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A Huge percentage of people visiting social network have a subscription. In this article we will focus on the biggest "YouTube"-blogger from the Ukraine, known under the nickname Eeoneguy.

Who is Eeoneguy

Let's start with the fact that one of the most famous bloggers on YouTube – Eeoneguy – a regular guy from Dnepropetrovsk. He's nineteen years old, and his name is Ivan rudskoy.

Eeoneguy earns How much per month

Each uploaded them to the channel videos collect millions of views. The main proportion of the Russian-speaking audience from the CIS countries. Many fans are interested in what makes Eeoneguy for the month. Let's do this. The article includes information shared and structured for clarity.

Sources of revenue

If someone thinks that all these uploading videos to YouTube gets nothing but enjoyment, with large numbers on the counter of likes and views, it is not so. Now this seriously and earn there are specially created projects. There are several ways to get real money on your channel. Most popular of them are:

  • Collaboration with "YouTube" through an affiliate program.
  • Promotion of younger channels.
  • Placement of direct advertising products.

how much does eeoneguy per month on YouTube

All these methods use in practice Eeoneguy. Some information can be freely found on the Internet. But its veracity cannot be confirmed one hundred percent. Moreover, some information related to direct advertising contracts is confidential, and Ivan not sharing it. That's her right.

How Eeoneguy earns in a month on YouTube?

For anybody not a secret that on YouTube you can get money for downloading movies. While browsing, the user will see ads which may be of several formats. For each such viewing of the video the author is charged a small fee. The size depends on several factors: the geographical location of the beholder, subject matter content, age, depth of view.


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how much does eeoneguy per month 2017

To determine the income of a specific channel service is used SocialBlade. It allows you to see sample data for a selected period of time. Ivanka colossal figures in terms of hits, but the salary is around 3 to 20 thousand rubles per day.

It is Worth considering the fact that real incomes, as a rule, is less than or equal to the minimum value. This is due to the fact that the audience of the CIS countries. The market is still relatively new in our area and advertisers still little. And prices are one of the smallest. To answer the question: “How many rubles earns Eeoneguy per month in 2017?”, so: about 100 000 rubles.

If his audience was mainly from European countries, the revenues would differ from the real thing several times in a big way.

Eeoneguy earn by promoting other channels?

In Addition to direct work with "YouTube," Eeoneguy offers paid services for young channels. With a huge audience, it can send subscribers the people who paid for the like and comment. This feature allows you to develop and grow younger channels by displaying the activity feed of Evanga his actions.

how many rubles earns eeoneguy per month

In the case of promotion to say about the earnings of Ivan is more complicated. The number of orders varies. There can be several per day. And sometimes one a week. This factor can not be influence. According to the price list of the official groups Iwanga, the cost of one husky – 3 000. If you also need to leave a comment, the price rises to 4,000 rubles.

Ivan didn't talk about how many people used this service. Given that the sale will go twice a week, we can talk about the income with this method, about 28 000 rubles per month.

If Eeoneguy direct advertising?

The Answer is Yes. A large share of the income of Ivanka are advertising integration. Or how to call them correctly, product placement. Literally, it means product placement in the video. Having a huge popularity among the audience, the blogger will not be forced himself to look for advertisers. They arranged for him to turn, offering a very impressive fees.

income Ivanka per month

In the official price list Ivan has not indicated the cost of placing direct advertising. This may mean that for each sentence, we choose the optimal format integration and its corresponding value.

Without taking into account income from direct integrations will be difficult to say how much earns Eeoneguy per month.


Summing up, we can say that we understand, what makes Eeoneguy in a month doing his favorite thing. Even without direct advertising integrations, the minimum figures are those 128 000. This is an inaccurate figure based on publicly available data. The actual numbers may be more, as it is impossible to know the exact geography of its subscribers and contracts with advertisers. I hope that this article you found the answer to the question: “How many Eeoneguy earns in a month in 2017?”

You don't have to think that it deals exclusively with the sale of advertising. Infirst the guy creates your brand. At nineteen, he achieved that occupies a leading place in the list of the fastest growing channels. Eeoneguy has a huge audience of fans who always support him. And even if you "YouTube" something happens, he will always find a way to implement his behalf, the accumulated knowledge and experience.

The Canal was officially recognized as the most popular and well-known among the Ukrainian representatives. The views, which get its videos comparable to television shows and programs. A permanent job with a large audience and is developing it marketing quality. All this allows him only to develop and use their abilities. He's already at such a young age has achieved such heights that others yearn for.

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