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For creative people a good way to realize their potential will be the opening of your own business. Beauty salon – a lucrative area in which you can earn good money. After all, beauty-is, perhaps, the only thing the women are not used to save. But for a successful start you will need to know exactly the features of this business and how to open a beauty salon from scratch.

business beauty

Types of beauty

To open a business, you need to have a real idea about the format, status and list of services of the institution. The Foundation of a business. Beauty can be of three types:

  • Economy;
  • Business class;
  • Premium.

Depending on the format of the institution is determined by its location, breadth of services, features and the amount of initial capital. The type of beauty depends on the business plan. Since the level of congestion and prices in the salons of economy and premium differ significantly.

Business from scratch beauty salon economy

The Main advantage of the institutions of the economy – accessibility for the majority of the population. This means that the level of congestion and demand for services will be significantly higher than in the more prestigious studios. But it should be noted that the level of competition in this business segment beauty salons are much higher.

The List of required services:

  • Haircuts;
  • Hair;
  • Coloring and highlighting of hair;
  • Manicure and pedicure.

As you can see from the list, the list of services will suit the master of average skill. Do not just hire newbies. Even though the salary of the young wizards, you can save money, poor quality of services negatively affect the reputation of the salon.


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The characteristics of the salons of economy class are:

  • The modest appearance of the room in which services are provided;
  • Low-cost consumables (paint, hair sprays, shampoos, etc.);
  • Low cost of advertising;
  • The minimum amount of equipment and the necessary equipment.

With a limited budget this type of salons are most suited to open a business from scratch. Beauty salon economy can be organized, having up to 1 million rubles. All depends on the individual factors influencing the minimum cost of rent, the average salary of a masters, the cost and amount of equipment needed, etc. you can Also buy ready-made business. Of beauty, purchased from original owners, has a distinct advantage - established customer base.

how to open a beauty salon from scratch business

Institution business class

Institution business class refer to the middle price category. If there is a decent amount of investment and minimal business experience, you can start to deal with more serious business. Opening a beauty salon business class requires a responsible approach and strong marketing work.

The Institution of the business class are included in the list of services is additional points. These include:

  • Haircuts and hairstyles of any complexity;
  • Fashionable colouring (Ombre, Shatush, Balazs, etc.);
  • Nail services;
  • Solarium;
  • Make-up;
  • Hair care (laminating, keratin straightening, various masks and treatments for hair restoration);
  • Massage
  • Simple cosmetic procedures.

To Rent the room better in a large shopping or business centers. The beauty of an average price category should be aesthetically pleasing and well-designed. To create stylish interior often resort to the services of designers.


  • Expensive professional equipment;
  • High qualification of masters;
  • Modern design of the room;
  • The expensive branded consumables;
  • High advertising costs.

Special attention should be paid to the promotion of business. Beauty salons business class have an increased need for advertising, since their profitability is affected not only quality of services but also the prestige of the institutions. Start-up capital varies from 1 to 3 million rubles.

Beauty Salon premium

This category is suitable only for opening a business in big cities. The cost of premium services is quite high, so the level of congestion of salon usually does not exceed 30%. The main feature of the exclusive studios – professional creation of a holistic image of customers.

business plan of a beauty salon ready example

The List of services consists of all items in the list, the business class and additional procedures, such as:

  • Aromatherapy;
  • Dermatology;
  • Hardware cosmetology;
  • Modern professional beauty treatments.

If we talk about how to open a beauty salon from scratch, the business in this price segment will be profitable only in case, when it will represent a famous stylist or Barber.

The Studios and salons of premium class should offer a high level of service. This applies not only to the courtesy of the staff, but also additional amenities such as private Parking lots. The institution should be located only in the prestigious areas of the city. Therefore, the initial capital can reach 10 million rubles.

Choose room

Choose a room for lease should be guided by the format of the futuresalon. In addition, you need to carefully study the average rates, not to overpay and to save budget funds. On the choice of premises for a beauty salon effect:

  • Population and the average permeability of the selected area;
  • Accessibility of facilities (vehicular and pedestrian);
  • The number of competitors located nearby.

