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Today, the Internet literally surrounds us in everyday life. We use social networks, watch movies, download programs that facilitate our work. Each of us, in fact, is the parallel “online life”, consisting of accounts on various services, games and platforms for communication. No wonder that constant contact with all of these resources need uninterrupted Internet access. Preference, of course, is given to mobile communication, which allows, for example, to log into the social network anywhere and anytime: at home, at work or even on the road. So, strictly speaking, there is a demand for 4G Internet.

Formats Internet connection

4g Internet

It Should be noted that the mobile Internet is not something new and is not available as around the world and in our country. Just before he was slow, weak and pretty expensive: ranging from GPRS and even 2G. The latter, incidentally, has become quite acceptable for viewing pages in the browser, mail and some online programs. More - download videos or downloading music - he, unfortunately, was not able to.

Today, things have changed. We have the most advanced to date technology of 4G Internet. Given the wide territorial coverage of mobile providers, such a network is available almost anywhere, even in areas outside the city. Because of this, anyone can enjoy all the benefits offered by 4G coverage.

unlimited 4g Internet

The benefits of 4G

So, the format of the last generation (still this format of communication referred to as LTE) has advantages in all parameters in comparison with 2G and 3G. This, in particular, connection speed and cost.


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For Example, using unlimited 4G Internet movie can be downloaded, on average, 7 minutes. If you compare the format of the third generation, it is about 4 times faster, and with 2G - 10-12 times. Impressive, isn't it?

Also download the movies, of course, high-speed Internet of the 4th generation visible in all other types of work. It can be instantly open the page in the browser, downloaded within a few seconds of the song or a stable high-speed connection to Skype without braking and disconnection.

4g Internet MTS

Actually, the 4G speed of data transmission can be compared with a regular landline connection. The only drawback, which has such a format, is still the volume. Yes, the tariff plans that operators promote in the market, available at a normal price. But the downside is that they all have limits on the amount of data transferred. Sometimes it's a lot of packets with size of 20-30 GB, but the limitations are obvious. If we talk about the absence of restrictions, the price increases quite dramatically. This means that unlimited 4G Internet (that is, one in which there is no limit on the amount of transmitted and received user data) we've still not available. Although, of course, to its popularization and cost reduction have already been made.

Perhaps the reason for this is the way in which the signal transmission over LTE network. Let's consider it in more detail.

How does the 4G Internet?

4g Internet megaphone

The Reason for such a high speed Internet signal of the fourth generation is the use of better equipment. If you do not go into the technical features, we can say this: operators have invested in the transmission of the 4G signal, and therefore the cost of the Internet, and the volumes in which it is due to these investments and the need to return them.

In Addition to the costs associated with the transfer of the signal of such a format, there is another category of costs - the device is able to receive the signal. It's one thing if you have an Android phone or tablet the latest models that are sure LTE support; the other is when you search for special Internet 4G modem for your personal computer or laptop. In this case, of course, you need to pay attention to what are the characteristics of such a device and whether it will work in your chosen network.

What devices receive the 4G signal?

4g Internet Beeline

As already noted, among tablets and smartphones (and other mobile devices) function support work in LTE network have the most advanced model. Usually about this point in the description of such a device or allocate space in the device name (for example, Google Nexus 7 LTE). Therefore, to choose the gadget through which you will be able to enjoy the benefits of working in the Internet of the fourth generation using this guide, you will be quite easy.

As for the other categories of receivers modems, the situation is somewhat different. Portable modems are different: some of them are configured to work only in one format, for example, 3G; others work in the 4G network, and in older formats of communication. Then again you need to pay attention to the characteristics and to take into account whether you plan to work with the modem, for example, even with the card in 2G network. If Yes, then you need to pick up a generic device.

Who provides communications services to 4G?

We Now turn to the overview of operators that providecommunication services. Traditionally, it is the cellular service providers have the technical capacity (network towers), capable of transmitting a mobile signal. Through these towers is created and the Internet of the fourth generation. Hence, the 4G service is provided by operators within the framework of those tariff plans which are available for subscribers.

Internet 4g modem

Now on the market LTE it is possible to allocate three major operators-service providers: MTS, "Beeline” and “MegaFon”. About them in this article, we will write the individual sections, which will try to outline the main terms of service, including the cost of data packages.

