, which have their own power plant. Continuously tap can work 60 days, but such overheating should not be allowed. The craft can lift a submarine, as they say, one finger, not even to blink.

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