The Average size of premises – 50 m2. Completed sample business plan of a beauty salon must not only contain information on floor space, but the cost of its maintenance (rent, electricity costs, electricity and water).

business from scratch beauty salon

To calculate the required area of the cabin should take into account that one job must be at least 5 m2. Also don't forget about the dressing room, relaxation area masters and waiting room for visitors.

Regulatory bodies

The Document, which will require all the regulatory authorities in the first place – the title of the room. This paper can be taken in the BTI. It is necessary to register in several Supervisory bodies:

  • Sanitary and epidemiological station;
  • Fire;
  • District administration;
  • Water;
  • Energokontrol.

You have permission from all of those services does not relieve the owner of a beauty salon from further contact with the regulatory authorities. They will monitor compliance throughout the institution. Therefore, a neat appearance, cleanliness, the sterility of instruments and facilities need to be maintained.

List of documents for sanitary station

Before going to San.the station you need to collect the documents, which the inspection body is not entitled to issue permission to open a beauty salon.

  • Medical certificate of employees;
  • User logs General cleaning, sterilisation of tools (scissors and manicure sets), the work of germicidal lamps, accounting disinfectants;
  • The agreement on the removal of garbage and other waste;
  • The act of acceptance and transfer and the passport of the ventilation system of the premises;
  • A contract with a medical institution about the planned inspection.

ready business beauty salon

Documents for fire service

If there is a ready-made business plan of a beauty salon, it does not mean that he is ready to be opened. Preparatory work and collection of all required documents may take around a year. For example, in Pozhtekhnadzor need to collect the following documents:

  • Evacuation plan;
  • Log coaching staff signed by all employees;
  • The order of appointment of the employee responsible for fire safety organization;
  • Documents for fire alarm systems;
  • Plan the actions of staff in case of fire in the premises;
  • Conclusion the fire service.

Miscellaneous documentation

If all permissions are obtained and the salon has a formal permit to work, you need to take care of other documentation. When an entrepreneur buys an existing business, a beauty salon will have all the necessary papers. Nevertheless, for the owner it is important to know the complete list and time to present the required document at the request of inspection bodies.

The compulsory documents include:

  • The book of comments and suggestions;
  • Rules of trading;
  • Copies of opinions of Pozhtekhnadzor and SES;
  • Photocopy of the law on protection of consumer rights;
  • The license (if there are med. services).

Sample business plan beauty salon

Drawing up a business plan always begins with the title-page. It indicates the view of the proposed activities of the organization, its name, address and contact details. Any completed sample business plan beauty salon is developed by the same scheme:

  1. Analysis of market and competitive environment.
  2. A realistic assessment of the possibilities.
  3. A description for the entire list of services that plans to provide facilities.
  4. Develop a marketing plan.
  5. Compilation of production plan.
  6. Drawing up the organizational plan.
  7. The Preparation of the financial plan, the calculation of return.
  8. Estimation risks.

For each step is the corresponding section of the business plan. All the documents on the basis of which will be carried out calculations, you need to invest into the category of “Applications”. To really imagine how this looks like a document, you need to consider an example of a business plan of a beauty salon.

business plan of a beauty salon example

In the preparation of the business plan, you should not forget about seasonality. It is noticed that in the spring and summer, the flow of customers in the beauty salons increases, and in autumn and winter, on the contrary, decreases. In addition, all numbers must be real, since from them depends on the correct calculation of the potential profit. If after several vain attempts to produce the correct calculations, the result remains in doubt, you can use the services of specialists and order a ready-made business plan of a beauty salon.

Is it Profitable to open a beauty salon: reviews

With the right workflow and marketing events, even a beauty salon economy class can bring huge profit. For reviews, beauty Studio pay for itself in 1-2 years. It all depends on the status of the institution region, fees for services and average permeability.

During the whole time of operation is veryit is important to monitor expenditure and income of the organization. Analysis of the expenditure side can identify ways for further savings, which were not included in the business plan. And the revenue estimate will help to ensure that the cost is not beyond the minimum allowable standards – 30% of the cost.

beauty salons business center

According to the feedback from experienced owners of beauty salons, we can conclude that it is important to follow the integrity of the employees. It often happens that the profit of the cabin falls due to the work of masters “yourself” and theft/overages supplies. The advantage of the beauty salon is based on the efficient organizational work of the company.

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