In Addition to these, there is also a Yota company engaged in the provision of Internet services in Russia.

The rates of each of these operators later in the article.

Internet from MTS

Let's Start with MTS. On the official company website provides information about the presence of three tariff plans. It's an Internet Mini, Internet Maxi and Internet VIP. Accordingly, the cost of service under all plans is as follows: 350, 700, and 1200 rubles.

Now let's find out how much data is available to the user for these amounts in the format of 4G. Internet MTS provides the following packages: 3, 12 and 30 GB. You should also clarify that the last two terms - Maxi and VIP provide an opportunity to use the Internet without restrictions during the night. Called service “unlimited Night”. It can be a great helper for those who would like to load a new movie on a mobile device, just leaving it on during the night.

MegaFon Internet modem 4g

The connection Speed MTS are not limiting. As for additional packages, the 2 GB on top will cost the user in 250 roubles, and 5 - 450 rubles. Thus, even if you go over your 4G Internet, MTS is ready to provide more for a small fee.

Internet from “MegaFon”

“MegaFon” tariff plans for Internet all formats are the same. Certainly there is some logic from the point of view of convenience to customers. In fact, the subscriber should not pay more for a particular transmission format of the signal, as he is interested in mobile Internet service as a whole.

The Rates for 4G Internet “MegaFon” offers: XS, S, M, L, XL with cost 7 rubles/day, 350, 590, 890 and 1290 rubles per month, respectively.

For this sum the subscriber ultimately receives 70 megabytes (per day), 3 GB, 16 GB, 36 GB and unlimited Internet per month. It is quite convenient and inexpensive: the user chooses how much data they need and for how long.

Another reason to order 4G Internet “MegaFon”, is an additional action to provide devices for the reception. In particular, this operator is ready to offer you an excellent mobile router or a USB modem at the best price. It is also in the kit will go for starter package of the company, whereby it is possible without any extra costs to switch to the tariff plans of “MegaFon”.

Plus, the company also provides the opportunity to buy traffic in volume 1 or 5 GB for 150 and 400 rubles, respectively.

Internet «Beeline"

The Yellow-and-black "Beeline" is another provider of mobile Internet services. On its website, as did the rest of the operators painted a whole table of benefits of this format of communication, created various promotional pages and videos, proving the many advantages of the fourth generation.

As for the tariffs, which offers 4G Internet «Beeline", then they are called in the following way: “All for 200”, “All for 400”, “All for 600” and “All for 900”. The figures in each of the titles is the price at which the offer package. Traffic volumes under each of the following: 1, 2, 5, 6 GB. In addition to the Internet, the packages are (as indeed other operators) additional services like free calls in the network and cheap calls to other mobile operators.

If you compare 4G Internet «Beeline" with other providers, of course, it becomes apparent the difference in prices and volumes of packages. For 900 rubles, this operator gives 6 gigabytes, while “MegaFon” to 36 GB for the same amount.

Internet from Yota

This provider's conditions seem much more loyal. For instance, for 300 rubles you'll enjoy unlimited Internet. MTS 4G connection for the same cost (for comparison) ready to connect to only 3 GB. The difference is felt, true?

Other tariffs of Yota are three packages (each of which is also unlimited), which are characterized by different speed and accordingly vary in price based on this. So, connection of 1 Mbps is available for 300 rubles, 3 - over 590, and the package called "Maximum speed" is provided to the subscriber at a price of 790 rubles.

Connectivity LTE from Yota is clearly beneficial, but do not forget that other mobile operators provide the ability to call on the network or predelay cheaper, and use SMS packages. This same service provider to carry out such actions less profitable.

How to connect?

In this article we gave a list of mobile operators, predostavlyaya 4G Internet (including unlimited). The question remains about how to connect. The answer is quite simple.

First, you need to find a device with which you would like to work in the future and which supports the format of the fourth generation. It is recommended to look at the company the services of which willto use it, for example, the company «MegaFon» Internet modem 4G cheaper if with him you will "sit" in their network.

Second, purchase a SIM card from a provider, the terms of which are closer to you. Thirdly, activate the card and Fund your account. The activation is carried out by dialing a combination of numbers (you see them on your starter pack of cards), as well as by dialing the service center (although there you will probably say to make a set of combinations). Then you need to Fund your account and mobile Internet with you!

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